RoboMail Mass Mail Software 6.0.2 Evinco Solutions Limited     update

RoboMail is a comprehensive mass mail software, which has a built-in e-mail server to send out e-mail without using ISP's server. User can send personalized e-mail easily, which stands out from tons of the junk mails. User can send newsletter, product release, and promotional events to customers. ... reach worldwide prospects in most effective way and send personalized email to your customers. Enjoy email marketing .... Free download of RoboMail Mass Mail Software 6.0.2

Thunderbird 68.1.0 Mozilla Foundation     update

... award-winning email application from Mozilla. Import your existing mail and enjoy our new features like tabbed email ... support, a built-in RSS reader, support for HTML mail, powerful quick search, saved search folders, advanced message ... to Set Up and Easy to Use - Mail Account Setup Wizard All you need to .... Free download of Thunderbird 68.1.0

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Microsoft Outlook 2016 16.0.6741 Microsoft     update

... local computer, Exchange 16 server or Office 365 Mailbox. Outlook makes it easier to find email ... offering keyword and people suggestions based on your mailbox content from Exchange 2016. You can quickly find ... to see suggestions from Exchange 2016. The mailbox browsing area is intelligently organized, providing one-click access .... Free download of Microsoft Outlook 2016 16.0.6741

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IncrediMail 2 2.5 Build 66053 IncrediMail Ltd     update

... so that more relevant options are easily accessible. Mail folders can now be customized to your color ... on your screen to tell you that new mail arrived. Note: To stay updated on the arrival ... like a sailing boat or flying helicopter when sending, receiving and even deleting your email. You’ll feel .... Free download of IncrediMail 2 2.5 Build 66053

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hMailServer 5.6.7 B2425 hMailServer     update

... is true also when it comes to web mail clients. hMailServer can use any web mail system which supports these protocols (normally SMTP and ... on what server you are running, different web mail systems may suit your needs. For example, some ... that no one can use your server to send spam messages. It also supports the very popular .... Free download of hMailServer 5.6.7 B2425

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e-Campaign LmhSoft     update

... personalized HTML emails to your target audience using mailing lists. It sends a personalized/separate copy of your email to each address in your mailing list (one at a time); and each recipient ... different images for different recipients in the same mailing list. Among the key features are mail merge, personalized file attachments and images, support for .... Free download of e-Campaign

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Portable Sylpheed 3.7.0 Hiroyuki Yamamoto     update

... POP3/IMAP4/NNTP over SSL/TLSv1) · Powerful filtering · Junk mail control · Flexible cooperation with external commands .... Free download of Portable Sylpheed 3.7.0

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The Bat! Voyager Ritlabs SRL     update

... Microsoft Windows. The Bat! Voyager lets you safely send and receive messages, stores your personal templates and protects your email data from viruses and malware. With the ability to run from a USB-drive, or an IDE converter, The Bat! Voyager harnesses the security features of The Bat! and allows you .... Free download of The Bat! Voyager

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Mutt 1.12.1 Jeremy Blosser     update

... Mutt is a free and open source text-based mail client for Unix operating systems. Features ... * PGP/MIME (RFC2015) * various features to support mailing lists, including list-reply * active development community * ... message headers when composing * support for multiple mailbox formats (mbox, MMDF, MH, maildir) * highly customizable, .... Free download of Mutt 1.12.1

Stellar Outlook Pst Repair Stellar Information Systems Ltd.     update

... file, enabling PST File Recovery. In addition, Phoenix-Outlook mail recovery software allows you to recover accidentally deleted ... from the "Deleted Items" folder in Outlook. Phoenix-Outlook mail recovery software allows you to recover accidentally deleted ... of the program. Users may be unable to send or receive new emails, update information in their .... Free download of Stellar Outlook Pst Repair

Pooka 2.0 B080505 Allen Petersen     update

... IMAP (connected and disconnected) and POP3 protocols. Outgoing mail is sent using SMTP. Pooka Features Protocols ... * Preview (Outlook-like) Basic features * Send mail * Read mail * Forward mail (with or without attachments) * Reply to mail (with or without attachments) * Delete mail * Move mail to folder * Save mail .... Free download of Pooka 2.0 B080505

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NetMail light 3.41 Shamrock Software GmbH     update

... email system for network workstations, consisting of a mail/SMS gateway and a Windows client. Alternatively conventional POP3/SMTP ... POP3/SMTP, or a web browser for the web mail interface. Or use the mobile NetMail client to ... faxes can be forwarded as emails, or to send emails to any fax number. Using a GSM .... Free download of NetMail light 3.41

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Auto Mail Sender 16.0 B093 TriSun Software Inc.     update

