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in-STEP BLUE microTOOL GmbH    

... you are working in, be it aviation, the railway industry, automotive, medical technology, IT software development or ... risks, test cases and much more. With up-to-date information for project planning and project controlling available at any time. Actual values and content are updated automatically by each team member and managed revision-secure. .... Free download of in-STEP BLUE

PTraffic Pro 1.3.1 Jörg Siebrands, software development    

... time interval, an departure table and a passenger information table. a graphic schedule is also included. For projects created using PTraffic a player PTraffic Show is available at no additional cost. PTraffic Show contains the same browser applications as PTraffic. Data will be stored in Portable-Table-Format (PTF) which can be .... Free download of PTraffic Pro 1.3.1

Windows Mobile Text SMS Software MobileTextSMS.com    

... software is beneficial for various industries such as Information Technology, Social Media, Banking, Hotels, Ticketing, Railway, Tele communication, Institutions and other sectors. .... Free download of Windows Mobile Text SMS Software

CMS Stock 2.03.000 GPP Software    

... essential solution for effective management of your model railway/railroad collection. FEATURES: Key CMS Stock Benefits ... you to quickly and easily manage your model railway collection Safely documents an accurate and up-to-date record ... specific details about models Ideal solution for managing information about a model collection in a cost-effective manner .... Free download of CMS Stock 2.03.000

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Railways Enquiry Mayukh Ray    

Indian Railways enquiry app will inform user about the live ... live notification. The application does not transmit any information about a user to us. The application queries the indian railway sites for fetching all the information. The app uses Internet connection of the user's .... Free download of Railways Enquiry

ÖBB Scotty ÖBB-Personenverkehr AG    

... Scotty the ÖBB offers you the most comprehensive information service about public transport in Austria. Now ÖBB Scotty you will have access to all important information about your journey while being on the go. From most up-to-date itineraries with maps to real-time information. Journey planner for public transport ÖBB Scotty .... Free download of ÖBB Scotty

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