e-Campaign LmhSoft    

... SQL Server, MySQL, etc), WYSIWYG HTML composing, built-in SMTP server, bounced email and unsubscribe processing, recurring mailing scheduling, fast email delivery, Unicode and international character support, and ease-of-use. e-Campaign is the first and ONLY bulk email software on the market that supports sending bulk email via Microsoft Exchange Server .... Free download of e-Campaign

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Becky! Internet Mail 2.74.00 RimArts, Inc.    

... of e-mail accounts. - It supports POP3, IMAP4, SMTP (with or without SSL). - For its features, the program size is unbelievably compact. It is developed with good old C++ and optimized for Windows, which promises quick response in every aspect. - You can view and write HTML mail within .... Free download of Becky! Internet Mail 2.74.00

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GcMail Monika Verse GcMail    

GcMail is a very flexible Mailclient which offers a great variety of configuration options, yet is easy to use.GcMail is a program which is suitable for the casual user, as well as the Power- User in an office environment. Clear layout, ease of use and security were priorities in the development .... Free download of GcMail

Master Bulk Email Direct Sender 6.63 Master-Sender.com    

... a mail server, you don't need to enter SMTP server, it sends mail to recipients' mail server. As a multi-threaded application, Master Bulk Email Direct Sender's normal sending speed can up to 50,000 e-mails per hour. It also has a professional and simple user interface so that everyone can master .... Free download of Master Bulk Email Direct Sender 6.63

Master Sender 6.83 Master-Sender.com    

... Sender contains proxy servers. No need to buy SMTP relays. No need for expensive bulk ISPs. It can send mail out from your PC even your ISP blocks port 25 (SMTP Port). Master Sender supports sending merged messages, this is a great feature. It really gets the attention of the .... Free download of Master Sender 6.83

Super Email Sender 6.40 flashemailcast.com    

... the Internet, the program has its own internal SMTP server and delivers mail messages directly to email recipients without your ISP SMTP server. The normal sending speed can be up to 50000 e-mails per hour. It also has a professional and simple user interface so that .... Free download of Super Email Sender 6.40

The Bat! 7.4.16 Ritlabs, SRL    

The Bat! is a secure email client software, built to protect your correspondence against third-parties. The Bat! protects your information through multiple encryption streams with the options to encrypt your emails on disk and during communication through an SSL/TLS connection. Free of global email providers that keep your messages in the .... Free download of The Bat! 7.4.16

POP Peeper 4.4.1 Mortal Universe Software Entertainment    

... IMAP (including GMail, AOL, AIM, Netscape, FastMail, etc), SMTP, GMail, HotmailMSNLiveMail, Yahoo, Mail.com, MyWay, Excite, iWon, Lycos.com, RediffMail, Juno, NetZero * IDLE is supported for IMAP accounts which allows instant notification when new mail arrives in your inbox * Support for RSS feeds is available with purchase of the Premium .... Free download of POP Peeper 4.4.1

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Auto Mail Sender 11.0 B083 TriSun Software Inc.    

TSSI SMTP Component (TSC) provides an easy way to enable ... languages to send PLAIN/RICH messages based on the SMTP/ESMTP protocol. It provides all the traditional email elements/functions and many advanced features such as sending emails via the PROXY SERVER (supports the popular SOCKS5 protocol), designating read receipt receiver, designating virtual .... Free download of Auto Mail Sender 11.0 B083

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The Bat! Professional Edition 7.4.16 Ritlabs    

The Bat! Professional is an email client that offers secure authentication on POP3/SMTP servers using hardware tokens and transparent, on-the-fly encryption of the email message base, address books and configuration files. This makes the sensitive data stored on your mobile and desktop computers really secure! The Bat! is a secure .... Free download of The Bat! Professional Edition 7.4.16

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Easy Mailouts 358.0 Easy Mailouts.com    

... need an email address - do not need SMTP etc * Additional business tools included bar chart creator, calendar, alarm timer, Word to pdf, jpeg to pdf, pdf to jpeg, etc. * Try it out completely FREE * Then to continue, pay one-off £10 registration fee, and £5 a month .... Free download of Easy Mailouts 358.0

hMailServer 5.6.6 B2383 hMailServer    

... it. hMailServer supports the open email standards POP3, SMTP and IMAP4. This makes the server compatible with ... is compatible with any email client which supports SMTP, POP3 and IMAP. This is true also when ... web mail system which supports these protocols (normally SMTP and IMAP is used, not POP3). Depending on .... Free download of hMailServer 5.6.6 B2383

