Camlytics 2.2.1 Camlytics     update

... camera/webcam into the smart security camera. Supports people counting, car counting, motion detection, vehicle/pedestrian classification, camera events and alerts, motion heat maps, track maps, camera events charts, and data export. Also supports camera events REST .... Free download of Camlytics 2.2.1

SentiVeillance SDK Trial 7.0.191272 Neurotechnology     update

... used in law enforcement, security, attendance control, visitor counting, traffic monitoring solutions. Some applications may require to enroll the users in advance (such as list of employees or watch-list of unwanted persons or suspect .... Free download of SentiVeillance SDK Trial 7.0.191272

TMeter 16.0.860 Alexey Kazakovsky     update

TMeter is a powerful traffic accounting and Internet sharing tool for Microsoft Windows. ... can make flexible and precision measurement of the traffic by any condition (for example, IP address of ... network against unwanted intrusions from the Internet. The Traffic Shaper allows restricting the speed of the Internet ... on usernames to resolve the problem of the traffic accounting in networks with dynamic allocated IP addresses .... Free download of TMeter 16.0.860

STA | Smart Traffic Analyzer 14.0.0 PICOMIXER    

The Basic Features of STA (Smart Traffic Analyzer): - Automatic traffic analysis using artificial intelligence and video processing ( No need for operator ) - Counting and classification vehicles ( per direction ) in ... ) ) - Calculating the real-time and average traffic volume - Calculating the average speed of vehicles .... Free download of STA | Smart Traffic Analyzer 14.0.0

Routix NetCom 2.2 Routix software    

... MAC-level (ETHERNET-frames) handling; - support incoming and outgoing traffic counting and handling; - support TCP and UDP ports ... QoS (Quality of Service) for any type of traffic; - With managment console you can monitor realtime .... Free download of Routix NetCom 2.2

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