Color Field 2.6.4 Infowise Ltd.     update

... to every choice. The whole row in every SharePoint view will be marked with that color. ... and display forms · No need to use SharePoint Designer · Applied to all views · Convert to and from regular Choice fields · Cross-browser support · Compatible with Expert Search and Associated .... Free download of Color Field 2.6.4

Smart Alert Pro 1.26.5 Infowise Ltd.     update

... files and documents to alerts Complete integration in SharePoint 2007 and 2010 user interface Not a web part, you do not need to manually add it to pages .... Free download of Smart Alert Pro 1.26.5

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Live Banner Web Part FireArrow Software Inc.     update

... way to display and manage live banners in SharePoint Sites. It provides a lot of rich features, styles and controls to display image banners from SharePoint picture library. FEATURES: Select images from SharePoint picture library at folder and view level Choose .... Free download of Live Banner Web Part

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News Solution FireArrow Software Inc.     update

... solution to manage and display news articles in SharePoint sites. It provides multiple news page templates with ... SP environment where publishing feature is enabled Support SharePoint 2007 & 2010 .... Free download of News Solution

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Stock Quotes Web Part FireArrow Software Inc.     update

... to display a portfolio watch list on your SharePoint portal. You can utilize the web part to show/hide stock information, add/remove stocks to/from the portfolio list. You can also choose from variety display skins to customize the web part’s look and feel. FEATURES: Update to date stock quotes .... Free download of Stock Quotes Web Part

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Advanced RSS Viewer FireArrow Software Inc.     update

... display RSS feeds from various sources in your SharePoint site. It enables you to group and display feed contents in SharePoint page with multiple styles, more configuration controls, auto-play feature and cool transition effects. It supports both SharePoint 2007 and 2010. FEATURES: Elegant view .... Free download of Advanced RSS Viewer

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Photo Viewer Web Part FireArrow® Software Inc.     update

Photo Viewer Web Part is a useful SharePoint component that was designed in order to help you easily auto-display or easily navigate images through this web part. In addition, it provides you the flexibility .... Free download of Photo Viewer Web Part

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Smart Print Pro 1.24.2 Infowise Ltd.     update

When you manage your data inside SharePoint, you sometimes need to print out a purchase ... breaks -Regular and high-contrast themes -Complete integration into SharePoint user interface -Compatible with both Associated Tasks field and Color field so you can create great-looking views! .... Free download of Smart Print Pro 1.24.2

LOB Item Link Field 1.10.10 Infowise Ltd.     update

... LOB system Save external item fields in one SharePoint field or split across multiple fields Filter database ... current item Save external item data within the SharePoint item as appears at the time of retrieval Easier to set up than external lists or BDC Localized into English, French, Spanish and German .... Free download of LOB Item Link Field 1.10.10

Connected Field 2.16.2 Infowise Ltd.     update

... relationships between two or more lookup fields in SharePoint lists and document libraries. Filter your city column values by the selected country, it is as easy as it should be! FEATURES: · Complete replacement for the built-in lookup, with additional features · Filter lookup field according to another .... Free download of Connected Field 2.16.2

Category Column 2.0 ArtfulBits Inc.    

Category Column is a small SharePoint tool that allows grouping, tracking and organizing list items. Component uses Outlook 2007 approach for element categorization. Easy ... using of advanced tooltip provide a high professional component style. Category column leverages SharePoint "Choice" column, enabling filter and sorting values in ... two-way conversion among "ArtfulBits Category" column and standard SharePoint "Choice" column included. FEATURES: · Tracking .... Free download of Category Column 2.0

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Follow-Up Column for SharePoint 2.0 ArtfulBits Inc.    

... to finish in next two weeks". The component derives from Date and Time column behaviour so ... · Two-way conversion between ArtfulBits Follow-Up and standard SharePoint Date and Time column · Language pack support ... ArtfulBits Follow-Up Column? Main purpose of Follow-Up Column component is items flagging with due date option (messages, .... Free download of Follow-Up Column for SharePoint 2.0

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SharePoint Cascaded Lookup BoostSolutions Co., Ltd.    

