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INDIGO 2.0 Release Indigo Software Technologies    

... the dominant point of view, etc.), automation of quizzes and competitions. .... Free download of INDIGO 2.0 Release

Adit Testdesk Server 3.00 Adit Software    

... fully automated approach to online testing. Create tests, quizzes and exams with infinite variability. Adit Testdesk can generate modern online tests or create printable assignments for offline exams. Instant grading is available to tests of any complexity thanks to support for scripts, formulas and variables. Adit Testdesk makes it easy .... Free download of Adit Testdesk Server 3.00

QuizFaber 3.1 Build 2 Luca Galli    

QuizFaber will allow you to create easily and rapidly multimedia quizzes in HTML with a JavaScript, embedded in the ... This application, which runs under Windows, is a quiz editor. The HTML pages can be personalized ... the questions, and at the end of the quiz, the student will be given a final mark, .... Free download of QuizFaber 3.1 Build 2

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