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20sim Viewer 4.6.0 B6684 Controllab Products B.V.    

... General Features * The Parameter Editor and Variables chooser show the model icons in the model tree. * Any model or plot can be exported to bitmap (png file). * You can enter library paths for library models, c-code generation, export to matlab and template files. .... Free download of 20sim Viewer 4.6.0 B6684

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MQ Visual Edit 1.6.4 Capitalware Inc.    

... user can edit the message in a Hex Editor (also EBCDIC mode available) The user can view ... 4 Stress Testing Tools: Get Server, Put Server, SIM Client and SIM Server. Includes 3 Monitoring Tools: Monitor Queue and ... 6 'Other Tools': Visual Difference, Hex Converter, Hex Editor, Text Editor, XML Editor and Tail File. .... Free download of MQ Visual Edit 1.6.4

yRoute 2.0.43 Spacejock Software    

Editing flight plans and aircraft by hand can be time consuming and prone to errors. There's something about editing a 2.5 meg text file in Wordpad which just doesn't appeal to me, so I set out to write something which would allow me to do what I wanted - namely, to .... Free download of yRoute 2.0.43

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