Musical Sketch Pad McCalla    

... in samples: pianos, drums, basses, horms, flutes, organs, synthesizer pads etc in the non-trial version Import your own samples Multi-Track mixer with live muting and volume limiters Create Mp3's from your musical sketches Comprehensive Piano Roll editor with controls for individual note duration and velocity Edit and Play at the .... Free download of Musical Sketch Pad

Synth 1.0.5 Mario Goebbels    

A 25-key piano backed by a triple-oscillator synthesizer for dynamic sound generation. Any user is invited to submit their own synth patches for eventual inclusion into this app's preset library. Contact me using this app's support link. Features Three oscillators supporting sine, triangle, saw and pulse generators, .... Free download of Synth 1.0.5

Modul8 for Win8 UI FlatEarth Software    

Modul8 is a virtual analog softsynth music synthesizer with dual oscillators, noise, pulse width modulation, low ... generators. It recreates the sound of classic analog synthesizers popular in the early 1980s. Designed to take advantage of the Windows 8 touch interface, Modul8 invites you to tweak and explore to .... Free download of Modul8 for Win8 UI

Dynamic Synthesizer SoundDesigner    

The Dynamic Synthesizer extents the classic Waveform Synthesis to symmetry modulated ... samples and SoundFonts for other audio programs and synthesizers. The sounds can also be used to ... with the build in producer. Features Synthesizer with 4 parallel oscillators ADSR Modulator 10 sound effect chains with 100 parameters .... Free download of Dynamic Synthesizer

Pianino Synth Piano Redbird Interfaces    

Pianino is a friendly synthesizer which surrounds you with nice and warm synth pad sounds right from the '80s. Try to play it along with other instruments too. It really lays the ground for guitar, clarinet or even a real piano. The additive synthesiser inside Pianino's audio engine runs .... Free download of Pianino Synth Piano

WaveLab 103 - Analysis, Tools & Master Section AppDesigner    

... from simple and organic acoustic songs to full-blown synthesizer-rich productions. The challenge is to bring out the best in each of these vastly different genres in the mastering process. So how do we live up to that challenge? How do we make sure that every song reaches its sonic nirvana? .... Free download of WaveLab 103 - Analysis, Tools & Master Section

Sequencer for Windows 8 Korhaan    

... two octaves of pitch, three oscillator wave table synthesizer with 12 waveforms, 35 synthesizer presets, seven channel sound mixer with volume adjustment, ... with two octaves of pitch - 3-oscillator wavetable synthesizer with 12 waveforms - 35 synthesizer presets - Sample import (Limited to one in ... and export sequencer project files - 18 more synthesizer waveforms - 70 new synthesizer presets - Removes .... Free download of Sequencer for Windows 8

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