TSplus 2FA 2.0 TSplus     new

... app using the QR Code displayed on the screen. Two - At future connections, the user will always have to enter two pieces of information: his credentials and the security code generated in one click by the authenticator app or received by SMS on his device. TSplus 2FA drastically reduces .... Free download of TSplus 2FA 2.0

Win2VNC 1.5.0 Build 187 Fredrik Hubinette     update

This program will let you use two screens on two different computers as if they were ... the pointer will appear on the other computer screen. If you have ever used x2x or a ... pixel wide) window on the edge of your screen. Moving the pointer into this window will trigger ... back towards the opposite edge on the other screen, the mouse is returned to your primary display. .... Free download of Win2VNC 1.5.0 Build 187

Simple Kiosk 74.cz, s.r.o.     update

Simple Kiosk is a software for building internet kiosks, information kiosks, multimedia kiosks and public kiosks. Simple Kiosk turns a computer into the secured public internet kiosk in easy way. Program description: - Protects computer against unauthorized and unwanted use - Secure fullscreen web browser - URL filtering based on the .... Free download of Simple Kiosk

Eusing Maze Lock 3.6 Eusing Software    

Locking your screen prevents other people from accessing your computer while ... Then Eusing Maze Lock will display a lock screen and protected your computer. Overall, Eusing Maze Lock ... more experienced users. You can specify the lock screen background image, change the pattern to 4 x 4 or 5 x 5. .... Free download of Eusing Maze Lock 3.6

BrowseControl 5.2 Currentware    

PRODUCT FEATURES INCLUDES: - Deny all access to the Internet - Allow access to authorized c sites – Allowed List - Deny access to specific sites – Blocked List - Implement Interent access policies by PC or by User - Restrict use of unproductive applications such as online games, chat programs .... Free download of BrowseControl 5.2

Kiosk Software 2.8.3 ANTAMEDIA    

... multilingual support and a Virtual Keyboard for touch screen support. Internet Kiosk Software, Secure Browser and Digital ... Choose one of the predefined layouts of the screen split in to the 2,3 or 4 parts, each configurable with different content. Maintain and support unattended systems instantly without having to travel to .... Free download of Kiosk Software 2.8.3

Chris PC-Lock 3.50 Chris P.C. srl    

... setting/change of your unlock password from the configuration screen. In the lock mode, it fully disables access ... input password dialog box to unlock. The lock screen can be set to any custom wallpaper or ... lets you set the transparency of the lock screen wallpaper, giving you a close feeling of the .... Free download of Chris PC-Lock 3.50

SoftActivity Keylogger 8.3 SoftActivity    

... work duration in every application. It will save screenshot of every opened web page and application using IntelliSnap technology. SoftActivity Keylogger can take screen copies in specified time intervals, working like video surveillance camera. Captured snapshots can be viewed later as a slide show. Log file from the .... Free download of SoftActivity Keylogger 8.3

ScreenBlur InDeep Software    

ScreenBlur will offer you the possibility to safely secure your desktop with a selected password. ScreenBlur provides some preset desktop images to choose from, ... format is PNG, JPEG or BMP. ScreenBlur will ask you to set a password. Right ... system tray to change the password, lock your screen, and options : · Auto Lock : Locks .... Free download of ScreenBlur

Aloaha Smart Login 6.0.175 Aloaha Limited    

... most dramatic changes in the Windows Vista/7 logon screen, making it much easier to implement new user ... Credential Provider that is not required! The logon screen is the first thing users see when they turn on the computer. The function of the Aloaha Credential Provider is to supply the OS .... Free download of Aloaha Smart Login 6.0.175

PDF Security OwnerGuard 12.9.1 Armjisoft DRM Systems    

... printing(including limitation on total number of printed pages), screen capture, save, copy, expiration date and working time for your users. PDF Security OwnerGuard Minimizes your users DRM hassles by letting them access your DRM protected PDF documents offline. With PDF Security OwnerGuard you can distribute and sell your secured/protected PDF .... Free download of PDF Security OwnerGuard 12.9.1

LuJoSoft DeskLockII 1.0.0 LuJoSoft    

... you leave it unattended. It shows a lock screen, disables any user from accessing your pc. You can lock your PC by double clicking on DesktLockII.exe. To unlock the computer you must enter correct password only. Unlike another similar computer lock software LuJoSoft DeskLockII won't be affect Ctrl+Alt+Del or a .... Free download of LuJoSoft DeskLockII 1.0.0

