VB.Net to C# Converter 5.08 VBConversions    

... Reader's Choice Award in 2006 in the developer tools category. It was chosen by real world developers in the field just like you. Free Download. The VB.Net to C# Converter even converts some of the most difficult features other programs don't even attempt, such as LINQ, embedded XML, parameterized properties, .... Free download of VB.Net to C# Converter 5.08

ZWCAD+ 2020 SP1 ZWCAD Software Co., Ltd.    

... even greater .dwg 2013 support, better time saving tools such as Ref Managers , Super Hatch and ... Tool palettes Design center Layer properties manager Layer translator Block attribute manager Multiple documents tab Viewport maximization Cycle select Object isolation Auto-complete command input API programming .... Free download of ZWCAD+ 2020 SP1

TEA 50.0.4 Peter Semiletov    

... at cursor"-function for HTML-files and images Misc HTML tools Dokuwiki, MediaWiki, Docbook, LaTeX, Lout, Markdown editing tools Preview in external browsers String-handling functions such as ... conversions, text table processing etc. Bookmarks Morse code translator Calendar/organizer Themes and palettes support Drag'n'drop support (with .... Free download of TEA 50.0.4

Easy Translator for Mac OS X AceTools.net    

Easy Translator employs the power of Internet machine language translation ... chat, and emails between major International languages. Easy Translator is a small but efficient tool that performs ... process so it cannot compete with other powerful tools on the market. .... Free download of Easy Translator for Mac OS X

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memoQ 9.3.7 Kilgray Translation Technologies    

... art, it’s a profession. Every profession has its tools. If you translate for the same clients all ... special software. memoQ addresses them all. It helps translators become more productive and deliver translations faster, and ... translation buyers – coordinate their translation efforts with translators and cut costs by not having the same .... Free download of memoQ 9.3.7

GT4T 7.14 Shouguang Cao    

GT4T Suite integrates Google Translate and Google Dictionary into all Windows applications. It supports many language pairs (over 50 languages). It brings the most useful online resources to your fingertip to ensure smoother translation process with less interruption and can remarkably increase your productivity. GT4T is small, clean, easy, unobtrusive. It .... Free download of GT4T 7.14

TransTools 3.21.0 Stanislav Okhvat    

TransTools© software suite is a free collection of tools specially designed to help translators in various situations. They will maximize your productivity in such common activities as proofreading, pre-formatting documents before translation, creating glossaries, etc. At the .... Free download of TransTools 3.21.0

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InHisVerse Bible 1.50 Olsen's Apps LLC    

... A free 30 day trial of InHisVerse Extras Translator Tools is included with each install. It features unique and powerful tools that assist your original language word study. Tools include a Synonym Search, so you can easily ... level; a full KJV examination panel; and helper tools so you don't lose you place. Full bookmarks .... Free download of InHisVerse Bible 1.50

CADbro 2020 ZWSOFT CO., LTD.(Guangzhou)    

... Balloon Advanced Analysis With diversified query & analysis tools in CADbro, you can verify the manufacturability of product structure and assembly. The detection of errors in the early stage product development can reduce the cost and save the time. Key features of Analysis: Mass Properties, such as volume, area, mass .... Free download of CADbro 2020

Marcion 1.8.3 Milan Konvicka    

... Coptic, Greek, Latin and Hebrew) and providing necessary tools and resources (dictionaries, grammars, texts, manuscripts). Although Marcion ... (Acts of Apostles); Latin Vulgate Overview of tools of Marcion: Coptic dictionary (W. E. Crum); Greek ... between various ancient numeral systems; partially automated interlinear translator (word by word) of Coptic texts; Djvu reader; .... Free download of Marcion 1.8.3

Voice Translator - Alive 1.3 Alive Mobile    

Voice Translator - Alive is brought to you by Alive ... to another language. Unlike other translation apps, Voice Translator - Alive is the world's first translation app ... someone who speaks different languages while using these tools. For example, we can use Photos to show ... same time. Apart from voice translation, our voice translator app also supports text translation. Currently it supports .... Free download of Voice Translator - Alive 1.3

DwgTranslator 2.5 StoneSoft    

... excel file from blueprint, while supporting online Microsoft Translator API, Google Translate API Translation drawing content. Software ... provides translation of documents / merge operations processing tools. 8. Common translation results can be used as a backup to use translation dictionaries, you can load multiple translation dictionary automatically executed when a .... Free download of DwgTranslator 2.5

