AntiOS 1.1.1 Vektor T13 Technologies LLC.     update

AntiOS Tool can spoof your Windows ID, telemetry data and browser fingerprints. Its made to protect your identity in the Internet. With AntiOS you can bypass antifraud and security systemsof the mos popular internet services. It will completely hide your personal PC data and unique IDs. .... Free download of AntiOS 1.1.1

Hi Security Hawk Internet Co., Limited     update

... or phishing hotspot by detecting DNS hijacking, ARP spoofing and SSL hijacking. Boost WiFi and enhance WiFi signal strength for faster Internet speed. Intelligently manage your WiFi. No more WiFi safety concerns. User friendly, super-fast, energy-efficient and tiny Hi Security only takes less 10 sec to examine your entire phone .... Free download of Hi Security

TMeter 16.0.860 Alexey Kazakovsky     update

... IP addresses and the problem with IP/MAC address spoofing by the users. Main features: Unlimited ... with counting the traffic in DHCP-based network and spoofing IP- or MAC- addresses by the users) Extracting and processing unencrypted VPN packets Packet filtering firewall with stateful inspection Traffic shaper (AKA Speed Control) .... Free download of TMeter 16.0.860

Quero Toolbar 8 Viktor Krammer    

Quero is an enhanced navigation bar and ad blocker for Internet Explorer. Quero replaces the address/search box and find bar of IE11 by combining them into one address bar-like toolbar. Additionally, Quero includes an optional ad blocker to protect the user from intrusive Web advertising. Key features: - Tabs on top .... Free download of Quero Toolbar 8

StopCut 2.1 Mansoura Labs. Dr.Nashed    

... Area Connection). StopCut will protect your computer from spoofing programs and protect your informations like CC info ... can protect your ARP tables from flood and spoofing and prevent redirecttion to another distination Stealling ... it to its distination but upon redirection by spoofing any one in your LAN can record it .... Free download of StopCut 2.1

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DNSCrypt 0.0.6 OpenDNS    

... between the user and OpenDNS, preventing any spying, spoofing or man-in-the-middle attacks. DNSCrypt has the potential to be the most impactful advancement in Internet security since SSL, significantly improving every single Internet user's online security and privacy. .... Free download of DNSCrypt 0.0.6

XArp 2.2.2 chrismc    

Local network are threatened by ARP spoofing attacks on a daily basis. Easy to use ... insufficient and mostly no mechanisms to detect ARP spoofing attacks, leaving users on a local network vulnerable to espionage, data theft and worse. XArp has been developed to fight this threat. It performs advanced ARP .... Free download of XArp 2.2.2

Anti NetCut 3 1.0 Tools4Free    

... will display a warining message and start anti spoofing technique to protect your network connection and protect your online privacy 100% guaranteed internet connection speed stay fast. Protect all your network connections including WI-FI in one place. Simple setup configuration required. No network knowledge required. install /configure / run and .... Free download of Anti NetCut 3 1.0

Anti Netcut 3 Tools4free    

Anti Netcut is a free and useful program that prevents Internet disconnection Features: 1. No internet disconnection any more 2. Starts with operating system , you don't have to run every time turning on your PC 3. Lists all open ports in your connection (Security wise) 4. Get your .... Free download of Anti Netcut 3

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