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ArtfulBits Columns Suite 2.0 ArtfulBits    

ArtfulBits Columns Suite includes Lookup Columns: 1. Cascaded Column allows building multiple relationship between parent and child columns. 2. Cross-Site Column allows getting information from any site within site ... effective with the large lists). 3. Parent Selector Column is intended to lookup to self (containing list) in order to display hierarchical data. Additionally, Columns Suite contains a column for: 4. Link to .... Free download of ArtfulBits Columns Suite 2.0

Discussion Column 2.1 ArtfulBits    

Discussion Column is intended to organize conversation in the list ... hyperlinks, users are able to create rich-text messages. Discussion control can show who and when has published post (configured in column settings). Useful thing is that it is possible ... to "View Item" form. It is helpfull when discussion has many items and page becomes congested. You .... Free download of Discussion Column 2.1

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