Screenrec Screenrec     update

... you to record your screen or take a screenshot in a click. Its insanely easy to use ... and you are done! You can take a screenshot of your entire screen or a specific screen ... When you are done recording or taking a screenshot, you will immediately get a private and secure .... Free download of Screenrec

Screeny 4.8.5 KAEMSOFT     new

Screeny is THE tool to take screenshots and capture Screen Videos for documentations, Product catalogues, Presentations, etc. with excellent Quality. Screeny supports you with a simple but really very flexible operational concept, it just works! Screeny supports you with a simple, very flexible operational concept in order to do your .... Free download of Screeny 4.8.5

Screenshot Controller 3.02 PhonePilot - AlphaPhoner     new

Take screenshots with arrows and circles using F buttons and ... one or multipe arrows or circles on your screenshot, by positioning your mouse cursor where you want ... you let go of the shift button, the screenshot is produced. You also have shortcut F buttons to show latest screenshot and open the containing folder with last screenshot .... Free download of Screenshot Controller 3.02

VeryUtils Screen Recorder for Windows 2.0 Inc.     new

... any area of your screen either as a screenshot or a video file. You can record lectures, webinars, games and Skype calls with the option to add narration from your microphone and video from your webcam, and share on YouTube or Vimeo. To record your PC screen, just click the .... Free download of VeryUtils Screen Recorder for Windows 2.0

VeryUtils Screen Capture and Screenshot Tool 2.0 Inc.     new

... Capture is the most awesome tool for making screenshots you can get on your Windows PC. VeryUtils ... a user can add comments on the captured screenshot using arrows, shapes, etc. It has built-in advanced ... allows the user to add notes to the screenshot. VeryUtils Screen Capture is a screen capture tool, .... Free download of VeryUtils Screen Capture and Screenshot Tool 2.0

Sniptool - Screen Capture 1.5 rEASYze Soft     new

... parts of the image for privacy. Your finished screenshot can be saved as JPG or PNG file. .... Free download of Sniptool - Screen Capture 1.5

Screeny SE 4.6.4 KAEMSOFT Softwaretools     update

Screeny 3 SE is the Standard Edition of our capturing software Screeny. If you want to send your capture as e-mail, or save it as pdf file, or send it to office applications like word®,excel® or powerpoint®,save as file or all the other options, screeny 3 do it, fast and simple! .... Free download of Screeny SE 4.6.4

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Screeny Professional 4.6.4 KAEMSOFT Softwaretools     update

... is a straightforward application that helps you take screenshots for documentations, product catalogs, presentations, etc. with excellent quality. Screeny Professional provides you with a simple, very flexible operational concept in order to do your work fast and easy. The integrated editor allows even before finishing the capturings with different .... Free download of Screeny Professional 4.6.4

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Icecream Screen Recorder 5.993 Icecream Apps     update

... everything you need for effortless screen capturing and screenshots taking. The program creates screenshots and screencasts, records full screen or selected areas, ... Using these tools, you can comment on the screenshot or video, highlight important information and make notes. ... to add numbered markers to the videos or screenshots. The program supports multiple additional options such as .... Free download of Icecream Screen Recorder 5.993

UltraSNAP PRO 4.7 mediachance     update

UltraSNAP may have started as a simple screen capture tool, but it evolved into a powerful productivity application for home and office. UltraSNAP stays minimized in Windows Tray, just a keyboard shortcut away. You can customize the hot-keys for various functions such as grabbing a screen region or a window under .... Free download of UltraSNAP PRO 4.7

Gyazo 4.0.1 Toshiyuki Masui     update

... one simple operation. You run Gyazo, take the screenshot, and you're done. A browser window will open showing your screenshot that is already on the Gyazo website and ... minimalism embodied; it's strictly a one-trick pony. The screenshot that you see above is all the UI ... that you took. There isn't even a "capture screenshot" button. Gyazo starts up in capture mode, and .... Free download of Gyazo 4.0.1

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SnapCrab 1.1.3 Fenrir Inc.     update

SnapCrab for Windows is a photo capture software that can capture any part of your screen. Files are saved in PNG format. Capture the whole screen, specified windows or areas, or wherever you like. Capturing is easily achieved by just clicking the icon in the toolbar. You can also .... Free download of SnapCrab 1.1.3

