SoundSource 4.0.1 Rogue Amoeba Software     update

SoundSource is a simple to use and free OS X application that will allow you to quickly switch your Mac's audio input and output sources with a single click. Change the volume and output device for individual apps. Adjust your Mac's audio device settings and levels instantly, from anywhere. Even .... Free download of SoundSource 4.0.1

John’s Background Switcher 5.2 John Conners     update

John’s Background Switcher (or JBS for short) periodically changes the background ... to something interesting. The John’s Background Switcher application sits in your system tray (down by the clock) and changes your background at the time interval of your choosing. You tell it where to get pictures from .... Free download of John’s Background Switcher 5.2

vMix StudioCoast     update

vMix is a new Software Video Mixer and Switcher that utilises the latest advances in computer hardware to provide live hd video mixing, a task previously only possible on expensive dedicated hardware mixers. vMix runs on the Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 platforms. Features include LIVE mixing .... Free download of vMix

PDF Reader Pro Free - View, Annotate, Edit 1.2.7 PDF Technologies     update

... 5+ themes embedded, includes Day & Night mode switcher Open password-protected PDF files Print PDFs PDF Annotator Classic Markup PDF Tools - Annotate PDF with highlight, underline, strikethrough / strikeout, notes, ink, freehand, text box, and more Continuous Annotations - Once selected, you can add pdf annotation tools continuously Freehand .... Free download of PDF Reader Pro Free - View, Annotate, Edit 1.2.7

Power Plan Assistant 3.2e Vladimir Plenskiy     update

... It's an ultimate automatic & manual power plan switcher with a compact yet very informative Power Icon and other goods for a PC or Mac running Windows via Boot Camp. Power Plan Assistant application can be considered as "donationware": it's totally free to use, although the users are .... Free download of Power Plan Assistant 3.2e

Reddit Enhancement Suite for Chrome 5.14.4 Steve Sobel and Daniel Allen     update

... packed with bacony goodness. FEATURES: Account Switcher: · Store username/password pairs and switch accounts instantly while browsing Reddit! Show Comment Karma: · Shows your comment karma next to your link karma. Username Hider: · Hides your real username when you're logged in to reddit. Comment Navigator: .... Free download of Reddit Enhancement Suite for Chrome 5.14.4

ChrisPC DNS Switch 3.90 Chris P.C. srl     update

ChrisPC DNS Switch provides you a simple but effective graphic user interface to select the network adapter/card and change its corresponding DNS with the selected DNS from the preset lists or with a custom DNS. Features are diverse and give you the possibility to maintain your DNS database. The software will .... Free download of ChrisPC DNS Switch 3.90

Proxy Switcher PRO 6.5.0 V-TECH LLC     update

... a real pain to change them manually. Proxy Switcher provides proxy settings management solution and anonymous surfing ... tester and anonymous proxy server list downloader. Proxy Switcher Benefits: Automatic proxy server switching for improved anonymous surfing. Hide your IP address from the web sites you visit. Penetrate bans and blocks on .... Free download of Proxy Switcher PRO 6.5.0

ManyCam 6.6.0 Visicom Media Inc     update

ManyCam is a free webcam software and video switcher that helps you produce professional quality live videos. Easy-to-use, ManyCam allows users to add multiple video sources, like webcams, pre-recorded videos, smartphones, and tablets, to live streams and video calls. With ManyCam, you can stream to multiple platforms at once, add .... Free download of ManyCam 6.6.0

Loamen Proxy Hero 1.7.1 Loamen     update

... (LPH) is a professional proxy checker and proxy switcher for your browsers. It can test the details ... test the details of the proxies. * Proxy Switcher: quickly change the proxy settings of the browsers. * Proxy Downloader: get daily fresh proxy lists by just one click. * Proxy Manager: easily .... Free download of Loamen Proxy Hero 1.7.1

NetSetMan 4.7.1 NetSetMan GmbH     update

NetSetMan is a network settings manager which can easily switch between 5 different, visually structured profiles. NetSetMan is not only useful and effective but also easy and intuitive to handle. The entry fields remind of the Windows "Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) Properties" but it's much easier to fill in the adresses. .... Free download of NetSetMan 4.7.1

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GiMeSpace QuickMenu GiMeSpace     update

While ms is annoying windows desktop users with metro/modernUI, and other companies are restoring things back to the old, GiMeSpace is offering desktop users something much better: the most simple and fastest task launcher&switcher possible! GiMeSpace QuickMenu! Press a custom assigned mouse/keyboard key, the menu pops up at the place of .... Free download of GiMeSpace QuickMenu

