WatchMe Flamebrain Technologies Inc.     update

WatchMe is a feature-rich timer program that can be used to track time for a number of different tasks or events together or independently of one another. You can create any number of timer or countdownss, give each one name and record additional notes and information about what you are timing .... Free download of WatchMe

WatchMe 2.5.0 Flamebrain Technologies Inc     update

... * Timers to track elapsed time (like a stopwatch) and countdowns (3…2…1…blastoff!) (new in version 2.2.0) * Ability to manage multiple timers at once * Group timers into multiple tabs for easier management * Give each timer a unique name * Display time in a number of formats including fractions .... Free download of WatchMe 2.5.0

TTclock 1.44 Horst Schaeffer     new

TTclock offers two display modes: pure clock display and control panel. In clock display mode the background is either fully transparent (only visible on mouse hover), or permanently visible as a semi-opaque rectangle (see settings). Double click switches between pure clock and control panel. Settings: Keep on top Color .... Free download of TTclock 1.44

Alarm Clock Pro for Mac OS X 11.0.6 Koingo Software     update

... cards, e-mailed to contacts. Record laps with the Stopwatch. Track time differences for your investment portfolio. Even use it to help cook dinner by using the timer! Aside from the multi-featured alarms, Alarm Clock Pro also provides you with a 'Calendar', a 'Stopwatch', a 'Time Zone Calculator' and a 'Computer .... Free download of Alarm Clock Pro for Mac OS X 11.0.6

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Alarm Clock Pro 11.0.6 Koingo Software     update

... cards, e-mailed to contacts. Record laps with the Stopwatch. Track time differences for your investment portfolio. Even use it to help cook dinner by using the timer! In addition to Alarm Clock Pro's extensive list of programmable tasks, it also offers flexibility when it comes to timing alarms. Many .... Free download of Alarm Clock Pro 11.0.6

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myPomodoro 4.2.0 myPomodoro Team     update

... notification sounds, alarms or customizable notifiers. The stopwatch function can offer you the guideline to a suitable time management, however, you may always adjust it by increasing or decreasing the allocated time. In case unplanned tasks should occur, you may interrupt the timer and start it again later. myAgilePomodoro .... Free download of myPomodoro 4.2.0

Timer 1.7 2xDSoft    

The Timer is a kind of stopwatch. With that simple tool you can start a ... can even take meantimes like in a normal stopwatch. Furthermore, Timer will come in useful when taking presentation times or other similar uses. .... Free download of Timer 1.7

MRO WorkingTimeClock 17.2.2 Matthias Rolf    

... Furthermore, there are additional modules such as a stopwatch, a count down timer and a time calculator which can add or subtract days or hours. MRO WorkingTimeClock can remind you of short breaks to avoid the RSI syndrom and other posture problems. Moreover a screen saver is included that .... Free download of MRO WorkingTimeClock 17.2.2

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Cool Timer Harmony Hollow Software    

... in countdown mode, an alarm clock, or a stopwatch. Unique visualization feature shows time passage graphically using ... specify so you can sleep a little longer. Stopwatch mode is great to keep track of how much time you spend on a particular project if you are charging customers by the hour. .... Free download of Cool Timer

Free Stopwatch 4.0 Comfort Software Group    

A Simple and fast desktop stopwatch is always available when you need it. The timer counts in increments of 0.01 seconds. Free Stopwatch is used when time periods must be measured ... button to monitor the times between laps. Free Stopwatch is suitable for timekeepers at sport competitions, laboratory ... of work, etc. Also, several instances of the stopwatch can be ran at once. .... Free download of Free Stopwatch 4.0

XNote Timer 1.12 dnSoft Research Group    

Free countdown timer and stopwatch software. As simple as possible! Both count-up mode to measure time intervals and count-down mode to work as an alarm. Can play any audio file (mp3, wav, midi, etc) and launch any application. Large re-sizable display to show on LCD panel for public presentations or .... Free download of XNote Timer 1.12

