Impro-Visor 10.1 Robert Keller    

... piano, bass, drums) accompaniment is automatically generated from chords, Impro-Visor can be used as a play-along device. ... shows whether notes are consonant or dissonant with chords and scales. Chords may also be entered quickly through a "roadmap" ... in constructing a solo. Musical knowledge about chords, scales, licks, etc. are definable by the user .... Free download of Impro-Visor 10.1

MuseScore 1.1 MuseScore    

... Lyrics Chord symbols Jazz notation, including lead sheets, slash notation and a “handwritten” font for text Swing and shuffle playback Mixer for instrument levels and effects Percussion notation Early music notation Cross-staff beaming Import of graphics Custom key signatures Additive time signatures User-defined score styles Most elements in MuseScore are .... Free download of MuseScore 1.1

ChordPulse Lite 2.0 Flextron Bt.    

... play your automatic accompaniment with drums, bass and chords that you will enjoy playing along with. In ... tracks to fit your needs. You can change chords, music style, tempo and key in an instant. ... drum machine with bass or a metronome with chords. ChordPulse Lite is great for music training, vocal .... Free download of ChordPulse Lite 2.0

Guitar Chords 2.2 Ginsh John    

Guitar Chords is a free software, with over 40000 basic and advance guitar chords. Nice and simple environment. TAB notation of the chords. No confusing graphics or images. .... Free download of Guitar Chords 2.2

ChordPulse 2.0 Flextron Bt.    

... a drum machine with bass, a metronome with chords, and more. It lets you create custom jam ... or singing. Be creative with harmonies, chord inversions, slash chords, basslines. Explore musical concepts and genres in an .... Free download of ChordPulse 2.0

RA Chord Hunter 1.4.5 RA Software    

... by the user (chord root and chord type), slash chords (e.g. Am7/G, Bb/D, Dm/F, etc...) are supported. RA ... RA Chord Hunter you can listen to the chords just by clicking on them in the lyrics, ... variations for each chord) Feature to listen to chords by clicking on them right in the lyrics .... Free download of RA Chord Hunter 1.4.5

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