RdpGuard 6.1.7 NetSDK Software     update

RdpGuard is a simple and powerful tool that allows you to protect Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) from password-guessing brute-force attacks. It monitors the Security EventLog on your server and detects failed login attempts. If the number of failed login attempts from a single IP address reaches a set limit (three .... Free download of RdpGuard 6.1.7

Licas 6.22 Kieran Greer     update

... protection of the services, providing some level of security. · Remote communication capabilities through an XML-RPC message passing mechanism. · Remote object loading through a Java UrlClassLoader. · Service wrapper classes allowing legacy code to be loaded. · Framework for adding metadata and negotiation through Service Level Agreements. · Web .... Free download of Licas 6.22

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O&O SafeErase Professional 14.4 B531 O&O Software GmbH     update

... type of overwriting process. These methods ensure maximum security, whatever your requirements. In addition to standardized deletion ... (DoD) and the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) you can also select a complex mathematical ... method), which is en par with the highest security levels. In this scientifically approved method of data .... Free download of O&O SafeErase Professional 14.4 B531

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Folder Permissions Report for Outlook 4.13 Relief Software     update

... Exchange Server folders is vital to ensuring proper security and reliability of storing your emails, calendars, contacts, ... Out of the box, Outlook does not provide tools for controlling access rights to folders in Exchange ... scripts and batch files. This is a useful tool for solving problems of centralization management and monitoring .... Free download of Folder Permissions Report for Outlook 4.13

Artifactory 6.12.0 JFrog Ltd.     update

... Artifactory acts as a proxy between your build tool (Maven, Ant, Ivy, Gradle etc.) and the outside ... and over again. It blocks unwanted (and sometimes security-sensitive) external requests for internal artifacts and controls how and where artifacts are deployed, and by whom. With Artifactory, you can gain full control over .... Free download of Artifactory 6.12.0

WinLock Remote Administrator 5.3 Crystal Office Systems     update

WinLock Remote Administrator, the security solution for Windows networks. It helps quickly configure ... lock remote workstations, log user activities, and apply security profiles by means of easy-to-use interface. Being a ... without leaving the computer. By means of this tool, you can: manage WinLock settings on-the-fly, enable or ... consistent information about remote clients, remote management, and security restrictions. New clients can be added to the .... Free download of WinLock Remote Administrator 5.3

WinLock 8.3 Crystal Office Systems     update

WinLock is a comprehensive security software for personal or publicly accessible computers running ... can access sensitive information on your computer. This security tool allows you to restrict your users from accessing ... files, WinLock is a software-only solution to your security needs. .... Free download of WinLock 8.3

WinLock Professional 8.3 Crystal Office Systems     update

WinLock is a comprehensive security software for personal or publicly accessible computers running ... can access sensitive information on your computer. This security tool allows you to restrict your users from accessing ... files, WinLock is a software-only solution to your security needs. .... Free download of WinLock Professional 8.3

HDCleaner 1.270 Kurt Zimmermann     update

... need to be only selected. HDCleaner is a security tool that clean HDD from garbage files. After the selection of the desired drives HDCleaner starts scanning and searches the data. Individual files can be .... Free download of HDCleaner 1.270

Batch Word To PDF Converter 1.6.5 PDFZilla     update

... formats to PDF as well. Additionally, this special tool has some security options allow you to set global authorities for ... set an owner managing password to control the security levels of PDF files. .... Free download of Batch Word To PDF Converter 1.6.5

RegRun Reanimator Greatis Software     update

... Features: If you want to maintain your security today you need to have: 1. Firewall. ... network attacks. 2. RegRun. Create backups of your security information, configures your security settings for higher security, optimizes your Windows startup, detects known and unknown ... your computer. We have designed RegRun Security Suite to be a very effective system, tailored .... Free download of RegRun Reanimator

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NoScript 11.0.3 Giorgio Maone     update

... scripts from being executed by your browser. This tool can bring extra protection to your browser by ... based pre-emptive script blocking approach prevents exploitation of security vulnerabilities (known and even not known yet!) with no loss of functionality... It is possible to select the websites you do not want to .... Free download of NoScript 11.0.3

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Windows Registry Recovery Mitec     update

... can see basic file properties and checksums. Security Record Explorer Displays all security records used in registry. Usage counter, owner SID, group SID, list of affected keys and list of SACL and DACL is displayed for every .... Free download of Windows Registry Recovery

