Dock Styles Series for Styled+ 2.0 byfrankell     new

Only one app to add many Styles and new unique features without touching any of your personal data: history, bookmarks, addons, permissions and settings - if you are sticking to an old version of Firefox because of the User Interface customization (legacy addons and complete themes) try FFStyled and you'll be .... Free download of Dock Styles Series for Styled+ 2.0

Google Toolbar 7.5.8321.2252 Google     update

... Share and contribute to web pages with Toolbar # Share any web page with your friends right from the Toolbar. # Contribute and read helpful information on any ... pages instantly with automatic language detection. Google Toolbar enhances Internet Explorer with a Google search box ... pop-up blocker, Web form filler, and spellchecker. Google Toolbar has a variety of new features to the .... Free download of Google Toolbar 7.5.8321.2252

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QuickJava 2.1.2 Doug G    

QuickJava is an easy way to enable/disable many features of Firefox with a configurable tool to help meet your needs. QuickJava was designed to be lightweight and easy to use with minimal configuration, it was not designed to be as extensive as NoScript, so it does not support features such as .... Free download of QuickJava 2.1.2

Avast Browser Cleanup 2015 2015.10.4.2233 AVAST Software    

Toolbars and search resets are not only annoying, they're ... unwanted add-ons by removing annoying extensions, potentially harmful toolbars and hijacked search settings, leaving you with only the harmless and non-intrusive add-ons you want. Avast Browser Cleanup brings you a safer way to browse the web. .... Free download of Avast Browser Cleanup 2015 2015.10.4.2233

FlashControl 6.40 DaveCooliave    

... settings as well, such as control over the toolbar's location and animation and custom colors for the control panel background. Unlike many browser add-ons, FlashControl for Chrome even has a built-in Help file that explains its features. Overall, we found that FlashControl for Chrome was an effective way to block .... Free download of FlashControl 6.40

AccountLogon 2.5.1 Rhodes Software Pty Ltd.    

... Icon in your Windows Taskbar and Internet Explorer Toolbar. From there you can bring up a menu ... with a single Click! Windows / IE Toolbar Integration Accessible from a single icon in the Windows Taskbar and IE Toolbar. Works with all IE browsers (MSN, AOL, .... Free download of AccountLogon 2.5.1

Speed Dial Josep del Rio    

... Dial button (which can be added to the toolbar), or enter "chrome://speeddial/content" in your location bar. To assign one website to Speed Dial, use the new "Set as Speed Dial" option in the bookmarks menu, or right click on the tab you want to add, and choose "Set as Speed .... Free download of Speed Dial

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ZOLA Repair Internet Browsers ZOLA Software    

... comes with a simple gui to remove any toolbar that is installed for Internet Explorer browser and a powerful reset feature for all the three major browser products, that is able to reset them to their default state as they where originally installed from a fresh installation. The software also .... Free download of ZOLA Repair Internet Browsers

MeasureIt for Firefox 0.4.14 Kevin Freitas    

... the MeasureIt button in the status bar or toolbar to turn it on/off click and drag out a ruler box click and hold to move the ruler box Arrow Keys to adjust size of ruler box by 1px Arrow Keys + SHIFT to adjust size of ruler box by 5px .... Free download of MeasureIt for Firefox 0.4.14

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Netcraft Toolbar 1.10.1 Netcraft Ltd    

The Netcraft anti-phishing community is effectively a giant neighbourhood watch scheme, empowering the most alert and most expert members to defend everyone within the community against phishing attacks. Once the first recipients of a phishing mail have reported the target URL, it is blocked for community members as they subsequently access .... Free download of Netcraft Toolbar 1.10.1

Twitbin Infinimedia, Inc.    

