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Merops 10.107 Merops    

... is the solution for the management of your stock portfolios. You can track all your stocks in one place. Automatic updates of the quotes ... evaluations Post-it, attachments, marker RSS feed reader, patrimony, simulator quote Stock exchange intraday feed differed by 15 min Stock exchange historical feed from 5 years Multi-portfolios / .... Free download of Merops 10.107

Adaptive Modeler 1.5.4 Altreva    

... simulation models for price forecasting of real world stocks, ETFs, forex currency pairs, cryptocurrencies, commodities or other markets. Thousands of trading agents are provided with real world market data and use their trading rules to compete and adapt on a simulated ... collective behavior is used to generate forecasts and trading signals. Models evolve and adapt incrementally in real-time .... Free download of Adaptive Modeler 1.5.4

Speculator: The Stock Trading Simulation 1.10 Ronin Software    

... lawyer/CPA/investor, Speculator is a uniquely sophisticated and realistic trading simulation/game that lets you have fun trading stocks and bonds (including convertible bonds), put and call ... grow rather nervous as you await your main stock's next quarterly earnings report!) Learn by doing, in ... and months pass by as a 'live' simulated stock ticker and a news headline ticker run constantly. .... Free download of Speculator: The Stock Trading Simulation 1.10

TickInvest Stock Charting Software 1.5.2 Erich Behmen    

TickInvest is a stock charting and technical analysis software with realtime and eod charts. Features: Trade Simulator, Backtester, Backtest Optimizer, Stock Screener, Alerts, Custom Drawing Tools, Stock Quotes, Extensible Formula Language. Analyze your favorite stocks with ready to use Indicators or Drawing tools. ... script language enables you to backtest your own trading strategies, find stocks, create indicators or stock pattern .... Free download of TickInvest Stock Charting Software 1.5.2

Forex Tester 2.8.4 Forex Tester Software    

Test waters in the competitive Forex trading. Learn how to perform basic currency trading and master advanced strategies without spending a dime! ... exchange rates and allowing you to try various trading strategies without risking your money. Forex Tester 2.0 ... of any period of time while carrying on trading. You can ‘buy’ and ‘sell’ currencies based on .... Free download of Forex Tester 2.8.4

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