TweakPower 1.062 Kurt Zimmermann     update

... speed and efficiency. TweakPower is an intelligent software tool that allows users to fine-tune their operating systems ... from PC problems, while increasing the performance and security of their computer. TweakPower includes advanced ... space hogs. Also, its easy-to-use wizards and diagnostic tools help you find vulnerabilities and errors on your .... Free download of TweakPower 1.062

Network Shares Recycle Bin 1st Security Software Center     update

... on the server side. Once you have this tool in your system, it will automatically keep a ... recover them. Instead of removing the files, this tool sends them directly to its predefined recycle bin ... worried, feel free to download network recycle bin tool from any reliable source and make sure that .... Free download of Network Shares Recycle Bin

GlassWire Firewall GlassWire     update

... free firewall software helps protect your privacy & security by monitoring your network activity for suspicious activity. ... potential threat with GlassWire's built in firewall management tool. GlassWire visualizes all your network activity on an easy to use graph. Click anywhere on the graph to see what applications and hosts are .... Free download of GlassWire Firewall

Nessus 8.6.0 Tenable Network Security, Inc.     update

... aka Heartbleed, an attack against the transport layer security protocol (TLS/DTLS) heartbeat extension, is well documented. What ... the “Heartbleed” attack. PVS is a powerful tool for finding Heartbleed and other vulnerabilities which may ... and connections. As a data source for SecurityCenter Continuous View™, or as an individual subscription installation, .... Free download of Nessus 8.6.0

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Firefox 68.0.2 Mozilla Foundation     update

... simple and effective UI, browser speed and strong security capabilities. The browser is particularly popular with developers ... online. Rude. We know. That’s why our powerful tool stops them cold. Faster Page Loading By blocking some ads and scripts that bog down browsing, pages load up to 44% faster. Now .... Free download of Firefox 68.0.2

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mHotspot Sai Krishna     update

... Secures your wireless hotspot with WPA2 PSK password security Set max. number of devices that can be connected Extends your Wifi range(Acts as a repeater) In-app internet selection Works with Windows 7,8,10 Also available for Android (Turns your phone into WiFi Hotspot) .... Free download of mHotspot

SSL Certificate Scanner 11.0 SecurityXploded     update

... Cert Scanner is the FREE SSL Certificate Scanner tool which can help you to remotely scan, retrieve ... or LDAPS based SSL services * Performs SSL Security Analysis to find Expired/Expiring Soon/Vulnerable Certificates * SSL ... report in HTML file format * Completely Portable Tool which also comes with optional Installer for assisting .... Free download of SSL Certificate Scanner 11.0

MOBackup - Outlook Backup Software 9.68 Heiko Schroeder Software Development     update

... Outlook program settings, like E-mails, Contacts, Notes, Journal, Tool Bars, Printer Settings, POP3 Settings, RSS-Feeds, etc. will ... Opera Notes, Addresses and Widgets, the Internet Explorer Security Zones, the Bookmarks of Edge, Firefox, Vivaldi and Chrome, the Office AutoCorrect Lists and Settings and the Databases of the Business Contact Manager 2003, .... Free download of MOBackup - Outlook Backup Software 9.68

Display Driver Uninstaller Wagnardsoft     update

... current effect after you use this driver removal tool will be similar as if its the first ... fresh, clean install of Windows. As with any tool of this kind, we recommend creating a new ... unless you know what you are doing. -The tool can be used in Normal mode but for .... Free download of Display Driver Uninstaller

Multiple Choice Quiz Maker Express 18.5.0 TAC-Software     update

... Express program is an easy-to use, timesaving authoring tool for creating interactive, WEB-based exercises, tests and quizzes. ... programming language is required to use the authoring tools effectively. The user's only task is to enter ... a small, independently executable file (*.EXE) · Various security options such as code encryption and password protection .... Free download of Multiple Choice Quiz Maker Express 18.5.0

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TSplus 12.40 TSplus     update

... nor technical knowledge. AdminTool, the TSplus' intuitive management tool, offers full A-to-Z administration functionality to get your ... in minutes with easy, hands-on control and tight security. With HTML5, Mobile users can start applications or ... a major innovation: The interface of the Administration Tool has been completely redesigned to provide a remote .... Free download of TSplus 12.40

PrivaZer Portable 3.0.76 Goversoft LLC     update

... bottom line is that PrivaZer is a nice tool that can help optimize the computer. Inexperienced individuals ... of work if you don’t have the right tools. PrivaZer is a nice app that can optimize your computer. The app requires that you specify which device to scan, letting you choose .... Free download of PrivaZer Portable 3.0.76

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