Hardcopy 2019.08.14 Siegfried Weckmann     update

Hardcopy is a useful and reliable application designed to help users to easily print or save any image they want from your computer or the Internet. Hardcopy is a tool developed for being keystroke/click and the screen/window will be printed out or saved in a file. Hardcopy offers the .... Free download of Hardcopy 2019.08.14

WinSnap Portable Edition 5.1.3 NTWind Software     update

... Portable is an enhancement software designed to take screenshots and edit them. Standard features include easy capture ... image compositing, and is particularly useful when placing screenshots on multi-color backgrounds. Unique Multi-Object capture mode ... on the screen and easily combined into one screenshot image. Work faster with configurable External Tools .... Free download of WinSnap Portable Edition 5.1.3

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VideoSolo Screen Recorder 1.1.26 VideoSolo Studio     update

... to start, pause, stop recording video, take the screenshot. And to make this program more user-friendly, it also allows you to customize the hotkeys via the preference setting. .... Free download of VideoSolo Screen Recorder 1.1.26

My Screen Capture 1.71 My Portable Software     update

... and little software which help you to take screenshots of Windows desktop. Simply click on the ... window will popup allowing you to take a screenshot of any portion of the screen! Use ... automatically save the area under the window. Screenshots can be saved in the clipboard and/or on .... Free download of My Screen Capture 1.71

TornadoCapture 3.5 Sarah Small     update

TornadoCapture is a useful and easy to use application designed to help you capture any part of your screen. So regardless if printing was intended in a program or not, you can just print everything out. For example, error messages of all kinds can be easily printed out. It comes .... Free download of TornadoCapture 3.5

ScreenMaster 2.10 SEASoft     update

Easy program for automatic screenshot capture allowing making screenshots with set frequency. Option of fast screen capture with screenshot saving to specified folder. ScreenMaster can work in ... without displaying in task bar and tray. The screenshots saved to local or network folder in JPG, ... interface. Key features of the ScreenMaster: - Auto screenshots capture. Any interval from 1 second to 1 .... Free download of ScreenMaster 2.10

ScreenHunter Plus 7.0.555 Wisdom Software Inc.     update

... will allow users to quickly grab and save screenshots. ScreenHunter is the only screen capture software with a multi-document viewer and editor. It can hold up to 100 images and with a versatile imaging editor. You can edit your captures directly -- by high quality zooming, resizing, .... Free download of ScreenHunter Plus 7.0.555

SnapaShot Pro Portable Nicekit Software     update

The smallest free tool for taking screenshots of different size. Just open Snapa, resize it's ... PRO additional features * You get full screenshot quality control * You get possibility to change brightness and contrast of screenshot * Printing * You can add border, frames, lines, arrows, images and text on screenshot * You can use visual effects for shapes .... Free download of SnapaShot Pro Portable

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SnapaShot Pro Nicekit Software     update

The smallest free tool for taking screenshots of different size. Just open Snapa, resize it's ... PRO additional features * You get full screenshot quality control * You get possibility to change brightness and contrast of screenshot * Printing * You can add border, frames, lines, arrows, images and text on screenshot * You can use visual effects for shapes .... Free download of SnapaShot Pro

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Desktop Hunter 1.0 Software     update

... and active window capture. You can save a screenshot in most popular image formats, such as PNG, JPEG, BMP and GIF, with the possibility to select compression and image quality. The application supports also an autosave feature, when you capture your desktop, the image will be automatically saved in .... Free download of Desktop Hunter 1.0

AutoIt Windows Screenshooter 1.82 B2018-12-1 UEZ     update

... to use application that will help you take screenshots of any visible window and even from websites. ... features. Key Features: takes easily a screenshot from any visible window capture any region of ... menus separately capture to AVI file takes a screenshot from web sites (available only on Vista+ os .... Free download of AutoIt Windows Screenshooter 1.82 B2018-12-1

Snipaste 1.16.2 Snipaste     update

... tool, and also allows you to pin the screenshot back onto the screen. Download and start the application, press F1 to start snipping, then press F3 to paste it as a floating window. That's it! You can also convert text or color info in the clipboard into a floating .... Free download of Snipaste 1.16.2

Auto Screen Capture Gavin Kendall     update

... Windows 8 that enables you to take a screenshot of the primary display at a specified interval using a variety of image formats. All screenshots taken are saved as a series of time-stamped files organized in chronological order accessed via the application's calendar which can be played as a .... Free download of Auto Screen Capture

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