EZ File Transplanter 1.01.19 Super Win Software, Inc.     new

... also comes with two advanced tools: a Drive Switcher and a Mapper. EZ File Transplanter has a 30 day free trial. .... Free download of EZ File Transplanter 1.01.19

Virtual Serial Port Driver PRO 9.0 Eltima Software     new

... number of serial ports can use the advanced Switcher feature. This allows several physical ports to be joined into one virtual port. By creating a switcher in your application, your program can use any ... it needs to transmit or receive data. The switcher detects the open ports and offers one to .... Free download of Virtual Serial Port Driver PRO 9.0

ChrisPC DNS Switch Pro 3.70 Chris P.C. srl     update

ChrisPC DNS Switch Pro helps you easily change the network adapter DNS settings with 1 click. Features are diverse and give you the possibility to maintain your DNS database and import custom DNS server lists from text files. The software will make your life easier: You may want to protect your .... Free download of ChrisPC DNS Switch Pro 3.70

Aml Maple 5.37 G&G Software     update

Aml Maple is a simple-to-use piece of kit that indicates the current language configuration of the keyboard. It comes in handy when you are juggling multiple projects in different languages at a time, such as writing a paper for school or preparing a work assigning while talking to friends on Facebook. .... Free download of Aml Maple 5.37

Perspective for Windows 2.1.1802.2 gdiObjects     new

... is an Automatic Desktop Wallpaper Changer / Background Switcher with 3D Perspective Rendering, 26 Eye-Catching Desktop Wallpaper Slideshow Transitions and Render Anywhere Technology. Display your favorite HD wallpaper and photos (abstract art, nature wallpapers, family, friends, places you've been or would like to visit) right on your desktop. Perspective Supports .... Free download of Perspective for Windows 2.1.1802.2

Aml Maple Portable Edition 5.35 G&G Software     update

Aml Maple is a new point of view at keyboard layout indicators: simple, modern, flexible. Aml Maple indicates the active layout being currently used (the language you are typing at this particular moment). It is always in front of you, exactly at the place you are typing! An usage is very .... Free download of Aml Maple Portable Edition 5.35

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ManyCam for Mac 6 Visicom Media Inc     new

ManyCam is a free Webcam software and a screen recorder for anyone to use. Several feature enhancements are included within ManyCam to produce a professional quality live video production. It can connect a desktop, smartphone, tablet and live stream to multiple social media platforms and streaming services simultaneously. It provides innovative .... Free download of ManyCam for Mac 6

Program Picker 1.0.12 Bond Interface Design Ltd.     update

... or eighths of your screen, using consecutive keypresses. Switcher Mode - hold CTRL to switch between up to four applications - use with CTRL-X, CTRL-C, CTRL-V (cut, copy, paste), CTRL-S (save) and CTRL-R (refresh) for one of the fastest methods of editing websites, and copying/pasting data between programs. Power User .... Free download of Program Picker 1.0.12

Proxy Switcher Standard 6.1.0    

... a real pain to change them manually. Proxy Switcher provides proxy settings management solution and anonymous surfing capabilities. This includes flexible proxy server list management, proxy server tester and anonymous proxy server list downloader. .... Free download of Proxy Switcher Standard 6.1.0

Automatic Printer Switcher 2.0.0 Computed Synergy    

Automatically set default printers based on what program you have open. The program monitors the window you are working on every 2 seconds and if it detects that this window has a special printer assigns in quietly instructs windows to set the default printer to that. You can easily define mappings .... Free download of Automatic Printer Switcher 2.0.0

Fast Startup Switcher    

... mouse Or you use our free Fast Startup Switcher tool. One click and youre done! .... Free download of Fast Startup Switcher

FireDaemon Session 0 Viewer 1.3.2 FireDaemon Technologies Limited    

FireDaemon Session 0 Viewer is an application for Microsoft Windows that allows you to easily switch back and forth between your logged in Windows desktop session and Session 0. Since the release of Windows Vista and Windows 2008 interactive Windows services (ie. those with a console or GUI component) have been .... Free download of FireDaemon Session 0 Viewer 1.3.2

Free IP Switcher 3.0 Eusing Software    

... every time you change your location. Free IP Switcher is a perfect solution for you. It switches ... click and without any reboot. With Free IP Switcher you can automatically change all network settings on your pc: IP address, network masks, default gateway, dns server, wins server, proxy settings, default printer .... Free download of Free IP Switcher 3.0

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