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Silverfrost FTN95 8.50 Silverfrost Limited    

... the programs from one interface. Since it adds code completion and syntax highlighting, you might find it ... integration with Microsoft Visual Studio .NET · Standalone editor - Plato3 · The world's best runtime checking ... compilation speed · Excellent compile-time diagnostics · Full souce level debugging · Builds console, Windows and Microsoft .... Free download of Silverfrost FTN95 8.50

LuaEdit 3.0.9 Jean-Francois Goulet    

... is designed to be an accessible an IDE/Text Editor/Debugger specially designed for the Lua language. ... like MS Studio .Net and includes syntax highlighting, code completion, advance breakpoint management, efficient search engines, etc. ... debugging Set next statement Syntax Check Syntax highlighting Code Completion / Autolist Support for Lua 5.1 and/or .... Free download of LuaEdit 3.0.9

DotNET Nuclear C# Compiler 1.0.3983.17298 DotNET Nuclear C# Compiler    

... to help you edit and compile your source code fast and easy. .... Free download of DotNET Nuclear C# Compiler 1.0.3983.17298

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