Video Joiner Expert 4.0 4dots Software     update

... file, draw text on the combined video, draw scrolling text on the merged video. It is also possible to fade in and fade out the video clips of the join and also to overlay a picture above the video. You can also use two-pass video encoding and a specific in-built .... Free download of Video Joiner Expert 4.0

OrgChart JS 7.5.40 BALKANGraph    

... working with. OrgChart JS has a zooming and scrolling features One of the best things about OrgChart JS is that it does not require any special programming skills due to simple configuration syntax. OrgChart JS features the ability to build organization charts of any complexity. An organizational chart represents the .... Free download of OrgChart JS 7.5.40

InstaMonitr 9.0 Digola    

... of all or a part of the desktop, scrolling text, windows area, graphics from the clipboard, capture an image, and much, much more to a second monitor. You can draw arrows, rectangle, ellipse, add text, mark, swap colors, extract colors, rotate, flip the image, or apply 28 graphics filters. Also, .... Free download of InstaMonitr 9.0

Automatically Scroll Down Without Hands Software 7.0 Sobolsoft    

This software offers a solution to users who want to automatically scroll down or scroll up in specific applications/documents at regular intervals. From the list of open applications, the user selects the application to scroll in. There are options to scroll as if you pressed the down arrow on the keyboard, .... Free download of Automatically Scroll Down Without Hands Software 7.0

ASP.NET Web Document Viewer SDK Control 1.0 Viscom Software    

... range.Support grabbing a page with the mouse and scrolling. Support display on actual size or fit page.Support display on full screen mode.Easy integration , Just write a few lines of code. Compatible with all the modern browsers that provides HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript support. Include ASP.NET c# 2019, ASP.NET c# 2010 Sample CodeCompatible .... Free download of ASP.NET Web Document Viewer SDK Control 1.0

Wall Street Raider 8.72 Ronin Software    

... backdrop of a nonstop 'live' stock ticker tape, scrolling financial news tape, and a constantly shifting economic and political environment in which all the companies and industries in Wall Street Raider must operate and try to cope. Speedy decision-making is of the essence, and sweaty palms are a certainty, as .... Free download of Wall Street Raider 8.72

PDF Expert for Mac 2.5.11 Readdle    

... select, PDF Expert springs into action with smooth scrolling and fast search. Select the most relevant layout to quickly accomplish your task, whether you compare 100 page contracts or read a short article. Edit PDFs. Now its possible. PDF Expert is the best PDF writer for Mac. You can easily .... Free download of PDF Expert for Mac 2.5.11

Video Watermark Remover 4.0 4dots Software    

... file, draw text on the combined video, draw scrolling text on the merged video. The application supports drag-and-drop actions and is very easy to use. The application is also multilingual and translated into 39 different languages. .... Free download of Video Watermark Remover 4.0

ImgV64 1.72 Miller Cy Chan    

... option. Both are on the toolbar for easy scrolling through changes. There is a Set as Wallpaper function in the Image menu to make the current image your desktop wallpaper. .... Free download of ImgV64 1.72

Easy Multi Display 1.0.51 Virtual Cockpit UK Limited by Shares    

DIGITAL SIGNAGE MADE SIMPLE WITH EASY-MULTI-DISPLAY Dynamic signage has become increasingly popular in recent years, with more and more brands eagerly adopting this new form of digital communication. However, for some businesses attaining the software required to mobilise this solution can be more than a little tricky. Barriers to entry include .... Free download of Easy Multi Display 1.0.51

Soft4Boost Screen Recorder Sorentio Systems Ltd.    

Soft4Boost Screen Recorder is a simple to use utility which allows you to record all the operations you perform with the mouse and anything you see on your computer screen within the selected area. Soft4Boost Screen Recorder allows you to create video tutorials, prepare a college project, record a video call .... Free download of Soft4Boost Screen Recorder

ShareMouse for Mac OS X 5.0.30 Bartels Media GmbH    

... support. · Vertical and horizontal wheel-mouse and Touchpad scrolling. · Support for an unlimited number of monitors and computers. · Support for Windows Fast User Switching and Windows Vista/7 User Account Control (UAC) pop-ups. · Optional network traffic encryption. File Exchange Features: · Drag & Drop any files from .... Free download of ShareMouse for Mac OS X 5.0.30

PicPick Portable 5.0.7 Portableapps    

... specific region of the screen, free hand, or scrolling window. With Image Editor, can perform Standard drawing, ... window, specific region of the screen, free hand, scrolling window and more. Auto-scroll, dual monitors and sound effect are supported. Image Editor - Intuitive User Interface (Windows 7 Ribbon style). Standard drawing, shapes, .... Free download of PicPick Portable 5.0.7

