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TOPOWIN 20.01 Killet GeoSoftware Ing.-GbR    

... division of planning and execution of economical and scientific projects frequently topographic documents are used. The program TOPOWIN makes information available of the official topographic cartographies and the German Basic Cartography from the entire national territory in suitable graphic views. It accomplishes different coordinate transformations and inquiries. The program was .... Free download of TOPOWIN 20.01

SimPlot 1.0 ReduSoft Ltd.    

... to graphically represent facts from many technical and scientific areas and to output them multifunctionally in the form of moving images. In addition to many other things, this program has the technology to generate moving images and graphics for a wide variety of purposes and to let them run automatically. .... Free download of SimPlot 1.0

SameTools PST Extractor Tool 1.0 SameTools PST Extractor Tool    

... from PST document without Outlook. For instance, advanced scientific agents may run over some PST documents that they need to research, yet they don't have Outlook introduced. .... Free download of SameTools PST Extractor Tool 1.0


... stroke treatment algorithms and these treatment protocols include scientific guidance as to how to treat and when to treat and when not to treat, Stroke treatment is centered around IV TPA which has rigid set of criteria which often can be confusing. And now with the advent of endovascular treatment .... Free download of STROKE SIMULATOR 1

DPLS Scientific Calculator 3.2.1 Dot Point Learning Systems    

This highly functional and easy to use Scientific Calculator is a must for science students. The ... note pad and can be displayed in decimals, scientific notation or engineering notation. A search system can be used to quickly locate science tools and data reference systems, and a help systems describes operation. .... Free download of DPLS Scientific Calculator 3.2.1

MathProf 5.0 ReduSoft Ltd.    

... groups to understand facts or to carry out scientific studies. There is also the option of expanding and adapting graphical representations with the help of available geometric objects and properties. .... Free download of MathProf 5.0

Blackboard calculator 2.0 freelancer    

The calculator "Blackboard" for OS Windows is a very simple programming environment that allows you to organize calculations in a Do-Until loop with step-by-step debugging capability. Many methods of computational mathematics are based on cyclic (iterative) calculations, so that with the help of the "Blackboard" calculator it is possible, for example, .... Free download of Blackboard calculator 2.0

FX Equation 20.04.28 Efofex Software    

... simply the fastest way to produce mathematical and scientific equations. It provides an equation creation environment that really is "Astoundingly Quick". FX Equation 4 adds automatic vertical alignment of equals signs and a high speed toolbar entry system that can speed up entry of more complicated equations. FX Equation also .... Free download of FX Equation 20.04.28

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PAST 4.02 Oyvind Hammer    

Past is free software for scientific data analysis, with functions for data manipulation, plotting, ... a practical tool designed to help you analyze scientific data by calculating statistical indicators and drawing plots. The program comes with a large variety of analysis techniques that can be applied with just a few clicks. .... Free download of PAST 4.02

LaunchBar 6.12 Objective Development    

... Calculator From simple numeric calculations up to complex scientific expressions - just open LaunchBar, type your calculation and press Return to get the result. Quick Look Get a quick preview of your current selection just by tapping the space bar. Instant Open Open items even more quickly. Just .... Free download of LaunchBar 6.12

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PAST for Mac OS X 4.02 Oyvind Hammer    

Past is free software for scientific data analysis, with functions for data manipulation, plotting, ... great tool to have around when dealing with scientific data. The Past user interface is represented by a single window where you can visualize the imported data. Note that Past can extract information from text .... Free download of PAST for Mac OS X 4.02

DxO PhotoLab for Mac DxO Labs    

... These modules are the product of years of scientific research by DxO, a company that has pioneered the development of software designed to compensate for optical flaws. DxO’s modules are used by photographers throughout the world. PRIME DENOISING TECHNOLOGY Don’t be afraid of the dark…or high ISO values Restore .... Free download of DxO PhotoLab for Mac

NumberMate 2.1.3 Solutionwright Software    

NumberMate is an arithmetic and scientific calculator, adding machine, and time calculator that records and documents your calculations on multiple tapes which you can edit. It also performs unit conversion and arithmetic expression evaluation directly on a tape. Use it to (1) make simple everyday calculations, (2) organize and work .... Free download of NumberMate 2.1.3

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Scientific calculator - ScienCalc 1.3.34 Institute of Mathematics and Statistics    

