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Phototheca 2019.16.2.2772 Lunarship Software    

... most convenient toolset to organize and structure your photos. Have thousands of photos and want to bring them in order? It's ... populate Events, Albums and Smart Albums. Tag your photos with keywords, friends and places where your photos were taken. Filter by camera model or date. Correct wrong timestamps on photos if camera had .... Free download of Phototheca 2019.16.2.2772

Sort Those Pics 1.0 Gasco Solutions (Pty) Ltd.    

Organize your photos and sort photos by date taken into folders by year, month and day. Sort Those Pics will show you how to organize your photos. Sort Those Pics is the only photo sorter software you will need to sort photos by date taken into folders by year, month and day .... Free download of Sort Those Pics 1.0

TagsForAll 4.2.4 AksLab    

... tags(keywords) to provide easy access to documents, images, photos, multimedia content, and more. TagsForAll provides all the ... look at some example: Suppose you want to sort your movie collection by the date of release, by actor, and by genre. Say, ... in your collection by genre or by the date of release. It also makes sense to use .... Free download of TagsForAll 4.2.4

Comfy Photo Recovery 4.5 Comfy Software    

... you need not fear - all your deleted photos can be restored to their original condition easily ... offers a high degree of control over how photos are accessed and saved. This photo recovery tool ... with its easy to use menus to select photos to be recovered by a variety of different .... Free download of Comfy Photo Recovery 4.5

CaptionsMadeEasy CaptionViewer 1.2.1 CME SoftDev    

... captions CaptionsMadeEasy CaptionViewer easily adds captions to your photos and then lets you view the photos with captions as slideshows. * Play photo slideshows showing your captions, date & time taken * Automatic rotation of portrait photos from camera orientation data * Never forget who, where, when or why your photo was taken * Add and edit captions for your photos .... Free download of CaptionsMadeEasy CaptionViewer 1.2.1

Chrono Namer 1.0.0 Mattias Nilsson    

Chrono Namer is a tool for organize your photos, video clips etc. It rename images to time-formatted ... an index number. This makes it easy to sort the images from one camera. But it doesn't work if you want to sort them together with images from other cameras. The solution is to rename the images to a date and time format that can be sorted in .... Free download of Chrono Namer 1.0.0

PicaJet FX 2.6.5 B696 PicaJet.com    

... helps you automatically manage 1000s of your digital photos in seconds. It's impossible to list all the ... a tool that allows you to manage digital photos.PicaJet allows you to review and edit photos the way you prefer, not pigeonholing you into ... Features: · Instantly organize thousands of photos automatically · Easy tagging feature · Fast photo .... Free download of PicaJet FX 2.6.5 B696

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PIE Studio 5.92 Picmeta Systems    

... Define hierarchical keywords and categories * Geotagging of photos with interactive map * Adjust or add EXIF date/time in JPG files, adjust in RAW files * Set file timestamp according to EXIF date/time * Remove EXIF, IPTC and/or XMP data from ... above, below or on each image * Print photos along with GPS coordinates * Print contact sheets .... Free download of PIE Studio 5.92

Pictomio 1.2.35 PROVISIO GmbH LLC    

Geotag your photos! Pictomio is freeware and raises the ... as well as almost all geotagging functions, e.g. photos taken with GPS-capable cell phones (iPhone, Nokia, etc.). To ... application intended for managing, categorizing, searching, and archiving photos as well as geotagging photos and videos that also allows you to generate .... Free download of Pictomio 1.2.35

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