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EventSentry Light 4.1.1 B54 Netikus.net    

... servers and workstations. Additional features include NTP Syncronization, temperature & humidity monitoring as well as motion/smoke/water detection. The compliance tracking feature tracks processes, console and network logons, account management activity, policy events and print jobs for audit purposes. Do not think that all these monitoring features will have an .... Free download of EventSentry Light 4.1.1 B54

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ConvertAll Portable 0.8.0 John T. Haller    

... operator. · Units with non-linear scales, such as temperature, can also be converted. · A unit list may be filtered and searched. · Numbers may be entered on either the "From" or the "To" units side, for conversions in both directions. · Basic mathematical expressions may be entered in place .... Free download of ConvertAll Portable 0.8.0

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Polarr Photo Editor 5.10.17 Polarr    

... For instance, you can adjust values for color temperature, tint, vibrancy or saturation and view a histogram that records your actions and enables you to view them as a graph. Polarr Photo Editor is a reliable image editor that can help you modify image files from your computer .... Free download of Polarr Photo Editor 5.10.17

Weather Monitor 9.8 Bushyn SOFTWARE    

... of information regarding the weather. Aside from the temperature, you can view the atmospheric pressure, air humidity, ... and all the measurement units in which the temperature, pressure, wind speed and visibility are expressed. The interface is also highly customizable, seeing that you can change the icons used in the gadget, .... Free download of Weather Monitor 9.8

QILING Disk Master Professional 4.7.6 QILING Tech Co., Ltd    

... checks the hard disk health status and display Temperature of hard disk and view hard disk detailed information. QILING Disk Master Professional can also help you to manage partition, it recover lost or deleted partitions, and test disk sector's surface. .... Free download of QILING Disk Master Professional 4.7.6

SO-Sieve 1.1.7151.1 Soil Office Software Group    

... Separate corrections are applied for the effect of temperature and dispersing agent. Temperature correction may be automatic or manually assigned by ... user. * Composite correction: is measured at two temperatures and corrections for other temperatures are calculated by the use of linear interpolation. .... Free download of SO-Sieve 1.1.7151.1

BurnInTest Professional 9.1.1005 PassMark Software    

... graphical image. Other features include periodic logging, a temperature monitoring interface and max CPU temperature test, and timed test runs. BurnInTest also gives users access to detailed system information including as the CPU data (such as amount of CPU .... Free download of BurnInTest Professional 9.1.1005

SunsetScreen 1.34 Daniel White    

... Set the sunrise time too. Choose by colour temperature or by HSB for a precise colour. Transition from one phase to the other gradually. Automatically resides in the tray so it keeps out of your way. Loads automatically at Windows startup if you wish. Instantly turn off SunsetScreen if you .... Free download of SunsetScreen 1.34

TopSpice 8.82 Penzar Development    

... AC sweep, noise, distortion, sensitivity, transfer function, Fourier, temperature, Monte Carlo, worst case, parametric stepping, "alter" circuit Advanced noise analysis functions Interactive graphical post-processor with "auto plot" Waveform expression plots Powerful waveform, performance and statistical analysis functions All design and simulation functions are available from either the schematic or netlist .... Free download of TopSpice 8.82

QILING Disk Master Free 4.7.6 QILING Tech Co., Ltd    

... checks the hard disk health status and display Temperature of hard disk and view hard disk detailed information. QILING Disk Master Free can also help you to manage partition, it recover lost or deleted partitions, and test disk sector's surface. .... Free download of QILING Disk Master Free 4.7.6

FurMark oZone3D.Net    

... mode or stability test mode (for overclockers) GPU temperature monitoring and recording in a file Fullscreen or windowed for each type of run mode Window size selection (standard or custom) MSAA samples selection Benchmarking parameters: time based or frames based .... Free download of FurMark

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coconutBattery for Mac 3.8.3 Christoph Sinai    

With coconutBattery you are always aware of your current battery health. Your Apple notebook’s battery looses its health in time, so tracking the battery health level is a good idea if you do not want to be caught by surprise. coconutBattery is a small but very useful Mac app that analyses .... Free download of coconutBattery for Mac 3.8.3

AIDA64 Engineer 6.20.5400 FinalWire Ltd.    

