Stickies Steven de Toni     update

Stickies is a simulator of the classic post it notes that you stick on monitors, walls etc, it's really a work related product. Now you can easily schedule all your events using this handy, accessible and easy-to-use instrument. Features: · Email. · Clock. · Alarm. · Customize style. .... Free download of Stickies 2.4.0 aiClipboard     update (ai stands for Artificial Intelligence) will remember everything (i.e. files, folders, graphics, texts, URLs, emails) you copied to your clipboard with an easy way to organize it according to your needs. aiClipboard will make your life easier by turning your clipboard into a sidekick that will help you organize and .... Free download of 2.4.0

Vov Sticky Notes 4.9 VOVSOFT     update

... Vov Sticky Notes is that you can create reminders to be displayed on a regular basis. You only need to choose the frequency interval, and then enter an appropriate message. .... Free download of Vov Sticky Notes 4.9

8GadgetPack 25.0.0 Helmut Buhler     update

... CPU Meter - Microsoft Currency - Microsoft Reminder - dahi24 DriveInfo - Kris Thompson Drives Meter - Feed Headlines - Microsoft Glassy CPU Monitor - Helmut Buhler Google Mail - Orbmu2k MiniRadio - Ronnie Multi Meter - SFkilla My Weather - Pat Possible Network Monitor II - Igor .... Free download of 8GadgetPack 25.0.0

Desktop Fay 3.2.11 Dmitry G. Kozhinov    

... notifier, Mailing list manager, Personalized batch email sender, Reminder and Calculator. She is powerful and easy-to-use. She is fun This cartoon personal assistant is sitting at your desktop and lives her own life .... Free download of Desktop Fay 3.2.11

PNotes.NET Andrey Gruber    

Managing your day-to-day life is not an easy job to do. There are so many things to concern for - housekeeping, shopping, children... And what about cousin's birthday you always forget? Or important phone numbers? Undoubtedly your working place is covered with dusty yellow (or blue, or pink) sticky notes. If .... Free download of PNotes.NET

Calendar-7 2.21 Style-7    

... Use periodical (month, quarter, half-year, year) dates as reminder for display on calendar. For example: pay a tax per month by 20 number, create a report per quarter by 10 number etc. .... Free download of Calendar-7 2.21

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Scroll Minder v1.2 Scroll Minder LLC    

Scroll-Minder is a continuously scrolling visual reminder application. Flexible and easy to use, Scroll Minder ... and its Always on Top design keeps your reminders in plain view. Scroll Minder contains an easy to use share option so reminders can be shared with fellow colleagues, friends and family .... Free download of Scroll Minder v1.2

CyberBuddy 2.12.27 John M. DeFino    

... take place. Software allows you to keep reminders and get your attention when a reminder is due, Instant Message (like ICQ) with speech ... more. The CyberBuddy can: Cbiconf Keep reminders and get your attention when a reminder is due. Cbiconf Instant Message with speech and .... Free download of CyberBuddy 2.12.27

myPortablePIM 1.7.0 Mauro Domenico Ferrua    

... You can mark the day's events, tasks and reminders with alarms.You can set the tuition for them and send via email the details through the "Send email" button.Support the iCal standard to import and export.There are different views on the calendar: monthly, weekly, daily and personalized.You can create several calendars .... Free download of myPortablePIM 1.7.0

SE-DesktopApps 1.6.2 SE-SOFT.COM    

... clocks for desktop with useful add-ons, like event reminder and multistage stopwatch with logging feature. Desktop Player gadget gets an ability to play music right through drag-and-drop onto a customizable desktop gadget and manage media library in full player mode. Launcher gadget fully replaces functionality of SE-TrayMenu and lets to .... Free download of SE-DesktopApps 1.6.2

Ticno Timer Ticno Corporation    

Ticno Timer is a great utility for cooking or reminding you about some small tasks, without bothering you from work. In addition, Ticno Timer comes with numerous presets that will help you when cooking your meals. FEATURES: - Multiple timers - Sound notification - Convenient interface - Background .... Free download of Ticno Timer

ReminderCube 4.7 Mauro Domenico Ferrua    

Desktop calendar with many functions.Day's event,tasks with alarm,GMail checker,image viewer,notes,feed RSS,launcher,password manager,image viewer,weather,address book and web search. .... Free download of ReminderCube 4.7

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