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Expert Spring Sudoku 1.0 Spring Sudoku    

... board be extra certain that you choose the right number! Time will be added to your sudoku score if enter the wrong number. Good luck! Yes, Expert Spring Sudoku is really hard but it is played with the same basic rules as any other sudoku game. The fun starts with .... Free download of Expert Spring Sudoku 1.0

Expert Valentines Day Sudoku 1.0 Valentine's Day Sudoku    

... on the cupid like pencil at the bottom right corner of the sudoku board to enable note taking. In note taking mode the number selected will appear on the sudoku board in miniature form in the cell selected. Click on the pencil again to disable notes and continue active sudoku .... Free download of Expert Valentines Day Sudoku 1.0

Expert Christmas Sudoku 1.0 Christmas Sudoku    

... the X-Wing. We know, reindeers have hooves, not wings, but this puzzle game technique really works! This ... sudoku game. Find this pencil at the bottom right hand corner of the sudoku board! .... Free download of Expert Christmas Sudoku 1.0

Expert 4th of July Sudoku 1.0 4th of July Sudoku    

... by using the pencil icon in the bottom right corner of the sudoku game. The pencil both ... number can only be placed into the upper right slot/bottom left spot, or the upper left slot/bottom right slot. With that discovered, that number can be .... Free download of Expert 4th of July Sudoku 1.0

Expert Halloween Sudoku 1.0 Halloween Sudoku    

... take notes. Use the pencil icon to the right of the sudoku board and under the pumpkins to do this. This pencil both enables and disables notes. Here is a helpful hint - use the technique called the X-Wing while playing this puzzle game. An X-Wing pattern occurs when two .... Free download of Expert Halloween Sudoku 1.0

Fission Balls 1.3.2 Novel Games Limited    

... the top. You can use the left and right arrow keys on your keyboard to move the ... boosts your shooting speed, the one with a wing allows your spaceship to move faster, and the ball with a tortoise icon will slow down your craft. If an asteroid appears, you need .... Free download of Fission Balls 1.3.2

GGCad GGSoft    

... as rotation, symmetry, scale, translation. Spur gear and wing airfoils can be created with just one mouse ... any type of font and writing, left to right, right to left as well as Asian fonts. .... Free download of GGCad

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