AutoHideDesktopIcons 3.91 Nenad Hrg    

... showing feature of the desktop icons, an adjustable timer and arbitrary activation options. It is the right desktop tool if the desktop is awash with icons so you can see more of your desktop background! As an optional feature: you can also activate the Auto Hide and Show the Task .... Free download of AutoHideDesktopIcons 3.91

Don't Sleep 6.51 Nenad Hrg    

... Apart from the fact Don't Sleep has a timer that allows time control unblock, or shutdown the computer for a specified time. Don't Sleep does not have to be installed and can be executed easily from the desktop, and can be carried on a small usb-stick or other memory device. .... Free download of Don't Sleep 6.51

Licht24 Pro Bernd Karle Hard-Softwareentwicklung    

... calculates dayly sunrise, noon and sunset times for timer usage. More Extras: Every channel can have it's individual marking, informative status-display, various skins selectable (12 different Surfaces), English or German user adjustable interface, command line feature... .... Free download of Licht24 Pro

onTime 1.0.0 NorthNotch Software Ltd.    

... also allow you to create sticky notes, counters, timers with sound and message alerts. - you can also use embedded stopwatch with function that allow you to save and load results to/from file. .... Free download of onTime 1.0.0

Auto Shutdown Manager Light EnviProt    

... are logged on to the system. **Idle Shutdown Timer: The Idle Shutdown Timer can be made dependent on running applications or ... **Wake Up: Machines can be awoken via a Timer from sleep – or via Wake On LAN .... Free download of Auto Shutdown Manager Light

Magic Timed Shutdown 10.03 DoGoodSoft    

DoGoodSoft Magic Timed Shutdown is a professional auto shutdown package. It will help you better manage one computer. Magic Timed Shutdown has four powerful features, which has made it a good helper for parents and administrators. Timed shutdown allows your computer to perform certain tasks automatically at specified times under 11 .... Free download of Magic Timed Shutdown 10.03

Keyboard Software Wedge TWedge 3.0.0 TEC-IT Datenverarbeitung GmbH    

... + direct file access + hotkey support + timer support + keyboard wedge mode + data logging + correct handling of binary device data like NULL + protocol conversion (e.g. COM to TCP) + background operation + simple deployment .... Free download of Keyboard Software Wedge TWedge 3.0.0

Auto Macro Recorder 5.85 Readmesoft    

... computer. If you're a programer,you need it. Support Timer / Debug Mode / Command Line / Repeat many many times / show repeat status/ lots of scripts / judge if window exists / judge if file exists / using Email / using Explorer / Replay speed adjustment/ Remote Control / .... Free download of Auto Macro Recorder 5.85

Puran Shutdown Timer 1.2 Puran Software    

It is a free utility that can help you schedule various shutdown tasks including shutdown, restart, log off, hibernate, lock, sleep on various events. You can even have multiple schedules. - You may schedule opening of a web page or a file. - You can schedule at a paticular time or .... Free download of Puran Shutdown Timer 1.2

Automatic PC Shutdown Pro 1.0 Abhisoft Technologies    

Automatic PC Shutdown Pro is a professional application that allows you to automatically shutdown your PC at a specified time. It also allows you to reboot, hibernate, standby, log off, or turn off the monitor to save energy cost. It gives you multiple options allowing you to choose when to set .... Free download of Automatic PC Shutdown Pro 1.0

Turn Off Timer Portable    

Turn Off Timer is a simple utility programmed in java that ... the computer shuts down or restarts when the timer gets to 0 .... Free download of Turn Off Timer Portable

Vista Shutdown Timer 1.8.3a Flo    

Skinnable interface, support for IR remote controls, OSD (On Scree Display), Wake up function, command parameters, "advanced force Shutdown". Kill hanging programs, classic modus, Tray-Menu, Shortcut wizzard... All in a single EXE-File (<250 Kb) no Registry and no Ini Files-needed (extra skins and languages excluded). The program can be configured using .... Free download of Vista Shutdown Timer 1.8.3a

Automatic Mouse Move and Click Software 7.0 Sobolsoft    

This software offers a solution to users who want to automatically move the mouse pointer to a specific screen location and perform an action. This enables various activities to be carried out while the user is away from the computer. Multiple mouse actions can be set up, each with its own .... Free download of Automatic Mouse Move and Click Software 7.0

Aquarius Soft PC Shutdown 3.12 Aquarius Soft Pte Ltd    

... need it. - Power off, shutdown or reboot timer will be activated even if your system goes ... - Option to NOT to exit when shutdown timer is not enabled. - Allow you to personalize the application look. .... Free download of Aquarius Soft PC Shutdown 3.12

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