PsKill 1.16 Mark Russinovich and Bryce Cogswell     new

... NT/2000 does not come with a command-line 'kill' utility. You can get one in the Windows NT or Win2K Resource Kit, but the kit's utility can only terminate processes on the local computer. PsKill is a kill utility that not only does what the Resource Kit's version does, but can also kill processes on remote systems. You don't even have to install a .... Free download of PsKill 1.16

Fling Free FTP Uploader Software 4.03 NCH Software     update

... used to maintain a web site on a remote hosted server or to automate backup of folders. ... changed Fling will upload the file to a remote ftp server or network folder. The operation can ... cd, dvd, telephony, dictation, transcription, business, and computer utility software for Windows, Palm, Pocket PC and Mac .... Free download of Fling Free FTP Uploader Software 4.03

CDex 2.19 Albert L Faber     update

... generally called a CD Ripper or a CDDA utility. The resulting audio file can be a plain ... / store album information from/to a local and/or remote CD Database (CDDB) * Support CD-Text (if your CD-drive supports it) * Advanced jitter correction (based on the cd-paranoia ripping library) * Indicates track .... Free download of CDex 2.19

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ThinWin 0.2.8 Sourceforge     update

ThinWin is a handy, easy to use tool specially designed to help you convert your Windows machine to a Thin Client in seconds! With ThinWin you can easily lock down a PC acting as a Thin Client. FEATURES: · Thin Client · RDP connection · ICA connection · XenApp .... Free download of ThinWin 0.2.8

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NoVirusThanks Connections Viewer 1.1 Software     new

Connections Viewer is a useful network software utility with the primary focus of listing (and managing) ... displayed to the user such as the protocol, remote and local ports, remote and local IP addresses, connection states, owning process ... (Listening, Established, Time-Wait etc.) similar to Microsoft's netstat utility. Reports can also be saved as an HTML .... Free download of NoVirusThanks Connections Viewer 1.1

GameEx 15.60 Spesoft     update

... IPAC, U360 and ArcadeVGA, LCDVFD Displays, the MCE remote control, Gamepads, full Mouse control, Widescreen displays, Vertical ... can be controlled with a Gamepad, Arcade controls, remote control and keyboard (you can navigate a DVD's ... NOTE: DVD Software, Codecs/FFDSHOW required. A movie database utility is also included for automatically or manually adding .... Free download of GameEx 15.60

MTPuTTY Beta TTY PLUS     update

... MTPuTTY (Multi-Tabbed PuTTY) is a small *FREE* utility enabling you to wrap unlimited number of PuTTY ... within the program. Automation Can automatically login the remote servers and "type" your passwords. Can run any script after login. Can "type" a script in several PuTTY tabs simultaneously. Easy to use Clear .... Free download of MTPuTTY Beta

CarbonFTP 1.4 NeoWise Software     new

... enables you to synch local files with a remote FTP server and vice versa. It provides a step-by-step wizard to select the folders to be synchronized, the direction of the synchronization and option to set file masks to limit the transfer to specific file types. Your settings can be saved .... Free download of CarbonFTP 1.4

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Supremo Remote Desktop 3.4.1 B1161 Nanosystems S.r.l.     update

Supremo is a free remote desktop software for Windows. It is a complete and powerful utility for remote access and support over the internet. With Supremo you can remotely control any computer, without the need to change ... the highest security level available. Supremo Remote Desktop is an easy-to-use software that will enable .... Free download of Supremo Remote Desktop 3.4.1 B1161

TeamViewer for iOS 14.2.7 TeamViewer GmbH     update

Remotely control computers as well as transfer files to and from the remote computer. If often happens that we need access ... rest is easy as pie. TeamViewer for Remote Control allows users to take control of Windows, ... you can transfer files in both directions, you remotely administrate unattended computers such as servers, and the .... Free download of TeamViewer for iOS 14.2.7

TeamViewer for Android 14.2.167 TeamViewer GmbH     update

Remotely control computers as well as transfer files to and from the remote computer. If often happens that we need access ... rest is easy as pie. TeamViewer for Remote Control allows users to take control of Windows, ... you can transfer files in both directions, you remotely administrate unattended computers such as servers, and the .... Free download of TeamViewer for Android 14.2.167

Action1 Install Software Remotely 3.0 Action1 Corporation     update

This free remote software installation utility deploys software without using any specialized software deployment tools and acts similar installing software remotely using wmic, command line tools (such as if you installed software remotely with psexec) or PowerShell scripts to install software ... computers in your network. Action1 includes this free remote installation software, which allows to perform automated software .... Free download of Action1 Install Software Remotely 3.0