Hide Folder Ext 1.5 FSPro Labs    

... a user from disk selection to the final screen in such a way that it is impossible to do anything wrong. Hide Folder Ext is portable software. It has an option to copy the program itself to another disk. So you can run the program from your drive on any .... Free download of Hide Folder Ext 1.5

Hide Files & Folders 3.597 IM-Soft    

... folder, dialog box querying password appears on the screen. If valid password entered, user gets access to the file or folder, otherwise not. Hide Files and Folders does not modify your media: in protecting your files or folders, it just uses a high-reliability VXD driver working at Windows kernel level. .... Free download of Hide Files & Folders 3.597

Easy File & Folder Protector 5.134 IM-Soft    

Protect files and folders situated on local media of Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP with Easy File & Folder Protector at Windows kernel level. Your can deny access to certain files and folders, or to hide them securely from viewing and searching. Easy File & Folder Protector has an easy-to-use user interface allowing you .... Free download of Easy File & Folder Protector 5.134

Advanced Desktop Shield 10.02 IM-Soft    

... to stop users from changing desktop wallpaper and screen saver, deleting, creating and renaming desktop icons, changing ... desktop, placement of desktop icons, desired wallpaper and screen saver. If you choose to lock your desktop ... the desktop back to the original state: wallpaper, screen saver; deleted icons will be recreated and the .... Free download of Advanced Desktop Shield 10.02

Access Manager for Windows 10.02 IM-Soft    

Access Manager for Windows allows you to restrict access to to key features of Windows, such as Control Panels or Start menu, network, Taskbar, desktop, system tray, Network Access Control Page, Control Internet usage and more. It can also disable the Ctrl+alt+delete keys, the function keys at startup, allows to password .... Free download of Access Manager for Windows 10.02

1 Click & Lock 3.498 IM-Soft    

1Click & Lock up is a system tray security utility you can use to secure your desktop when you step away from your PC. It's secure and very easy-to-use. Just define a password, and select Lock to hide and deny access to your desktop to anyone without the proper password. You .... Free download of 1 Click & Lock 3.498

Hide windows Wizard 9.7 Seapsoft    

... by hotkey. 8.Launch programs on virtual desktop. 9.Lock screen and turn off monitor use a hotkey. .... Free download of Hide windows Wizard 9.7

Lock My PC Free Edition 4.9.5 FSPro Labs    

... leave it unattended. It blocks keyboard, mouse and screen. Lock My PC Free Edition comes with a ... fine tune options. You can customize the lock screen, set up autolock on idle time, block DVD ROM. You can even enable blind password option to type your password blindly, without any password .... Free download of Lock My PC Free Edition 4.9.5

Pangu 1.0.7 SouthSoft    

... start you can see Pangu icon your Home screen, now touch the pangu icon. step 6The Pangu ... start you can see Pangu icon your Home screen, now touch the pangu icon. Now you have untethered iOS jailbreak pangu need to automatically date setting “setting >>>>General >>>Date and time back set .... Free download of Pangu 1.0.7

ABC Security Protector 5.5994 Ixis Ltd    

This nice free security utility enables you to protect your PC by disabling some features like: use of the MS-DOS command prompt in Windows and real mode DOS applications from within the Windows shell, and disable function keys on boot up like the F5, F6 and F8 keys. The program is .... Free download of ABC Security Protector 5.5994

Access Lock 3.304 Ixis Ltd    

... first one hides your desktop and shows a screen saver while the second one does not hide it allowing others to watch what happens there that is very useful when you would like to demonstrate something to people but do not want them to play with it. It also prevents .... Free download of Access Lock 3.304

File & Folder Protector 3.595 Ixis Ltd    

... folder, dialog box querying password appears on the screen. If valid password entered, user gets access to the file or folder, otherwise not. Protect Files and Folders does not modify your media: in protecting your files or folders, it just uses a high-reliability VXD driver working at Windows kernel level. .... Free download of File & Folder Protector 3.595

Public PC Desktop 7.72 Ixis Ltd    

Use Public PC Desktop to turn your personal computer into an Internet kiosk or a public access workstation. It can be setup to completely disable access to files installed on your PC while giving full access to all necessary applications you specify. This way, you create a workstation that can be .... Free download of Public PC Desktop 7.72

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