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Caffeine 1.80 Zhorn Software    

If you have problems with your PC locking or going to sleep, caffeine will keep it ... you're still working at the keyboard, so won't lock the screen or activate the screensaver. The icon is shown above - it's .... Free download of Caffeine 1.80

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Shutter 4.3 Denis Kozlov    

... Stops, File Size Limit. Actions: Shutdown, Reboot, LogOff, Lock Workstation, Sleep, Hibernate, Monitor Turn Off, Mute/UnMute Master ... modem * Log out from Windows account, * Lock the desktop or start a screensaver. * Shut down the PC, reboot, hibernate, sleep, .... Free download of Shutter 4.3

POP Peeper 4.5.1 Mortal Universe Software Entertainment    

... sound alerts (configurable for each account), flashing scroll lock, skinnable popup notifier, customized screensaver and more. Primary Features: * Easy ... mail notification: skinnable desktop alerts, audio, flashing scroll lock LED and more * Specify how often all ... new email is received Skin Notifier (optional download) ScreenSaver (optional download) Chime can repeat a sound until .... Free download of POP Peeper 4.5.1

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Favorite Lock Screen 1.2.90 Alexander Yarovy    

The program allows you to install your favorite lock/start screen image on Windows 10 or Windows 8.1. ... folder, and the program installs a randomly selected lock/start screen image each logon. The supported image file formats are JPG, PNG, GIF and BMP. .... Free download of Favorite Lock Screen 1.2.90

abylon LOGON 15.90.1 abylonsoft - Dr. Thomas Klabunde    

... card or the removable media and your computer locked or logged out automatically. Thus protect your computer against snoopier views and data theft effectively without extensive training. For professional users many certificate smart cards and token are supported. Additionally a random-password can be activate, which change daily the windows logon .... Free download of abylon LOGON 15.90.1

Lock Screen Changer for Windows 1.7 TechyGeeksHome    

... utility is designed to change your Windows 7 lock screen easily and quickly to a custom image ... then apply it to be your new Windows Lock Screen. So, what is your Windows lock screen? Your Windows lock screen is the image you get when you ... Windows 7 or when you press ALT-CTRL-DEL and lock your machine. the image is the usual boring .... Free download of Lock Screen Changer for Windows 1.7

Remote Computer Monitoring 11.03 www.computer-monitoring-software.net/remote-comput    

... number of other controls over employees’ PC like lock, restart, shut down, start or remove screensaver/wallpaper, or send messages. Using RecoveryFix Computer Monitor for remote computer monitoring is very easy. The setup file can be installed on particular system from .... Free download of Remote Computer Monitoring 11.03

Computer Monitoring Software 11.03 Computer Monitoring Software    

... user to execute commands like Shut down, Restart, Lock, remove wallpaper, start screensaver, etc. on the monitored computers. Also, administrator can schedule online as well as offline recording of the monitored computers. Offline recording of the software .... Free download of Computer Monitoring Software 11.03

Computer Activity Monitoring 11.03 Computer Monitoring    

... perform operations like shutdown, restart, log off, start screensaver, remove wall paper and lock any monitored computer over the network from your desk and easily send messages over network to monitored computers. Also, it works well with Windows .... Free download of Computer Activity Monitoring 11.03

Amazing Lock Screen Robert MacLean    

This app was previously named Bing my lockscreen but has now been renamed to Amazing Lock Screen Bing has the greatest images & now you can get use them for your lock screen. Set one of the eight latest images manually or automatically update the lockscreen to today's image! You can also copy .... Free download of Amazing Lock Screen

Free Robot & Frank Screensaver 3.0 Your Own Screensaver    

... and criminal ones, and can assist him in lock-picking. Together, the two commit a heist in order to win the affection of the local librarian (Susan Sarandon): they steal an antique copy of Don Quixote from the library, which is being renovated and turned into a community center in the .... Free download of Free Robot & Frank Screensaver 3.0

Remote Spy Software 13.02.01 Remote Spy Software    

... administrative commands like closing the computer, restart it, lock it, logoff, start the screensaver and remove the wallpaper. Employee Desktop Live Viewer software proficiently works on all Windows Operating Systems. Before purchasing the full version of the software, .... Free download of Remote Spy Software 13.02.01

Computer Spy Software 13.02.01 Computer Spy Software    

... offline recording safe, the too facilitates option to lock the offline recording folder. Adding to that, with ... conduct operations like shutdown, log off, eliminate wallpaper, lock and start screensaver. Software now enables fast monitoring of computers that .... Free download of Computer Spy Software 13.02.01

ShellEnhancer NuonSoft    

... text, send keystroke, manipulate windows, run program, start screensaver, lock workstation and many other. Tasks can be executed with hotkeys, mouse gestures or screen corners. An On Screen Display (OSD) can be shown when .... Free download of ShellEnhancer

Laptop Assistant 1.8 DeSofto    

... will increase your laptop security -- it will lock laptop when you close it. Also, it can ... to sleep/suspend mode, turning off or while desktop locked. Also, the sound is automatically muted when the screensaver appears. Different sound mute schemes for different power .... Free download of Laptop Assistant 1.8

imgv 3.1.5 Ryan Kulla    

... to move them around the screen Persistent Zoom: Lock the zoom amount so that all images are auto-zoomed to that amount .... Free download of imgv 3.1.5

Kill Win Pro 14 Build 171 BK-Soft    

... possibility of closing folders and windows start the screensaver or hangup all dialup-connections set a hotkey lock the program with various options (security-module) play a ... suspend-mode force shutdown windows, force reboot computer prevent screensaver, minimize all windows make one's own menu-items use .... Free download of Kill Win Pro 14 Build 171

KidLogger for Mac OS X 1.1 Teslain    

... when user copypaste text. Log Mac events like: screensaver start, desktop lock and unlock, user login and logoff, shutdown. Log path of the Finder window. Makes periodic screen-shots Makes screenshot when user type a predefined keyword .... Free download of KidLogger for Mac OS X 1.1

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PopTray 3.2 Renier Crause    

... etc.) o Notify plug-ins (e.g. Flashing scroll-lock light, ScreenSaver) * Spam management using rules and white/black lists * Mulitple notfications (play sound, pop-up, etc) * Translated into 30+ languages * Complete Install / Uninstall * Many More ... All this for FREE and Open-Source ! .... Free download of PopTray 3.2

Computer Monitoring Tool 11.02.01 Computer Desktop Monitoring    

... can execute the commands like Shut down, Restart, Lock, remove wallpaper, start screensaver, etc. on monitored computers. Both Online and Offline recording is available with Spy tool for all monitored computers. Perform invisible monitoring on dual-screen workstations .... Free download of Computer Monitoring Tool 11.02.01

PC Monitoring 11.02.01 PC Monitoring    

... over monitored computers through options such as shutdown, lock, restart, remove wallpaper and start screensaver. Owing to its powerful monitoring capabilities, you can perform dual-screen monitoring on a single workstation. To enjoy benefits of invisible monitoring, software has option .... Free download of PC Monitoring 11.02.01

Carry it Easy +Plus CoSoSys    

... storage space. Turn your USB device in the screensaver lock for your PC for easy login and logout. Make the login to your favorite websites faster with SafeLogin that autocompletes the user name and .... Free download of Carry it Easy +Plus

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