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msmtp 1.8.7 Martin Lambers    

... mode, it transmits a mail to an SMTP server which takes care of further delivery. To use this program with your mail user agent (MUA), create a configuration file with your mail ... command pipelining DSN (Delivery Status Notification) support SOCKS proxy support msmtp runs on a wide variety .... Free download of msmtp 1.8.7

sipcli 2.7.0 Yasin KAPLAN    

sipcli is a command line SIP user agent runs under Windows (XP, Vista, 7/8/10, 2003-2016 Server) which enables making SIP (Based on RFC 3261) ... sipcli tested on Microsoft Windows XP, Windows 2003 server and Windows Vista. You can play built-in or ... can set source IP interface, SIP port, SIP proxy/port, SIP username and password. * You can play .... Free download of sipcli 2.7.0

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VoIP SIP SDK for Android 4.1 ABTO Software    

... OpenSER and Asterisk) ICE support SIP Registrar (SIP server) support Audio and video calls Single line support DTMF Status messages User Agent name support SIP port change Available SIP port ... Different networks support (WiFi, GPRS, 3G, EDGE) Registration proxy support Log support Available codecs: G.711-ALaw G.711-muLaw G.729 .... Free download of VoIP SIP SDK for Android 4.1

SurfOffline 2.2.0 Bimesoft    

... rules. Importantly, the program supports HTTP, SSL(HTTPS), FTP, proxy servers, CSS, Macromedia Flash and JavaScript parsing. The program ... is the capability to transfer information to the server about the browser used (Agent Identity, for example, Netscape Navigator or Mozilla). Built-in HTTP server lets you share downloaded files with other computers. Free download of SurfOffline 2.2.0

Aloaha MailAndArchive 6.0.63 Wrocklage Intermedia GmbH    

... be it MS Exchange or any other Mail Server. It gives you all the business benefits of ... archiving in one single service: - Mail Transport Agent MTA/SMTP Server - Nospamproxy - Full text indexed mailstore without ... need to install an expensive and complicated SQL Server - Integrated ASP.Net compatible Web Server for Web .... Free download of Aloaha MailAndArchive 6.0.63

Private Shell SSH Client 3.3 Imposant    

... Private Shell you can create a secure SOCKS5 proxy. Private Shell's default configuration allows you to connect to any SSH1 or SSH2 server in the most secure way by choosing the ... upload features. You can use the included key agent utility to cache decrypted private keys. Tokens are ... codepage" feature to display non-English characters sent by servers Install Private Shell to a flash drive or .... Free download of Private Shell SSH Client 3.3

Fast Link Checker Lite WebTweakTools.com    

... in HTML files directly, without accessing a web server, simply specify a file name and its path ... in the folder are checked. From the web server side, Fast Link Checker Lite acts like a ... there is no difference what type of web server a host is running. All properly configured web .... Free download of Fast Link Checker Lite

Teleport Pro 1.69 Tennyson Maxwell Information Systems    

... files on all of the sites. And with server-side image map exploration, automatic dial-up connecting, Java applet ... Javascript analysis * Can retrieve files from FTP servers * Full offline browsing and site mirroring capabilities ... Independently configurable internal and external exploration depths * Server-side image map exploration -- translates server-side maps into .... Free download of Teleport Pro 1.69

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