VSCryptoHash 64-bit Lokibit.com     update

... text) will be immediately displayed. It is Great tool for network administrators and webmasters to calculate file control sums. VSCryptoHash supports a variety of cryptographic hash functions, including SHA-1, SHA-256, SHA-384, SHA-512, MD5, MD4 and MD2. .... Free download of VSCryptoHash 64-bit

VSCryptoHash Lokibit.com     update

... text) will be immediately displayed. It is Great tool for network administrators and webmasters to calculate file control sums. VSCryptoHash supports a variety of cryptographic hash functions, including SHA-1, SHA-256, SHA-384, SHA-512, MD5, MD4 and MD2. .... Free download of VSCryptoHash

AIMPasswordDecryptor 5.0 SecurityXploded Inc.     new

... as well as command-line version in the single tool making it useful for both normal users and advanced security professionals such as Penetration Testers & Forensic investigators. ... interface as well as Command-line version in one tool · Recover password of any length and complexity .... Free download of AIMPasswordDecryptor 5.0

GhostVolt GhostVolt     update

... is fully automated at every event, ensuring data security and an uninterrupted work-flow at every point on ... encryption, GhostVolt provides you with the most advanced security standard to date. 256 bit AES encryption is ... to the way we have developed our reporting tools. Industry security standards such as HIPAA and other .... Free download of GhostVolt

Gpg4win 3.1.7 Gpg4win project     update

... Gpg4win Windows installation package including the GnuPG encryption tool and associated applications. The documentation ("Gpg4win Compendium" and ... all similar approaches (mainly GnuPP, GnuPT, Windows Privacy Tools and GnuPG-Basics) is that the first piece developed ... GnuPG: The core; this is the actual encryption tool. Kleopatra: A certificate manager for OpenPGP and X.509 .... Free download of Gpg4win 3.1.7

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UkeySoft File Lock 11.2.0 UkeySoft     new

... Overall, UkeySoft File Lock is a good encryption tool to hide or password protect your privacy and ... with simple interface, using this easy-to-use data encryption tool to quickly lock or hid your important files/folders. Trial Limitations : For trial version, you can experience all the functions by enter the initial .... Free download of UkeySoft File Lock 11.2.0

Cloudifile 1.0.5 Cloud Labs Kft.     new

We all like Dropbox. But sometimes we want it to be a bit smarter. You have a number of folders at your computers. And you want data from them to be in your Dropbox cloud at each moment. Thats it. You dont want to drag content carefully each time to the .... Free download of Cloudifile 1.0.5

Cryptainer LE Free Encryption Software Cypherix Software     update

... Drives, CDs and HDDs. Cryptainer LE ensures complete security for your data making sure that only you and nobody else can access your data. Cryptainer LE creates an encrypted volume that can be accessed only with a password. Once mounted, the volume behaves as a standard windows drive. The files .... Free download of Cryptainer LE Free Encryption Software

ProxyCrypt 2.1.3 v77     update

ProxyCrypt is a command line tool that creates encrypted volumes within a file or ... function. - Scrypt can be tuned for more security or more speed. - Password length can be up to 250 characters. - Protection against keyloggers. - Supports image files or physical drives with MBR (with extended .... Free download of ProxyCrypt 2.1.3

Vov Password Generator 1.5 VOVSOFT     update

... many applications already offer this functionality, a standalone tool that can help you create a secure random, ... a couple of clicks. It is a rudimentary tool. Once you have installed the program, you can start creating passwords right away, as several character sets have already been entered for your convenience. .... Free download of Vov Password Generator 1.5

OpenPuff Steganography and Watermarking 4.01 EmbeddedSW     new

... & Help] homepage OpenPuff is a professional steganography tool - HW seeded random number generator (CSPRNG) - ... passwords) - Chi-squared steganalysis resistance Unique layers of security - 256bit+256bit symmetric-key cryptography with KDF4 password extension - 256bit symmetric key data scrambling (CSPRNG-based shuffling) - Data whitening (CSPRNG-based noise mixing) - Adaptive .... Free download of OpenPuff Steganography and Watermarking 4.01

Encoding Decoding Free 3.5.1 Elefant Software     update

The program is completely free, easy, fast and powerful. It is the best way to encode and decode any type of file, which also integrates seamlessly into Windows Explorer. Be used to hide all the sensitive data and important that we want to keep away from prying eyes. Here are the .... Free download of Encoding Decoding Free 3.5.1

USB Flash Security 4.1.13 Kashu System Design Inc.     update

... USB Flash Drive is protected by a password.Useful Security Tool. Features: [Install on USB Flash Drive] Install the tool which is for unlocking security on USB Flash Drive, so security can be unlocked by the PC without installing 'USB Flash Security'. [Lock by password] When install this software on USB Flash Drive, password for unlocking security is necessary to access data in USB Flash .... Free download of USB Flash Security 4.1.13

