Espresso ELN 9.5.1 ChemBytes    

Espresso ELN is a chemistry electronic lab notebook (ELN), available for free in its local database version. It combines simple and intuitive handling with state of the art and beyond interface and functionality and is suited for all organization sizes and needs, ranging from big pharma to universities. FEATURES: .... Free download of Espresso ELN 9.5.1

DWSIM 5.8 Update 10 Daniel Medeiros    

... Hypothetical Component Generator, Bulk C7+/Distillation Curves Petroleum Characterization, Reactions Manager and User Component Creator Process Analysis and Optimization: Sensitivity Analysis Utility, Multivariate Optimizer with bound constraints. .... Free download of DWSIM 5.8 Update 10

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Appy Gamer for Android 6.6.7 Mobiles Republic    

... topic and read the articles with the most reactions. Find out more about the article you just read from a selection of top online resources. .... Free download of Appy Gamer for Android 6.6.7

Mutabor 4.0.0 rc3 Mutabor Team    

... own musical language to describe pitches, (re)tunings and reactions to events (chords, keys, MIDI signals). Furthermore, MIDI ports, MIDI files, and GMN files can be used in the same manner, mixed and output. Mutabor is a low-cost device, but its services in the area of intonation are still significantly .... Free download of Mutabor 4.0.0 rc3

Kintecus 6.80 Ianni Consulting    

As of January 2018, the Kintecus simulation software has been cited over 300 peer reviewed high impact factor journals: SCIENCE, JACS, PNAS, J. Phys. Chem.A, NATURE, PCCP, J. Biol. Chem., Plas. Chem. Plas. Proc., Int. J. Chem. It is an Industrial Strength/Research Grade chemical modeling, chemical kinetics and equilibrium software for .... Free download of Kintecus 6.80

Baby Games PC 1.46 Baby Games PC    

... Games include tapping the screen and getting visual reactions. As it were, the child touches the screen of the Android gadget and, as a reward, gets creature sounds or visual jolts (contingent upon which diversion you're playing). In the creatures diversion, for instance, contingent upon which creature you touch, you'll .... Free download of Baby Games PC 1.46

MITCalc Shafts Calculation 1.24 MITCalc    

... definition of spatial shaft load. - Calculation of reactions, courses of forces, moments, stress, deflection and bending angle of the shaft and others. - Calculation of critical speed and safety coefficients. - Support of 2D and 3D CAD (AutoCAD, AutoCAD LT, IntelliCAD, Ashlar Graphite, TurboCAD, BricsCAD, ZWCAD, ProgeCAD, Autodesk Inventor, .... Free download of MITCalc Shafts Calculation 1.24

MITCalc Straight beams calculation 1.21 MITCalc    

... 20 types of cross sections. - Calculation of reactions in supports. - Calculation of minimum / maximum bending moment, stress and deflection of the beam. - Calculation and graphic illustration of the moment, stress, deflection and bending angle of the loaded beam. The application includes a table of materials and .... Free download of MITCalc Straight beams calculation 1.21

VeBest Numerology for Mac 7.3.3 VeBest    

... person's predestination, strengths, talents, life obstacles and emotional reactions. Whether you use numerology to examine your life, take advantage of unexplored opportunities, confirm your talents or simply figure out where to go next, numerology can be a penetrating tool that helps you understand yourself and loved ones better. .... Free download of VeBest Numerology for Mac 7.3.3

jAGN 1.02 Fabricio M. Lopes    

... viewed as networks of molecules connected by chemical reactions. The development of massive data collection techniques, as cDNA microarrays and SAGE, allows the simultaneous verification of cell's components estate in multiples instances of time. Computational methods have been extensively used to analyze and to interpret this amount of .... Free download of jAGN 1.02

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Avira Server Security Avira    

... many files at high speed · Configurable reactions to a detection: repair, deletion, moving to a quarantine directory, blocking, renaming and isolation of programs or files; automatic removal of viruses and malware · Quarantine manager: infected files can be deleted in the quarantine directory or restored at their .... Free download of Avira Server Security

Trollface Quest 3 1.0 Gamekens Games    

... numbing mysteries. Troll your friends and watch their reactions as they fail each level. Check out our walk through if you're feeling frustrated, we've got the answers you seek. 20 classic levels well illustrated and orchestrated. Have fun, and don't forget trolls. tell yo friends. .... Free download of Trollface Quest 3 1.0

