InHisVerse Study Bible 1.05 Olsen's Apps LLC     new

Expands the Bible by outlining every verse with the original Greek/Hebrew definition alongside a full cross-reference of every use. The Bible itself teaches us to read it slowly, carefully. InHisVerse is free and it gives you the bigger picture by presenting original word use with context and flavors intact. It starts .... Free download of InHisVerse Study Bible 1.05

Xiphos 4.0.4 Karl Kleinpaste    

... mozembed rendering engine, Xiphos arranges text with the Strongs Numbers and morphology directly below each word, rather than following the word as many programs do. This creates a clean, easy-to-read interface. Read Aloud With the Festival speech engine installed (we package it by default on Windows), Xiphos will read aloud .... Free download of Xiphos 4.0.4

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