WinDefender 2.2 RTSECURITY     new

WinDefender is a tool that you can use to secure your confidential ... running Windows 95/98/ME. It provides real-time protection and security service with strong encryption. Once you encrypt your private folders then can use them just all others, non-encrypted ones - files will be decrypting 'on the fly'! For any .... Free download of WinDefender 2.2

File Encryption XP 1.7.307 CP Lab    

... Files are encrypted with hack-proof Blowfish algorithm. This tool works with USB drives, flash memory cards, HDDs, ZIP drives, and works with any Windows PC. When encrypting files, the passwords are not "inserted" inside the encrypted files, so if you lose you data carrier, no one will be able to .... Free download of File Encryption XP 1.7.307

GiliSoft File Lock Pro 10.8.1 GiliSoft International LLC.    

... privacy leaks. It is a Military Grade Encryption Tool for your files. Lock folders on internal hard drive, flash drive, external USB drive, thumb drive, memory card, pen drive, and network drive. Encrypt files, folders; Hide files folders and drives; Make files folders and drives read only; Password protect files .... Free download of GiliSoft File Lock Pro 10.8.1

GiliSoft CD DVD Encryption 3.2.9 GiliSoft International LLC.    

... Password Protection:GiliSoft CD DVD Encryption is a powerful tool to help your burning softeware to password protect ... / Windows Vista / Windows 7.0. 3 Complete Security of your Data: Whatever information, files, folders and ... Peace of Mind: Total peace of mind from security leaks and privacy breaches. Never again fear of .... Free download of GiliSoft CD DVD Encryption 3.2.9

Free File Lock 6.2.7 FreeFileLock, Inc.    

... the passwords! Free File Lock is a window security program which you can use to lock any ... on target. It is a file password protection tool which protects any personal or sensitive information from identity theft, financial loss, and privacy invasion. Free File Lock is equipped with secure cryptographic algorithms .... Free download of Free File Lock 6.2.7

Secure Folder SubiSoft    

Secure Folder is an easy-to-use folder security software that lets you hide, lock and encrypt ... Screen Capture - Easy to use screen capturing tool. • Duplicates Finder - Copy/move/delete duplicate file with one click. • StartUp Manager - Manages programs which run automatically on system start-up. • Compute Hash - .... Free download of Secure Folder

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VeraCrypt 1.19 Mounir IDRASSI    

... and is based on TrueCrypt. It adds enhanced security to the algorithms used for system and partitions ... immune to new developments in brute-force attacks.This enhanced security adds some delay only to the opening of ... the application use phase. VeraCrypt is a reliable tool when it comes to the security of your .... Free download of VeraCrypt 1.19

PDF Protector 1.0 PDF Protector    

... like copy, edit, print. Get this PDF Protect tool to restrict users to open or copy, edit, ... knowledge required for locking PDF files. Using this tool you can LOCK PDF documents with any PDF security. All companies should have this tool for securing PDF before sending to clients or ... and Windows Vista. You can also run this tool on Windows server. Download Free PDF protector software .... Free download of PDF Protector 1.0

Remove PDF Security 13.01.01 PDF File Security Remover    

Remove PDF security in bulk with Kernel for PDF Restriction Removal tool. The software formidably eliminates restrictions from multiple PDF files in single command. It does not make any kind of modification in the original PDF files throughout the process. User can .... Free download of Remove PDF Security 13.01.01

Unlock PDF 1.0 Unlock PDF    

Download Unlock PDF tool to unlock all PDF securities from secured and protected PDF files. This is an advanced tool for unlocking PDF documents securities and helps users ... edit and print PDF documents. Free PDF unlocking tool is easy and helpful for performing multiple tasks ... unlocking PDF files, locking PDF files, remove PDF security from PDF files, set security on PDF files .... Free download of Unlock PDF 1.0


... for the file will be immediately displayed. Great tool for network administrators and webmasters to calculate file control sums. VSFileHash supports a variety of cryptographic hash functions, including SHA1, SHA-224, SHA-256, SHA-384, SHA-512, SHA3-224, SHA3-256, SHA3-384, SHA3-512, Tiger-192, Whirlpool, RIPEMD-128, RIPEMD-160, RIPEMD-256, RIPEMD-320, Skein256-224, Skein256-256, Skein512-224, Skein512-256, Skein512-384, Skein512-512, Skein1024-224, .... Free download of VSFileHash

Free PDF Password Remover 1.0 Free PDF Password Remover    

... protected PDF files. You can choose this advanced tool that remove password from PDF files. You can ... files with single mouse click. I recommend this tool to perform any task with multiple PDF files. You can download Free PDF password remover software and test all features of this software. For .... Free download of Free PDF Password Remover 1.0

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