Wine 3.6 Wine Team     update

... away. # Wine makes it economical to use thin clients: simply install Wine on a Linux server, ... Windows applications available on the Web by using VNC and its Java client. # Wine is Open Source Software, so you can extend it to suit your needs or have one of many .... Free download of Wine 3.6

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ThinLinc 4.6.0 Cendio AB    

ThinLinc is a software used to centralize applications utilizing ... enterprises and organizations have different needs and systems. ThinLinc is designed with this in mind, and the ... to the processes instead of the opposite. ThinLinc will act as a link or gateway between ... can be handled in a systemized manner. ThinLinc can also be used to further consolidate the .... Free download of ThinLinc 4.6.0

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Thinfinity Remote Desktop Workstation Cybele Software, Inc.    

Thinfinity Remote Desktop Workstation reunites the VNC-like desktop sharing features of ThinVNC and the powerful RDP capabilities of ThinRDP Wokstation on a single tool. Need to remote ... programs, documents and network resources. Or, select the VNC mode and start a desktop sharing session. Invite ... keyboard. Ideal for remote support and collaborative sessions. Thinfinity Remote Desktop Workstation facilitates the complete spectrum of .... Free download of Thinfinity Remote Desktop Workstation

Ericom Blaze 1.4.8 Ericom Software Inc.    

... barrier to scalable deployments of SBC, VDI and thin-client computing. For SMBs and larger organizations, Ericom Blaze ... roll out desktop virtualization (VDI), Terminal Services, and thin computing to remote/mobile users, branch offices and private Clouds - quickly and cost-effectively. .... Free download of Ericom Blaze 1.4.8

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