FlexiHub for Android 3.4 Eltima Software     new

... connected to your Android smartphone or tablet with remote computers across the network. The software offers fast ... the Internet. With FlexiHub, you can access a remote USB device from your computer like it was ... servers, share USB security dongles over Wi-Fi, access remote printers wirelessly, etc. One of the key advantages .... Free download of FlexiHub for Android 3.4

Shutter 4.3 Denis Kozlov     update

... task-launcher. Shutter is a multifunctional shutdown utility, which has a user friendly and easy-to-use interface ... actions from the desktop. Web Interface - allows Remote Execution of any Action, it also displays some ... * You can use Shutter's Web Interface to remotely execute any action. You can also .... Free download of Shutter 4.3

PreSonus Capture 2.4.0 B50756 PreSonus Audio Electronics, Inc.     update

... Capture, UC Surface, QMix-UC, and the StudioLive mixers Remote control over mixer digital returns (analog input or digital playback) on StudioLive mixers Remote control over channel linking on StudioLive mixers Prerecord audio up to a minute before you press Record Auto-Save at user-definable intervals Automatic session and .... Free download of PreSonus Capture 2.4.0 B50756

TeamViewer 14.0.13880.0 TeamViewer GmbH     update

Remotely control computers as well as transfer files to and from the remote computer. If often happens that we need access ... is easy as pie. This is an intuitive utility that enables users to remotely connect to a computer, view its desktop and ... it, even if they have not tested a remote utility before. TeamViewer for Remote Control allows .... Free download of TeamViewer 14.0.13880.0

myPomodoro 4.2.0 myPomodoro Team     update

... configuration for you. myAgilePomodoro can help you edit remote or local databases and supports importing CSV, XLS, ... Edit entries from local files or from a remote MySQL database and export your work locally, to CSV, XLS or XML documents or remotely, to Google Drive. .... Free download of myPomodoro 4.2.0

Small Utilities Softspecialists     update

... remove path to the %PATH% variable. With this utility you can add or remove a path in ... Check the status of your CD player even remotely, with this program because you can open or ... Shut down or restart windows on local or remote PC. The shut down process could be stopped. .... Free download of Small Utilities

Copy Path to Clipboard 1.5 4dots Software     new

... to. Additionally, it copies the UNC path of remote files or folders. If multiple files or folders are selected, then you can create a list, either space or new line character separated of the paths. Specifically, 4dots Copy Path to Clipboard copies to clipboard the : * Full path * .... Free download of Copy Path to Clipboard 1.5

Netcam Studio Moonware Studios     update

... your office or your children using a single utility. No license or membership is required to use features such as motion detection and remote monitoring from another computer, a phone or a tablet. The only limitations of the free version are 4 sources limit (in the beta version, .... Free download of Netcam Studio

Plex for Mac Plex, Inc     update

Plex Media Player is a media center utility developed to work with any Plex server and ... backup your movies and access them from a remote location via a web browser. Once everything is set, within the Plex Media Player main window you get to access and preview the multimedia content .... Free download of Plex for Mac

Network Inventory Advisor 5.0.136 ClearApps Software     update

Network Inventory Advisor is an agent-free utility which brings you fast and reliable PC network ... several clicks you can scan all the nodes remotely (including Mac computers, Linux machines, printers, routers, and other SNMP-powered nodes). More than that you can easily schedule network scans with ClearApps PC inventory software and .... Free download of Network Inventory Advisor 5.0.136

DSynchronize 2.36 Dimitrios Coutsoumbas (Dimio)     new

DSynchronize is a stand-alone utility that let you periodically synchronize two or more folders in a LAN or FTP (also working with UDF-CD-DVD, USB Keys etc.) Is also possible to specify the time and the day on which the sync have to run, and to create some filters. There is .... Free download of DSynchronize 2.36

Service Tweaker for Windows 1.1 TechyGeeksHome     new

... but will start when they are needed. Our utility will go through the following services and change ... IP Helper Program Compatibility Assistant Service Print Spooler Remote Registry Secondary Logon Security Center superfetch TCP/IP NetBIOS Helper Touch Keyboard and Handwriting Panel Service Windows Defender Service Windows Error Reporting Service Windows Image .... Free download of Service Tweaker for Windows 1.1

@MAX SyncUp 6.1.150 @MAX Software    

... @MAX SyncUp is the best backup and sync utility, available at a reasonable cost. .... Free download of @MAX SyncUp 6.1.150

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