DMA Radius Manager 4.3.0 DMA Softlab LLC     update

..., DPS, Netcash online payment gateways are supported. TCP/UDP connection logger module is available in CTS version. .... Free download of DMA Radius Manager 4.3.0

Stunnel 5.51 Michał Trojnara     update

... a program that allows you to encrypt arbitrary TCP connections inside SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) available on both Unix and Windows. Stunnel can allow you to secure non-SSL aware daemons and protocols (like POP, IMAP, LDAP, etc) by having Stunnel provide the encryption, requiring no changes to the daemon's code. .... Free download of Stunnel 5.51

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Advanced TCP IP Data Logger 4.3.9 B328 AGG Software     update

... case may be, look no further than Advanced TCP/IP Data Logger, for it may well satisfy all of your ... servers working simultaneously, do not worry - Advanced TCP/IP Data Logger can handle multiple ports at once and record ... accidentally close and lose valuable data - Advanced TCP/IP Data Logger can work as a Windows service, .... Free download of Advanced TCP IP Data Logger 4.3.9 B328

Data Logger Suite 2.8.6 B1113 AGG Software     update

Data Logger Suite is a full-featured software complex to monitor, ... any serial data sent or received via RS232, TCP/IP, UDP, OPC, SQL, SMS, Modem or DDE data ... imagine such tool already exists? Data Logger Suite is a Swiss knife among other data logger tools. It receives information from any device connected .... Free download of Data Logger Suite 2.8.6 B1113

Digital Inputs Filter 4.0.39 B1102 AGG Software     update

... filter module "Digital inputs filter" for our data loggers (for example, Accurate Printer Monitor ) is an ... can be read and displayed on our data logger screen. Each of the 16 input signals (DI0 through DI15 and depends on module type) can be individually configured for monitoring. When any .... Free download of Digital Inputs Filter 4.0.39 B1102

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MODBUS RTU plugin 4.0.55 B1102 AGG Software     update

... connecting industrial electronic devices. Advanced Serial Data Logger's MODBUS RTU/ASCII and MODBUS TCP plugin can work in two modes:: Data query and parser - the plugin sends MODBUS requests and process the responses. In this mode .... Free download of MODBUS RTU plugin 4.0.55 B1102

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GSM Guard AGG Software    

GSM Guard allows you to control remote sites and objects equipped with security alarms, controllers, or surveillance systems that send alerts about specific events or issues via GSM, SMS, or GPRS. When installed on a server, GSM Guard receives and saves all incoming messages. If necessary, it can notify an administrator, .... Free download of GSM Guard

Snort Sourcefire, Inc.    

... also be used as a packet sniffer and logger. With its advanced capabilities and reliability, it is ... can be used as a packet sniffer and logger, monitoring the network traffic in real-time, displaying the TCP/IP packet headers and recording the packets to a .... Free download of Snort

Vutog GPS Simulator 4.0 Vutog    

... eight types of interfaces Serial Port (RS 232), TCP/IP, UDP, Http, Bluetooth, Virtual COM Port, GPS Gateway ... this, it also provides certain utilities like GPS Logger, Data logger, CRC calculator and NMEA Sentence Selector. .... Free download of Vutog GPS Simulator 4.0

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TMS Logging    

... as the Console, HTML, Text file, CSV file, TCP/IP, Browser, Windows Event Log, ... - Heavily RTTI ... and customizable with custom output handlers - Separate TCP/IP Client included to view logger outputs remotely - IDE Plugin for adding missing .... Free download of TMS Logging

Radius Manager 4.1.0 DMA Softlab LLC    

..., DPS, Netcash online payment gateways are supported. TCP/UDP connection logger module is available in CTS version. .... Free download of Radius Manager 4.1.0

nTop 5.0.2    

... network and application latencies, Round Trip Time (RTT), TCP statistics (retransmissions, out of order packets, packet lost), and bytes and packets transmitted Store on disk persistent traffic statistics to allow future explorations and post-mortem analyses Geolocate and overlay hosts in a geographical map Discover application protocols (Facebook, YouTube, BitTorrent, etc) .... Free download of nTop 5.0.2

Advanced Connection Viewer 1.7 Advanced Reliable Software    

... simplifies the task of monitoring active connections (HTTP, TCP / IP, UDP, etc.) on your Microsoft Windows laptop, desktop or server computer. Advanced Connection Viewer displays the following information about each connection: protocol, both endpoints and state. The application allows users to perform an immediate 'whois' operation by double-clicking an .... Free download of Advanced Connection Viewer 1.7

TCP Logger AX AGG Software    

TCP Logger AX is addon for the Advanced TCP Data Logger software. Capturing and logging data transferred via TCP/IP or UDP ports is one of the common ... probes and transducers - you need an efficient TCP logger tool. TCP Logger AX performs a smart capture of any TCP/IP data flowing in a network and automatically logs .... Free download of TCP Logger AX

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