Easy Video Reverser 3.9.5 DanDans    

Easy Video Reverser indeed reverses video clip and save frames from last to first. You can also reverse audio or not, make the video frame size reasonably small or large, cut video section to reverse, and speed up (fast motion) or slow down (slow motion) video and audio at the same time. This cute .... Free download of Easy Video Reverser 3.9.5

Video to GIF Converter 14.3 Leapic Software    

Video to GIF Converter is a powerful tool to convert Video clip to animated GIF file. Picture cropping, flipping, resizing, ... color effects are supported. It may directly generate Reverse Order Animation and Ping-Pong Seamless Looping Animation - ... to export image sequence (JPG or PNG format). Video to GIF Converter supports various popular video formats, .... Free download of Video to GIF Converter 14.3

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