... ASP.NET and other COM supportable programming/scripting languages to send PLAIN/RICH messages based on the SMTP/ESMTP protocol. It ... email elements/functions and many advanced features such as sending emails via the PROXY SERVER (supports the popular SOCKS5 protocol), designating read receipt receiver, designating virtual sender/reply receiver, customizing sending time, and so on. .... Free download of Auto Mail Sender 16.0 B093

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Mulberry 4.0.8 Mulberrymail     new

... Mulberry is a powerfull, easy to use electronic mail (email) and calendar program that allows you to send, access and manage email and calendar data. ... including the Internet Message Support Protocol (IMSP), Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP), Application Configuration Access Protocol (ACAP) .... Free download of Mulberry 4.0.8

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Mailing List Studio 4.26 PESARO SYSTEM     update

Mailing List Studio is a software developed to meet the need of many companies that want to send large quantities of mail to customers. Mailing List Studio can be used for sending informative newsletters and advertising new products. Mailing List Studio is designed to send an unlimited number of messages. Each message is .... Free download of Mailing List Studio 4.26

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Eudora for Mac 8.0.0 Beta 9 QUALCOMM     update

... an email program that does more than just send and receive messages, it`s a powerful management tool ... management tool. Play your music for new mail and filters Choose files from your downloaded music to use as the alert for new mail and filters. Get there via Tools > Options ... > Filters > Action > Playsound. Recent Mail A "Recent" folder was added to the Mailboxes .... Free download of Eudora for Mac 8.0.0 Beta 9

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Recover OST Files Tool 19.1 Recovee Software Pvt Ltd.     new

... your Internet Connection: A sluggish connection may not send out emails, particularly those with large attachments, consequently, the server connection may time out prior to sending the email. homepage Try to re-sending the emails by taping send/receive and click Send All button Clear the stuck email: In order ... go beyond the size limit set by the mail server. Try to clear the stuck emails by .... Free download of Recover OST Files Tool 19.1

Opera Mail 1.0 Build 1044 Opera Software     update

Opera Mail is a lightweight, customizable mail client that makes reading, labeling, and filtering messages ... the main email services - Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo! Mail, MobileMe, AOL Mail and more - along with anything else which ... configuration is complete you'll immediately be able to send and receive messages. Opera Mail works a .... Free download of Opera Mail 1.0 Build 1044

SpamBully for Outlook Express / Windows Mail Vitalie Esanu     update

... Spam Bully learns from every email message you send and receive. This way it learns what you ... Spam Bully WILL BE compatible with any pop3 mail program. There is no need to learn a ... · Email a special password to an unfamiliar sender that they must correctly type in before their .... Free download of SpamBully for Outlook Express / Windows Mail

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Blat 3.2.19 Blat Manager     update

... (32 & 64 bit) command line utility that sends eMail using SMTP or post to usenet using ... Domain (generous aren't we?) Win32 console utility that sends the contents of a file in an e-mail ... protocol. Blat is useful for creating scripts where mail has to be sent automatically (CGI, backups, etc.) .... Free download of Blat 3.2.19

Yahoo! Zimbra Desktop 7.3.1 Yahoo     update

... Zimbra Desktop aggregates information across accounts (Zimbra, Yahoo! Mail, Gmail, Hotmail, etc.) and social networks (Facebook, Digg, ... all in one application * Syncs Zimbra, Yahoo! Mail and Gmail email, contacts and calendars * Read ... email even when you are not online-messages you send are saved in the "Outbox" and are sent .... Free download of Yahoo! Zimbra Desktop 7.3.1

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SMTP Mailer PRO SmtpInfo     update

This product makes it extremely simple to send an email from a command line. You can specify the sender and multiple recipients including CC and BCC. It ... lists the features available in the free SMTP Mailer and the professional SMTP Mailer. Feature:FREE/ PRO Sender: yes/ yes Recipients: one/ multiple CC Recipients: no/ .... Free download of SMTP Mailer PRO

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SMTP Mailer SmtpInfo     update

This product makes it extremely simple to send an email from a command line. You can specify the sender and multiple recipients including CC and BCC. It also supports multiple attachemnts and server authentication. .... Free download of SMTP Mailer

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Becky! Internet Mail 2.74.02 RimArts, Inc.     update

Becky! Internet Mail is the Internet e-mail client. Since its birth ... - You can create not only multiple mailboxes but also create multiple profiles for each mailbox. That will make very flexible mailbox management for people who has a lot of ... aspect. - You can view and write HTML mail within Becky! using Microsoft IE's inline component. - .... Free download of Becky! Internet Mail 2.74.02

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Nylas N1 2.0.14 Nylas, Inc.     update

... as impressive as, say, the likes of Claws Mail. But, it makes up for that by bringing ... plugin Launch on system start Register as default mail app Quick compose with attachments Mail rules (aka filters) Customizable full keyboard shortcuts (presets for Gmail, Outlook, Apple Mail) .... Free download of Nylas N1 2.0.14

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