SharePoint Cascaded Lookup is a powerful look-up tool that greatly enhances the lookup functionality already native to SharePoint. It quickly cross-references existing data from a list ... Look up and cross-reference information from any SharePoint site in a site collection; Build parent-child relationships ... in the target list; Convert between the default SharePoint Lookup column, Cross-Site Lookup column, and Cascaded Lookup .... Free download of SharePoint Cascaded Lookup

Enterprise Capacity Solution 1.8.10 Infowise Ltd.    

... mouse · Automated or manual permission inheritance · SharePoint native look&feel, no 3rd party visual elements .... Free download of Enterprise Capacity Solution 1.8.10

List Search 1.9.8 Infowise Ltd.    

Finding an item in a large list can a rather grueling task. Not any more, with advanced search capabilities of Infowise List Search you can find whatever you need in a second. And after finding you can start working on that item right away! Take List Search for a spin .... Free download of List Search 1.9.8

Infowise Birthday List 1.0.17 Infowise Ltd.    

User information is drawn from user profiles in Shared Services/Profile Service. You can specify how many days forward to search for and what columns to show. You can set scrolling in any direction in various speeds. The web part uses cache for performance and is simple and fast. FEATURES: .... Free download of Infowise Birthday List 1.0.17

Document Link Field 1.4.5 Infowise Ltd.    

... can be shared between items and managed using SharePoint document library capabilities. -Link items to documents ... -Upload a document directly from the column -Unlike SharePoint attachments, provide a meaningful title to linked documents -Unlike SharePoint attachments, linked documents are managed in a full-featured .... Free download of Document Link Field 1.4.5

People Search Pro 1.3.2 Infowise Ltd.    

... any site, even with the free version of SharePoint. Its small size allows the web part to be placed anywhere on the page, such as within top or size navigation bar. You can also easily adjust the web part to your needs, using CSS classes and web part properties. You .... Free download of People Search Pro 1.3.2

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Infowise Approval Summary 2.0.3 Infowise Ltd.    

Presents an aggregated view of items and files pending your approval. You can specify whether the items are collected from the current site collection, current site or current site and its subsites. You can access the item approval page directly through a link. FEATURES: Save time looking for items .... Free download of Infowise Approval Summary 2.0.3

User Property Field 1.4.5 Infowise Ltd.    

Streamline SharePoint form data entering by automatically filling out your name, phone number or any other property already in the system. FEATURES: Extracts information from both Active Directory and Profile properties Optionally allow users to manually modify the data Retrieves current user details by default, can look up .... Free download of User Property Field 1.4.5

Internet Survey 1.1.1 Infowise Ltd.    

... you to select your favorite movie or foodstuff. SharePoint surveys are great, but are too complex for the Internet environment. This is where Internet Survey comes in to help you. .... Free download of Internet Survey 1.1.1

EasyTabs 2.1.1 Infowise Ltd.    

... greatly extends the UI capabilities of the regular SharePoint menu. You can add images, levels and multiple ... obtain just the look you want. Infowise SharePoint EasyTabs provides the following functionality: Multi-page user interface for SharePoint sites. Multi-level menus. Miltiple menu types: SharePoint site map providers - Connect EasyTabs to SharePoint .... Free download of EasyTabs 2.1.1

Random Image Viewer 2.1.1 Infowise Ltd.    

Random Image Viewer is a Microsoft SharePoint web part that presents a different, random image from an image library with each access to a page. - Retrieve images from any library - Display random image on every page load - Alignment property for the images, enable to align the .... Free download of Random Image Viewer 2.1.1

DateTime Column 1.4 ArtfulBits Inc.    

DateTime Column is similar to standard SharePoint DateTime column. Essential feature of our component is cross-browser support (IE, Mozilla, Opera, Safari and ... easiest way of adding cross-browser support for existing SharePoint DateTime column is to use ArtfulBits DateTime column ... works correctly in all modern browsers instead standard SharePoint picker. The column allows to select dates and .... Free download of DateTime Column 1.4

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