SyncTrayzor 1.1.24 Antony Male     new

SyncTrayzor is a little tray utility for Syncthing on Windows. It hosts and wraps Syncthing, making it behave more like a native Windows ... login, so you don't need to set up Syncthing as a service. Has drop-box style file download ... Can pause devices on metered networks, to stop Syncthing transferring data on e.g. a mobile connection or .... Free download of SyncTrayzor 1.1.24

Syncthing 1.2.1 Syncthing     update

Syncthing does not require any complex adjustments on your ... they are on your local network or not. Syncthing is a powerful file-sharing utility that allows you ... to be both efficient and highly accessible. Syncthing is still in development, although a large number ... been implemented: Web GUI. Configure and monitor Syncthing via a responsive and powerful interface accessible via .... Free download of Syncthing 1.2.1

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