Ultimate Screen Clock 5.0a Revision 1 Alchemy Mindworks    

... at predetermined times. · Be a highly accurate stopwatch and countdown timer. · Keep itself interesting by changing its appearance periodically. · Optionally display its clocks in a Windows screen saver .... Free download of Ultimate Screen Clock 5.0a Revision 1

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Taskbar Timer 1.0 100dof    

Taskbar Timer is a simple countdown alarm that nicely sits in you system tray. The timer can be configured via command line parameters which makes it very convenient to create shortcuts for default timing tasks such as "coffee is ready", "water bubbling", etc. There are three preset timers for 1 minute, .... Free download of Taskbar Timer 1.0

MP3 Pizza Timer English 2.6 Wave Digital Studios GmbH    

MP3 Pizza Timer is an easy to set up countdown Timer. Put your pizza in the oven or make your tea and use this Timer to count down and play your favourite music to remind you. Easy to use: Move a music file per drag & drop on the MP3 Timer .... Free download of MP3 Pizza Timer English 2.6

Easy Timer 2.6 Kevin Schneider    

Easy Timer is a simple yet intuitive combination of the best desktop clock and alarm timer features - It's uncomplicated, portable and free. Easy Timer is an easy-to-use alarm clock. It has a very simple and minimalistic interface: Just set in how many minutes or at what time it should alert .... Free download of Easy Timer 2.6

Free Desktop Timer 1.2 Drive Software Company    

Easy to use timer for your desktop. You can create an unlimited number of timers, select a skin according to your taste, choose a sound signal. The timer can also turn off your computer. Absolutely free program. .... Free download of Free Desktop Timer 1.2

MultiTrack Stopwatch 2.3.1 MORIMOTO Shouji    

MultiTrack Stopwatch is a useful and easy to use application which was designed to be a stopwatch that has 10 counters to record the time events. Multiple counters also act as lap holder or just for keeping results of past clocking. Has ways to start, stop and .... Free download of MultiTrack Stopwatch 2.3.1

Vista Clock 1.2 Respect Soft    

... free analog/digital clock with Countdown, Chimes, Timer, Uptime, Stopwatch, World Clock, Atomic Clock and Skins. .... Free download of Vista Clock 1.2

TimeTraveler 1.3.4334 Ultrapico    

TimeTraveler is a highly versatile clock, timer, and stopwatch for the Windows desktop. It can be configured ... zones * Create any number of alarm clocks, stopwatches, and countdown timers * Transparent, semitransparent, or opaque ... many different locations. Any number of alarm clocks, stopwatches, and countdown timers can be simultaneously displayed. Each .... Free download of TimeTraveler 1.3.4334

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AIV Reminder 2.3 AIV software    

AIV Reminder is the freeware utility that could avoid a person from forgetting something.Just a few clicks and the reminder is set.This software includes Talking Reminder.Characters can read the reminder.Any MP3 or Wav file can be set as reminder sound as well .If a mp3 is set as alarm sound then .... Free download of AIV Reminder 2.3

MBA Stopwatch 1.0.0 Mustafa Bugra AKTAS    

Stopwatch with split-seconds, seconds and hours .... Free download of MBA Stopwatch 1.0.0

Countdown Timer 1.0 Countdown Timers    

Easy to use Countdown Timer software utility for deaktop or laptop running Windows Operating System. The Countdown Timer can be configured to display date / time of computer in selectable colors. Text Color and background color of the countdown timer can be configured and any selected color can be made transparent .... Free download of Countdown Timer 1.0

Ticks 1.4 Nicolas Bouliane    

Ticks is a simple time tracking utility that runs from the Windows task tray. It was designed from the ground up to be simple, fast and portable so you can get to work quickly, anywhere. Ticks makes it simple to track and bill multiple projects right from the task tray. You .... Free download of Ticks 1.4

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