ScienCalc is a convenient and powerful scientific calculator. ScienCalc calculates mathematical expression. It supports the common arithmetic operations (+, -, *, /) and parentheses. The program contains high-performance arithmetic, trigonometric, hyperbolic and transcendental calculation routines. All the function routines therein map directly to Intel 80387 FPU floating-point machine instructions. Find .... Free download of Scientific calculator - ScienCalc 1.3.34

Multivariable calculator - SimplexCalc 4.1.34 Institute of Mathematics and Statistics    

... It can be used as an enhanced elementary, scientific, financial or expression calculator. In addition to arithmetic ... professionals. Features include: * Ease of use * Scientific calculations and unlimited expression length * Unlimited customizable ... High precision calculaton -up to 24 decimals for scientific calculations * Comprehensive documentation * Calculation range: - .... Free download of Multivariable calculator - SimplexCalc 4.1.34

CrystalMaker for Mac OS X CrystalMaker Software Limited    

CrystalMaker provides a streamlined workflow that majors on productivity: just drag-and-drop your data files into the program for instant display in spectacular photo-realistic colour. Manipulate structures in real time, with the mouse. Multiple View "bookmarks" and undo levels encourage exploration and discovery - ideal for teaching and research. With CrystalMaker .... Free download of CrystalMaker for Mac OS X

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Agena 2.20.0 Sourceforge    

... as an interpreter and can be used in scientific, educational, linguistic, and many other applications. Its syntax looks like very simplified Algol 68 with elements taken from Lua and SQL. Agena provides fast real and complex arithmetics, efficient text processing, flexible data structures, intelligent procedures and package management, plus various .... Free download of Agena 2.20.0

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Weather Station Data Logger Sourceforge    

... obtained through a USB connection to the Oregon Scientific WMR88, WMR100, WMR200 and RMS300 weather stations. You will find features here for a wide range of users, from novices, to experts. The extensive user manual describes program features in detail and includes informative discussions on many topics. The display .... Free download of Weather Station Data Logger

Scribus for Mac OS X 1.4.8 Scribus    

... developed to allow import of externally produced documents, scientific publications and formulas. More renderers can be added with a simple configuration file. .... Free download of Scribus for Mac OS X 1.4.8

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DxO PhotoLab 3.2.0 B4344 DxO Labs    

... These modules are the product of years of scientific research by DxO, a company that has pioneered the development of software designed to compensate for optical flaws. DxO’s modules are used by photographers throughout the world. PRIME DENOISING TECHNOLOGY Don’t be afraid of the dark…or high ISO values Restore .... Free download of DxO PhotoLab 3.2.0 B4344

TMS Advanced Charts TMS Software    

... non DB-aware feature-rich charting components for business,statistical,financial and scientific data.It has many feature like single or multi pane chart view component,vertical or horizontal oriented charts,wide range of chart types: Line, Bar, Area, Pie, Spider, Donut, Band, Stacked Bars, Stacked Area, OHLC, CandleStick, Histogram, Bubble, Error, Digital Line ...and different bar .... Free download of TMS Advanced Charts

EagleFiler 1.8.13 C-Command Software    

... recipes to cook or books to read, store scientific papers, gather legal case notes, or assemble a scrapbook. It’s the most flexible tool on your Mac. .... Free download of EagleFiler 1.8.13

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QtiPlot Ion Vasilief    

QtiPlot is a cross platform data analysis and scientific visualisation solution. Thanks to its price defying all competition, QtiPlot is ideal for student computer labs and offers a complete alternative solution to extremely expensive proprietary software like Origin, SigmaPlot, SPSS, Regressi or Igor Pro. QtiPlot is used for teaching as .... Free download of QtiPlot

Praat for Linux 6.1.14 Paul Boersma and David Weenink    

... the Dutch word for "talk") is a free scientific software program for the analysis of speech in phonetics. It has been designed and continuously developed by Paul Boersma and David Weenink of the University of Amsterdam. It can run on a wide range of operating systems, including various Unix versions, .... Free download of Praat for Linux 6.1.14

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PyMOL 2.3.4-0 DeLano Scientific LLC    

PyMOL is a user-sponsored molecular visualization system on an open-source foundation. Please support development of this open, effective, and affordable software by purchasing an incentive copy, which is pre-built and comes with maintenance and support. PyMOL can interpret over 30 different file formats from PDB files to multi-SDF files to .... Free download of PyMOL 2.3.4-0

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