Beam deflection calculator for Windows 1.7 VaxaSoftware    

... calculate deflection, slope, bending moment, shear force, and reactions of beams. Easy and fast to use. User's manual in PDF format. .... Free download of Beam deflection calculator for Windows 1.7

CQZ2 Worksheet Generator for Chemistry 1.8.3 VaxaSoftware    

... Colligative properties of solutions - Stoichiometry of chemical reactions: - Percent yield of reaction - Limiting reagents ... - Acid-base equilibria - Solubility equilibria - Redox reactions: - Galvanic cell - Electrolysis - Atomic and ... - Molecular geometry - Photoelectric effect - Nuclear reactions - Nomenclature of inorganic compounds - Isomerism - .... Free download of CQZ2 Worksheet Generator for Chemistry 1.8.3

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Enterra Chinese Poker 1.9 Enterra Inc.    

... game. They hook quickly and inspire strong initial reactions. Open-Face Chinese Poker requires a lot of strategy in the beginning and middle game, while the end game is more mathematical. Chinese Poker is an example of a real gamble. The poker games see players dealt 13 cards from a standard .... Free download of Enterra Chinese Poker 1.9

EngiLab Beam.2D 2014 2.0.5032.1250 EngiLab    

... the Node Displacements, Element End Forces and Constraint-Spring Reactions of the Model. It can draw the Axial Force, Shear Force and Bending Moment Diagrams of the Model and also draw the Deformed state of the Model. .... Free download of EngiLab Beam.2D 2014 2.0.5032.1250

CyFluxViz 0.92 Matthias Konig    

... variety of formats Sub-networks based on flux carrying reactions (flux subetwork) or arbitrary network attributes Flexible mapping architecture for all visual attributes Full integration with CySBML Export of views in variety of formats (SVG, EPS, PDF, BMP, PNG) Batch capabilities Publications originating from the use of CyFluxViz should cite the .... Free download of CyFluxViz 0.92

Tennis in the Face 10tons Ltd.    

... and watch them tumble hilariously. Trigger masterful chain reactions and watch the chaos unfold. Finally enjoy the ... other objects. Your actions will set off chain reactions and you'll watch the events unfold while knocking out the enemies. The more enemies you knock out with a single serve, the higher your .... Free download of Tennis in the Face

Gunpowder Microsoft    

... wild world of Gunpowder to life. Use chain reactions to jump rivers, launch mine carts over obstacles and much, much more! Collect Boss Grimshaw's hidden treasures and add them to your trophy case! Master the multiple maniacal mechanics… or go mad trying! Lay gunpowder and place kegs using your mouse .... Free download of Gunpowder

HealthTrakr 1.1 ModernApp Technologies    

... medication and physician Allergies- Maintain allergy data - reactions, severity and date diagnosed on Systematically track your Medical Records and treatment details Export your treaments, medical records , vital history as PDF and email/share/show to your physician. .... Free download of HealthTrakr 1.1

Appy Gamer for Win8 UI Mobiles Republic    

... topic and read the articles with the most reactions. Find out more about the article you just read from a selection of top online resources. .... Free download of Appy Gamer for Win8 UI

Cube Cooker BungBungame Inc.    

... is a fun game that tests a player's reactions and concentration. Cube Cooker defeated close to ... game's appeal? Or want to test your own reactions and concentration? Download this game now and start playing! Features Left/right button switch: Switches controls according to player preference. Multi-Languages supported (English, .... Free download of Cube Cooker

Scary Prank Pure Dead Brilliant    

... security with the simple games and watch their reactions as the scary surprise catches them off guard! ... let your victims play them and watch their reactions! You can also pin the two prank games to the Start Screen and let them play it unwittingly! Timer Mode: In timer mode, .... Free download of Scary Prank

CoNIFER 0.2.2 Beta Niklas Krumm    

... the copy-number of duplicated genes. As exome capture reactions are subject to strong and systematic capture biases between sample batches, we implemented singular value decomposition (SVD) to eliminate these biases in exome data. CoNIFER offers the ability to mix exome sequence from multiple experimental runs by eliminating batch biases. .... Free download of CoNIFER 0.2.2 Beta

TinkerCell 1.2.926 Deepak Chandran    

... simulations for speed · Automatic generation of complex reactions with intermediate steps .... Free download of TinkerCell 1.2.926

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