PDF Reader Pro - Annotate,Edit,Fill,Sign 1.5.1 PDF Technologies, Inc    

... Display Mode - Enjoy continuous vertical / horizontal scrolling while viewing in single page, two pages modes, full-screen reading pdf mode PDF Search - Full text search with navigable, detailed list of search results, high levels of zoom Jump to Page - Jump to a specific Page No, fast page .... Free download of PDF Reader Pro - Annotate,Edit,Fill,Sign 1.5.1

StarMessage moon phases screensaver MAC 5.8.6 StarMessage Software    

... will move around to form the messages. A scrolling message can appear at the bottom of the screen as well. Finally, it does not forget to protect both your screen and your eyes by using low intensity background graphics. Installation and removal is very easy. .... Free download of StarMessage moon phases screensaver MAC 5.8.6

FontAgent Pro 9.5.3 Insider Software, Inc.    

... style—just the fonts you need—so you make long, scrolling font menus usable again, conserve memory and precious system resources, and improve the performance of all your applications. Organize Your Font Collection: · With FontAgent Pro, you can organize your fonts into any number of libraries. Keep customer fonts separate .... Free download of FontAgent Pro 9.5.3

TMS Advanced Charts TMS Software    

... Support for annotations & legend · Panes with scrolling, scaling, splitter, drag & drop, synchronized scrolling with mouse or keyboard · Highly configurable crosshairs ... multiple panes · Navigator bar to help for scrolling series along X-axis · Floating tracker window to .... Free download of TMS Advanced Charts

Viscomsoft Image Viewer CP Pro SDK 15.5 Viscom Software    

... in, zoom out, panning, auto zoom and auto scrolling when drawing selection rectangle. Split Merge, Swap, Delete Add page of multi-page TIFF File with a single function call at a specified location without displaying or decoding any of the images. Support Lightness, Brightness, Contrast, Diffuse, Emboss, FocalBW, Gamma, InvertColor, Monochrome, .... Free download of Viscomsoft Image Viewer CP Pro SDK 15.5

MiniCap 1.40.01    

... program name. And a nice interactive mode including scrolling capture. Tons of options for saving files in different formats with automatic naming and versioning. .... Free download of MiniCap 1.40.01

ImageJ for Mac OS X 1.52v Wayne Rasband    

... are provided for zooming (1:32 to 32:1) and scrolling images. All analysis and processing functions work at any magnification factor. Selections: · Create rectangular, elliptical or irregular area selections. Create line and point selections. Edit selectoins and automatically create them using the wand tool. Draw, fill, clear, filter or measure .... Free download of ImageJ for Mac OS X 1.52v

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Reddit Enhancement Suite for Firefox 5.18.13 Steve Sobel and Daniel Allen    

... never ending stream of reddit goodness- Just keep scrolling down and content loads automatically! RES Dashboard: · A fully customizable dashboard that displays content from subreddits, message inbox, user pages and more! Single Click Opener: · Adds an [l+c] link that opens a link and the comments page .... Free download of Reddit Enhancement Suite for Firefox 5.18.13

Mouse Hunter 1.72 G&G Software    

... menu. In the settings you can enable horizontal scrolling when certain buttons are pressed. .... Free download of Mouse Hunter 1.72

Zortam Mp3 Player 1.50 Zortam.comoration    

... plugins using Zortam visualization SDK .You can watch scrolling lyrics and cover arts together with different visualizations or static jpg backgrounds while playing Mp3's. Player also support switching to full sreen graphic mode.You may add your own backgrounds and plugins. .... Free download of Zortam Mp3 Player 1.50

Freeplane Portable 1.8.2 Dimitry Polivaev    

... of details and hiding extensions in tooltip), finding, scrolling and navigating; Tasking with calendar and reminders; Password protecting of whole map and of individual nodes with DES encryption; Ease of use with inline- and dialog editors, object oriented main menu, context menu’s, multi-language support, spell checker, properties panel, drag& drop .... Free download of Freeplane Portable 1.8.2

Unit Conversion Utility-UnitConvertor-C 2.6.27 Institute of Mathematics and Statistics    

... one main screen, which offers categories and two scrolling lists of units. The conversion categories are categorized from Charge to Volume Charge Density. Clicking on a category called up applicable conversion tools. Conversions are ultra-simple: just select the units and enter the values; and the tool does the rest. If .... Free download of Unit Conversion Utility-UnitConvertor-C 2.6.27

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