Twitbin allows for the sending and receiving of messages on Twitter via your Firefox sidebar. Twitbin has been designed to easily send and receive messages via a Mozilla Firefox. The messages received are from people all around the world that have this add-on installed. .... Free download of Twitbin

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Inquiry Standard Edition 1.12 MetaProducts Corporation    

... by clicking a button on your Web browser toolbar or Inquiry Sidebar. A single click saves the page you are currently browsing, or your selected text or images. Inquiry stores pages much faster than the regular Internet Explorer Save As feature. Inquiry is sophisticated enough to meet the needs of .... Free download of Inquiry Standard Edition 1.12

Inquiry Professional Edition 1.12 MetaProducts Corporation    

... by clicking a button on your Web browser toolbar or Inquiry Sidebar. A single click saves the page you are currently browsing, or your selected text or images. Inquiry stores pages much faster than the regular Internet Explorer Save As feature. Inquiry Pro is sophisticated enough to meet the needs .... Free download of Inquiry Professional Edition 1.12

Wise Plugin Manager 1.00.48    

... all the plugins, add-ons and extensions like browser toolbars. It is efficient and easy to use. The ... any of the plugins, add-ons and extensions like toolbars, or they can read the reviews to know more about them. You will find your browsers run more efficiently and stable after using Wise .... Free download of Wise Plugin Manager 1.00.48

PageRank for Google Chrome 1.4.0 AnyTech, Inc.    

... the same as rank reported by official Google Toolbar. Lightweight: PageRank does only one thing and does it very well. PageRank extension is lightweight and not overwhelmed by various unneeded features. This extension is available also for Firefox, Safari, and Opera. .... Free download of PageRank for Google Chrome 1.4.0

Quero Toolbar 8 Viktor Krammer    

... IE11 by combining them into one address bar-like toolbar. Additionally, Quero includes an optional ad blocker to protect the user from intrusive Web advertising. Key features: - Tabs on top on a separate line (IE11, IE10, IE9) - Display the page title in the title bar - One box for .... Free download of Quero Toolbar 8

Web Data Extraction Software DataToolbar 2.3.4 DataTool, Web Data Extraction Software    

... data mining and web data extraction tool. Data ToolBar is a web data extraction software, web scraping ... can turn into a useful data source. Data Toolbar can help you easily automate web data extraction without any programming. .... Free download of Web Data Extraction Software DataToolbar 2.3.4

Price Watch For Amazon 2.1.3    

... your purchase protected. Our IE plugin has NO toolbar at all and notify you only when you add an item to the shopping cart. You can even get price protection automatically without any clicks. We also integrated with, so that you will get coupon codes and cash back when .... Free download of Price Watch For Amazon 2.1.3

We Heart It 3.1.0    

... small, heart-shaped icon which is placed in the toolbar. Clicking it gives you the possibility of selecting an image from the current webpage, in order to add it to your favorites list. This gallery can be accessed at but you are required to create an account (or to log .... Free download of We Heart It 3.1.0

Close'n forget 0.11.6 Benoit Bailleux    

... extension, find the new "close" button in the toolbar customization panel and drop it in your prefered place. You just have to install your new add-on into your Firefox browser, enable it and you're good to go! .... Free download of Close'n forget 0.11.6

Karaoke Downloads Toolbar 1.0 Ace Dot    

The Karaoke Downloads toolbar is the tool you have been looking for ... can be found bu using the karaoke downloads toolbar menu. The toolbar has a simple Internet search function and you ... option that is also right there in the toolbar menu for you. Downloading legal karaoke songs is now easy using the simple free karaoke downloads toolbar to access your karaoke songs. .... Free download of Karaoke Downloads Toolbar 1.0

Push It CevenTech    

... - just click the button on your browser toolbar, select one or more recipients and wait for their response when your link shows up in their web browsers. .... Free download of Push It

Mein Preis - Amazon Preisverlauf 0.31    

... und Opera. Mit Hilfe des Buttons in der Toolbar wird angezeigt wie viele Preisverläufe auf der aktuellen Seite vorhanden sind (Verlinkte Amazon Produkte) Bei Klick auf den Button werden die Preisverläufe angezeit und eine Produktsuche angeboten. .... Free download of Mein Preis - Amazon Preisverlauf 0.31

QuickTumble 1.0.1 ELCODO    

... more on Tumblr. Currently it offers: · Toolbar button - toggles bar with shortcuts to add ... on visited page as quote. FEATURES: toolbar button easy posting and dashboard access context menus posting test, quotes, images, etc. by clicking on it Tumblr integration simple sign in to your .... Free download of QuickTumble 1.0.1

Web Developer 1.2.2 Chris Pederick    

... adds to Mozilla Firefox a menu and a toolbar with various web developer tools. The Web ... Web Developer extension came from the PNH Developer Toolbar. * The icons are by famfamfam. * The complex string options support was suggested and written by Norio Minato. * The collapse and expand .... Free download of Web Developer 1.2.2

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