... in real time, it can gather accurate voltage, temperature and fan speed readings, while its diagnostic functions ... supports over 250 various sensor devices to measure temperatures, voltages, fan speeds, and power draw. Measured values can be displayed on System Tray icons, OSD panel, Desktop Gadget, Logitech G15/G19 Gaming Keyboard LCD, .... Free download of AIDA64 Engineer 6.20.5400

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CCleaner for Android 4.22.0 Ccleaner    

... space ? Check out your battery levels and temperature .... Free download of CCleaner for Android 4.22.0

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AIDA64 Extreme 6.25 FinalWire Ltd.    

AIDA64 Extreme is a streamlined Windows diagnostic and benchmarking software for home users, hardware enthusiasts and overclockers. AIDA64 Extreme provides a wide range of features to assist in overclocking, hadware error diagnosis, stress testing, and sensor monitoring. It has unique capabilities to assess the performance of the processor, system memory, disk .... Free download of AIDA64 Extreme 6.25

CrystalDiskInfo 8.5.0 hiyohiyo (Crystal Dew World)    

... external USB disks * Monitoring health status and temperature * Alert Mail * Graph of S.M.A.R.T. information * Control AAM/APM settings and more ... The CrystalDiskInfo application was designed to help you view details about your hard disck drive. Features: · Show S.M.A.R.T Information · Show .... Free download of CrystalDiskInfo 8.5.0

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GPU Caps Viewer Jerome Guinot    

... system, PhysX version display of the GPU core temperature GPU Burner or Stability Test: allows to overheat the GPU in order to test the graphics card stability. You can start several stress test demos in the same time in order to make your graphics card working to the maximum. list .... Free download of GPU Caps Viewer

MAGIX Photo Manager MAGIX Entertainment    

... possibility to modify the white balance, saturation and temperature of their photos. It can also be used ... & contrast * Set color, saturation, and color temperature * Re-sharpen Corrections * Red-eye correction * Level horizon * Select new picture section Effects * Black & White * .... Free download of MAGIX Photo Manager

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Windows Repair Toolbox Alexandre Coelho    

... information about the computer to be repaired: CPU temperature, name and % time; amount of RAM installed on the system and % of use; Disk model, capacity, basic health check; amount of free space left in the system partition; Windows edition and install date; System boot time; and more. .... Free download of Windows Repair Toolbox

Unit Conversion Utility-UnitConvertor-A 2.4.27 Institute of Mathematics and Statistics    

... Energy/Work, Flow, Force, Light/Illumination, Mass/Weight, Power, Pressure, Speed/Velocity, Temperature, Time, Torque, Volume/Capacity, Volume - Dry UnitConvertor-A's dialog-style interface consists of one main screen, which offers categories and two scrolling lists of units. The conversion categories are categorized from Acceleration to Volume-Dry. Clicking on a category called up applicable conversion tools. .... Free download of Unit Conversion Utility-UnitConvertor-A 2.4.27

TThrottle 7.72 Efmer camera technologies    

TThrottle measures the processor core temperature, GPU temperature, and displays it in a graphic. Additionally you ... time a program uses to reduce the processor/gpu temperature. It was initially build to limit the time ... programs use. This in order to keep the temperature and the fan noise in check. Or make ... active these programs are used to keep the temperature below a user set value. .... Free download of TThrottle 7.72

OCCT Perestroika 5.5.7 OCCT    

... or above ) · Can produce graphs showing temperature and voltages during the test : Unique feature ! · Multi-language support .... Free download of OCCT Perestroika 5.5.7

QILING Disk Master Technician 4.7.6 QILING Tech Co., Ltd    

... checks the hard disk health status and display Temperature of hard disk and view hard disk detailed information. QILING Disk Master Technician can also help you to manage partition, it recover lost or deleted partitions, and test disk sector's surface. .... Free download of QILING Disk Master Technician 4.7.6

WeatherInfo Portable 6.1 Bokor Béla    

... choose a country and a city. The current temperature will be displayed as a tray icon with customizable font and colors. You can use metric or imperial units. .... Free download of WeatherInfo Portable 6.1

Intel Extreme Tuning Utility Intel    

... while the bottom part displays the CPU Core Temperature, the CPU Utilization as well as the current Processor Frequency. Moreover, you can also view the graphs for this values and other statistics such as Active Core Count, Memory Utilization or Graphics Frequency. The bottom line is that Intel Extreme .... Free download of Intel Extreme Tuning Utility

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