PowerArchiver 2018 18.02.02 Conexware, Inc    

PowerArchiver is a professional 64-bit/32-bit compression utility, with support for over 60 formats and ... exclusive Advanced Codec Pack - .PA format with strongest/fastest compression. PowerArchiver 64-bit version is optimized for maximum speed ... Optimized Strong and Optimized Fast. It offers best compression on the market due to specialized compressors for pdf/docx/jpeg/mp3/exe/text/image/sound formats. Overall .pa format is strongest/fastest format on the market today! Over 15 various .... Free download of PowerArchiver 2018 18.02.02

CryptoForge 5.4.0 CryptoForge Encryption Software    

... and professional security. It allows you to encrypt files -and encrypt folders- of any type and size, ... This data encryption software adds to Windows the strongest encryption available today, including the strong AES encryption. The file encryption module enables you to encrypt files (or shred them with the built-in File Shredder) .... Free download of CryptoForge 5.4.0

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