KeyShot 64-bit 8.2.80 Luxion, Inc.     update

... 64-bit is an entirely CPU based standalone 3D rendering and animation system for 3D data. It has been designed to take the complexity out of rendering realistic images. KeyShot is used by designers, engineers ... create realistic images and animations of their 3D models. Fast Rather than playing with many parameters .... Free download of KeyShot 64-bit 8.2.80

LightWave 3D 64-bit 2019.1.2 NewTek, Inc.     update

LightWave x64 is the backbone of efficient 3D pipelines. Groundbreaking. ... scenes with incredible detail, and yet retain reasonable render times. · While instances can be thought ... any flocking system. Fracture: · This new Modeler tool was designed specifically to compliment Bullet dynamics ... be used with the new Fracture tool in Modeler to create compelling physics-based animation. Things like collapsing .... Free download of LightWave 3D 64-bit 2019.1.2

Blender - 64 bit 2.80 Blender     update

Blender for Windows x64 is the free open source 3D content creation ... Anti-aliased fonts feature international translation support. The modeling aspects of the program are various. A range ... lattice, mesh deform, smooth, wave, collision, explode, smoke), render an image, use Undo and Redo, take a screenshot or screencast. Features: Photorealistic Rendering Blender now features a powerful new unbiased .... Free download of Blender - 64 bit 2.80

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Indigo Renderer 64bit 4.0.66 Glare Technologies     update

Indigo Renderer x64 is a 3D rendering software that uses unbiased rendering technologies to create photo-realistic images. In doing so, ... MLT on top of bidirectional path tracing, distributed render capabilities, and progressive rendering (image gradually becomes less noisy as rendering progresses) and it supports subsurface scattering and has ... Indigo now has built-in animation and render queue support, thanks to the introduction of the .... Free download of Indigo Renderer 64bit 4.0.66

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