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Unit Converter Advance 1.0 Puzzle    

Unit Converter Advance is a handy utility for students, teachers, and ... It can quickly convert more than 400 different units in 35 categories. It contains the most important ... density, energy, power, temperature, time and many other units and categories. If you need more, custom unit conversion allows you to convert easily almost every .... Free download of Unit Converter Advance 1.0

Units of measurement 3.4 Dmitry A. Kazakov    

... dimensioned values. The library features: physically correct mixed unit arithmetic such as adding feets and meters yielding a right result; shifted units like degree of Celsius and Fahrenheit; string input ... all SI and a great variety of irregular units. UTF-8 encoding is supported. Unit checks are made at run-time. It is possible .... Free download of Units of measurement 3.4

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