Power Plan Assistant 3.2e Vladimir Plenskiy     update

Power Plan Assistant is the world's smartest power management tool for Windows 7, 8 and 10. It's an ultimate automatic & manual power plan switcher with a compact yet very informative Power Icon and other goods for a PC or Mac running Windows via Boot Camp. Power Plan Assistant .... Free download of Power Plan Assistant 3.2e

Aml Maple 5.37 G&G Software     update

... options for all types of users. Configure program settings easily When it is active, the program shows the current language next to the cursor when typing text. It is possible to change the UI language, toggle US and UK format for English, make the app automatically run at every Windows .... Free download of Aml Maple 5.37

Actual Title Buttons 8.11.2 Actual Tools    

... to make up and apply their own window settings which are also done in a mouse click. Installation, as well as the use of the program, is extremely easy and does not require much time. Once installed, Actual Title Buttons adds its own buttons to the title bar of each .... Free download of Actual Title Buttons 8.11.2

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Actual Window Minimizer 8.11.2 Actual Tools    

... minimization is that the tool can apply individual settings for a single window type. You can either set options for all windows or adjust minimization properties for particular window types. Such division allows you getting precisely the effect you want from working with the program. All the adjustments are extremely .... Free download of Actual Window Minimizer 8.11.2

DDFileCatcher Robinmatch Limited    

... shows you example outputs for each property. All settings can be saved in DDFileCatcher's built-in database for later reuse to repeat file listing tasks. .... Free download of DDFileCatcher

PropertyEditor 5.0 UsefulSoft    

PropertyEditor is a context menu extension for Windows Explorer. Upon installation, it adds a host of new property editing capabilities. It lets you configure the context menu for the selected files, folders, or drives, change icons for the selected files and folders, create a report about the content of any selected .... Free download of PropertyEditor 5.0

SpecialFoldersView 1.26 NirSoft Freeware    

... special folders that are used for storing application settings and files, storing Internet files, saving temporary files, storing shortcuts to other files, and so on. This utility displays the list of all special folders in your system, and allows you to easily jump to the right folder simply by double-clicking .... Free download of SpecialFoldersView 1.26

AltMove manager 2.1.8 Deskex group    

... Makes screenshots Magnify content of windows Supports different settings. You can do more actions then your mouse has buttons! .... Free download of AltMove manager 2.1.8

ConEmu 15.05.13 Open Source for Windows    

... Lots of customization options. You can even customize settings for each target console application separately. Window splitting support. Ships with a list of popular terminal color schemes to choose from. Also ships with plugins for popular console applications: Far Commander, putty, cmd, Power Shell, Bash and more... A must-have utility .... Free download of ConEmu 15.05.13

Finalbird 2.5.724 Svyatoslav Yudin    

... icon, providing access to popup-menu (left click) and settings (right click). * The same favorites in every part of Finalbird. * You can use the only features you'd like. * You can easy add folders, programs or files to favorites through the context menu (by right mouse button) or by .... Free download of Finalbird 2.5.724

Mouse Hunter 1.71 G&G Software    

... Hunter. Double left-click on the icon to open settings. Right-click on the icon to get the context menu. In the settings you can enable horizontal scrolling when certain buttons are pressed. .... Free download of Mouse Hunter 1.71

PowerStrip 3.90 EnTech Taiwan    

... are launched and respond by activating specific display settings, gamma adjustments, performance switches and even clock speeds - returning everything to normal when the program closes. In-game gamma hotkeys let you light up the darkest hallways during game play, and hardware control over refresh rates - with floating .... Free download of PowerStrip 3.90

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Edgy 3.1 edgyware.com    

... you in charge. Edgy remembers all of your settings and options so you never have to enter or select anything twice. It's a "set it and forget it" tool. Edgy has been tested with Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7 Beta 1. .... Free download of Edgy 3.1

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