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Mimecast MSO Fix 1.0 TechyGeeksHome    

... your domain or cloud credentials, the username has SMTP set and cannot be changed and the password part is greyed out. We have created this MSI fix that will solve this issue for you and you can then use this MSI on a large scale basis to push out using .... Free download of Mimecast MSO Fix 1.0

Newsletter Software SuperMailer 10.10 Mirko Boeer    

... as plaintext or HTML file. SuperMailer uses a SMTP server, Microsoft Outlook, a MAPI capable client, sends the messages directly to the recipient or uses a PHP script to send newsletter over your server/web space. Additional it integrates a function to check email addresses, hyperlinks, correct spelling and tracking for .... Free download of Newsletter Software SuperMailer 10.10

Blat 3.2.10 Blat Manager    

... bit) command line utility that sends eMail using SMTP or post to usenet using NNTP. ... a file in an e-mail message using the SMTP protocol. Blat is useful for creating scripts where ... use Blat you must have access to a SMTP server via TCP-IP. Blat can store various default .... Free download of Blat 3.2.10

Bulk Email Sender 11.05 Email Robot Co., Ltd.    

... Sending state can be stored automatically. 8. Build-in SMTP server and Special Sending Modes. 9. Powerful HTML Editor: Text, Flash, Images, Attachments. 10. Fast import and export 11. Custom Opt-in Forms 12. Automatically tests the latest version and makes updating; 13. Supports tray run. The users can do other work .... Free download of Bulk Email Sender 11.05

Atomic Mail Sender 9.05 AtomPark Software Inc    

... delivery technology. Messages are delivered using the built-in SMTP server that connects directly to recipients' mail service providing the shortest possible way for sending your message! The application allows plain-text and HTML messages editing and sending. Messages can be imported from and exported to text or HTML files. The built-in .... Free download of Atomic Mail Sender 9.05

SMTP Mailer SmtpInfo    

This product makes it extremely simple to send an email from a command line. You can specify the sender and multiple recipients including CC and BCC. It also supports multiple attachemnts and server authentication. .... Free download of SMTP Mailer

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Subscribe Emails 2.5997 IM-Soft    

Subscribe Emails helps you organize subscription to email mailing lists on Internet websites. It lets you check POP3 email mailboxes for subscribe or unsubscribe email requests, download email messages with the requests to your computer, get email addresses and sender names from them and create text files with subscribers wanting to .... Free download of Subscribe Emails 2.5997

Mailing List Studio 4.06 PESARO SYSTEM    

... your email provider. · Mail with or without SMTP Server · You can continue to use your SMTP server. You will not need to purchase new ... you can choose to send messages without using SMTP Server. .... Free download of Mailing List Studio 4.06

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1st Email Searcher 3.2997 IM-Soft    

1st Email Searcher helps you to search for email addresses in files and folders located on a PC or on the Internet, and place emails to text files. The program lets you find all email addresses you have on your PC, grab only those of them you need, and place them .... Free download of 1st Email Searcher 3.2997

Bulk Email mailer 7.42 IM-Soft    

... information about the recipients, the messages, and the SMTP servers. This software is a handy tool for keeping feedback from your clients or users, it's a mailing list manager. .... Free download of Bulk Email mailer 7.42

Email Privacy 5.263 IM-Soft    

... against you? Email Privacy is a system-tray local SMTP server program for Windows that lets you send ... using the word "localhost" instead of your current SMTP host. Having done so, you can send messages in a usual manner. The user interface of the program is very easy to learn, excellent .... Free download of Email Privacy 5.263

Email Security 5.261 Ixis Ltd    

... program directly to recipient mailboxes bypassing your ISP's SMTP server. Install Email Security on your PC before it is too late! .... Free download of Email Security 5.261

Super Mass Email Direct Sender 2.11 Supermassmailsoftware.com    

... up in a few minutes. It has build-in SMTP server, users don't need to enter SMTP information to send mails. Features: Very easy to ... addresses automatically. Direct send feature available, has build-in SMTP Supports proxies, custom DNS server, custom SMTP server, build-in SMTP server Each email is sent to each recipient .... Free download of Super Mass Email Direct Sender 2.11

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