SmartCAT 5.0 SmartCAT    

Translation automation software. For professional translators, translation agencies, and corporate translation departments. Main functions: ... creation/management, integrated quality assurance, real-time collaboration by multiple translators on the same document, and vendor management. Also ... the translation memory from previous documents. If a translator does not have an existing translation memory, the ... translation is proposed for each segment and the translator edits the output. The final version is saved .... Free download of SmartCAT 5.0

Freelang Dictionary Freelang    

The Freelang Dictionary is an offline dictionary software. You download the program once, then you can add as many wordlists as you wish. Basically a wordlist is made of two columns, one language in each: Spanish-English, German-French, and so on. We have most of the main languages spoken, as well as .... Free download of Freelang Dictionary

TsiLang Components Suite 7.5.0 SiComponents    

... interface to most European languages without paying a translator. If you don't know the German term for Access Violation or Save As’ simply look it up in GPTD. The second advantage of this component suite is that it does both internal (inside executable file) and external (separate file or library) .... Free download of TsiLang Components Suite 7.5.0

Precision Language Suite 2.5 Precision software & consulting    

Precision Language Suite is a set of localization tools for Delphi and Lazarus development environments. It allows ... for preparing your language files (translations) * PLS Translator - a free lightweight editor intended for translators PLS Engine features: * TplsController component for easy ... scripting languages) * and many more ... PLS Translator features: * A free lightweight editor intended for .... Free download of Precision Language Suite 2.5

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Google Translate Word Documents http://www.TechNitya.com    

... of a button. Unlike many other online document translators this plugin gives the full control to you ... of the software you can also use Microsoft's Translator as the engine. You can simply switch your translator engine in case you do not like the ... in your document untouched still all the online tools will translate the full document. If you were .... Free download of Google Translate Word Documents

McCad PCB-ST for Mac OS X 3.1.07 McCAD    

... requires the availability of powerful design and edit tools at his fingertips. McCAD PCB-STs' numerous automated features ... and much, much more. A Gerber translator for generating Gerber text plot files is also included with each PCB-ST package. .... Free download of McCad PCB-ST for Mac OS X 3.1.07

McCad PCB-ST 3.1.07 McCAD    

... requires the availability of powerful design and edit tools at his fingertips. McCAD PCB-STs' numerous automated features ... and much, much more. A Gerber translator for generating Gerber text plot files is also included with each PCB-ST package. .... Free download of McCad PCB-ST 3.1.07

GooglR Translate Desktop 2.1.88 SharewareBoss Software    

... together with Outlook, Word, IE and Instant Message tools such as MSN, Skype, AIM, AOL, ICQ, etc. It also supports websites such as MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, Digg and BBS. For google translate is sometimes not so easy to handle, GooglR Translate Desktop evolves it to a desktop tool, and make .... Free download of GooglR Translate Desktop 2.1.88

MultiTranse Oriental 6.4 TialSoft software    

... and business communities. Unfortunately, there haven't been many tools on the market up until recently. Today, you ... eastern partners and friends without using a dedicated translator or interpreter. All you need to be able to quickly respond to your partners' messages in their native languages is an intelligent translation tool .... Free download of MultiTranse Oriental 6.4

Apex BMP Image to PDF BMP Image to PDF    

... graphics etc. BMP to PDF Converter is software tools which can bitmap BMP files to PDF files, ... convert image files to PDF files directly. This tools offer high performance conversion tools to convert BMP to PDF, concatenate, append and ... There is no need of other software supporting tools like Adobe Acrobat reader. * It Supports Win98/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista/7, .... Free download of Apex BMP Image to PDF

Apex JPEG Image to PDF JPG to PDF    

... you just insert images into the list of tools and click on convert button, this application will ... as Title, Author, Subject and Keywords, and these tools also provide security setting to create secured file. ... of Adobe Acrobat reader or other software supporting tools. * Supports Win98/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista/7 and both x32 & x64 .... Free download of Apex JPEG Image to PDF

Apex Text to Voice Text to Voice    

... set the speed of output WAV sounds. This tools can read all user fill in the main ... best GUI working simple easy and fast working tools. Text word reader can also convert any written text into audio files such as WAV for your CD player or iPod and you create .... Free download of Apex Text to Voice

DimSum Chinese Tools for Mac OS X MandarinTools.com    

DimSum Chinese Tools is an advanced application designed to enable you to learn Chinese. It will help you learn with the aid of Flashcards and quizes. It also has a translation feature. .... Free download of DimSum Chinese Tools for Mac OS X

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