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JsonFlow Super Traffic Tool 3.0.0 tcpiplabs tech., Inc.    

Featherweight body, complete function, senseless consumption, JsonFlow represents the highest level of cloud traffic analysis tool. 1) JsonFlow is suitable for VM, Docker, X86 server, PC; It works at the operating system layer, regardless of the user's business type and network architecture; 2) JsonFlow can be deployed as a host AGENT .... Free download of JsonFlow Super Traffic Tool 3.0.0

PDF-ShellTools 3.3 RTT    

PDF-ShellTools are Windows Shell extensions to work with PDF documents directly from Windows Explorer. With it we can do some interesting things to our PDF documents without the need to open them in Acrobat or another desktop PDF application. Right now group all this tools: PDF-InfoTip- Quickly display PDF files metadata .... Free download of PDF-ShellTools 3.3

iziTime 5.18 Hooli Apps    

... enter notes for each day, for example: leave, RTT, project management ...) How to manage the hourly slump (coefficient)? Activate the option 'Hourly coefficients' on your schedule, you can then enter coefficients (bonus / penalty) for each day, for example Sunday paid 200% or 90% (case of the 'abattement' for .... Free download of iziTime 5.18

PDF Explorer RTT    

PDF Explorer is a PDF, and CHM, files management software. It allows you to easily index to a database file all your PDF and CHM documents full text content and metadata fields such as: Filename, File size, File date, Title, Subject, Author, Creator, Producer, Creation Date, Modification Date and Number of .... Free download of PDF Explorer

EnguiMapCLI 1.2.1b L2Networks Corp    

EnguiMapCLI was created as the result of a partnership between EnguiSoft and Kraig Beahn, CEO at L2Networks Corp. EnguiMapCLI was created as the result of a partnership between EnguiSoft and Kraig Beahn, CEO at L2Networks Corp. EnguiMapCLI provides basic CLI style IP MTU testing, estimating the default internet transit providers maximum .... Free download of EnguiMapCLI 1.2.1b

nTop 5.0.2 ntop.org    

ntopng is the next generation version of the original ntop, a network traffic probe that monitors network usage. ntopng is based on libpcap and it has been written in a portable way in order to virtually run on every Unix platform, MacOSX and on Windows as well. ntopng – yes, .... Free download of nTop 5.0.2

PDFrizator RTT    

The PDFrizator is a Freeware tool to create PDF presentations, with the possibility to setup the PDF page transition effect, page advance time, and background music. This can be done for already existing PDF's, or from the various file type formats supported, that can all be converted, and visually combined, in .... Free download of PDFrizator

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Logiciel Planning Equipe Entreprise 1.10 Rocher Digital    

... reseau. Faites rapidement vos plannings : presence, conges, RTT, deplacements, formations, arret de travail, planning 3x8 ou ... mois d aout ? Combien de jours de RTT ont ete pris ? Qui est present la ... Par equipe, service ou departement * Presence, conges, RTT, deplacements, formations, horaires, arrets de travail... * Par .... Free download of Logiciel Planning Equipe Entreprise 1.10

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