CAM Template Editor x64 3.2.2 BT plc    

... spreadsheets, models, XML Schema, JAXB data bindings and test XML instances. The OASIS CAM is a ... that together provide a comprehensive XML exchange handling framework. The new Open-XDX open data capabilities use code-free ... OASIS and more. Also supports Compliance and Interoperability Testing environment development (CITE) with use of Test Suites .... Free download of CAM Template Editor x64 3.2.2

PySys x64 0.9.2 Moray Grieve    

PySys x64 has been designed to provide a generic extensible framework for the organisation and execution of system level testcases. It provides a clear model of what a testcases is, how it is structured on disk, how ... validated, and how the outcome is reported for test auditing purposes. Testcases are instances of a .... Free download of PySys x64 0.9.2

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