Netwrix Auditor 9.005.0 Netwrix Corporation    

Every IT infrastructure is dynamic and changes happen daily. Without consistent tracking and auditing of changes, organizations risk losing control over their IT infrastructure and run into security and compliance issues. Netwrix Auditor is an all-in-one auditing solution that tracks and reports all types of changes across multiple platforms and systems. The product monitors .... Free download of Netwrix Auditor 9.005.0

LepideAuditor Suite 16.2 Lepide Software    

LepideAuditor Suite is an intelligent change auditing platform that provides detailed information of what’s ... Group Policy Objects, File Server, SQL Server, and SharePoint without compromising on security compliance requirements such as ... what, when and where information regarding any found changes. This software has got the ability to generate ... reports that give information about each and every change. This tool also provides permission analysis reports for .... Free download of LepideAuditor Suite 16.2

SharePoint Server Auditing Software 15.4 SharePoint Puditing Software    

LepideAuditor Suite for SharePoint provides administrators an easy way to audit and monitor each and every change made within SharePoint Server. This SharePoint auditing software is equipped with many great and powerful features such as comprehensive change auditing, SharePoint trend dashboards, turnkey change reporting, and real-time alerting. The dedicated agent offered .... Free download of SharePoint Server Auditing Software 15.4

SharePoint Server Auditing 15.4 SharePoint Auditing    

LepideAuditor Suite for SharePoint provides a powerful way to monitor and audit all the changes made within the SharePoint Server of an entire network. It provides complete ... of who, what, when and where information. This SharePoint Server auditing tool is very powerful when it ... occurrence of any distrustful user activity, pre-configured critical change or access, this tool instantly send notifications via .... Free download of SharePoint Server Auditing 15.4

SharePoint Auditing Software 15.4    

... to an organization’s success. Hence, IT administrators using SharePoint solutions need to have control over what data ... puts an end to all security-related worries of SharePoint users. This SharePoint auditing software gives you detailed information on unauthorized accesses, data tampering, permission changes while also keeping your SharePoint environment safe and secure. It is extremely simple .... Free download of SharePoint Auditing Software 15.4

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