Versaverter 4.0.a5 PawPrint    

... popularity world-wide as the fastest and most complete unit conversion utility around. The original version was written ... a success: Speed, extensive XML based library of units, automatic updates, and of course the free price tag! The new version adds to this a much improved user interface, cross platform .... Free download of Versaverter 4.0.a5

EngVert 2.4.4 GP Engineering Software    

EngVert is an advanced unit conversion and commonly used engineering tools application for Windows (tm) based computer systems. For unit conversions, there are 39 catagories for which unit conversions can be performed. These conversion catagories are ... to a total of 100 catagories and 100 units/catagory. EngVert also contains commonly used engineering tools .... Free download of EngVert 2.4.4

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