Promo SMS Sender 3.0 PromoToMobile    

... or mobile phone. This is software for SMS advertising and SMS marketing. It supports long and flash SMS, 7-bit, UCS2 (16-bit unicode) character encoding. Support all international characters. Import phone number list from CSV files. The SMS editor displaying information about the total length of your text message. Send personalized .... Free download of Promo SMS Sender 3.0

Smart Bluetooth Marketing    

Smart Bluetooth Marketing is a proximity marketing and communication software that allows you to ... * Smart Bluetooth Marketing automatically sends promotional and advertising messages, business cards, event notifications to the mobile phones and all other Bluetooth-enabled devices within a range of 10 - 100 meters. You can provide your customers .... Free download of Smart Bluetooth Marketing

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Freeblue Bluetooth Marketing Software 1.0.6 FreeBlue    

Bluetooth Marketing | Advertising | Mobile | Proximity | Freeware Software Complete, Professional and 100% Freeware. Freeblue Features: - Twitter Integration; - On-line Statistics; - Multiples Users Manager; - On-line Backup Password; - Graphical Reports and Listings; - .... Free download of Freeblue Bluetooth Marketing Software 1.0.6

Proximity Promoter 24x7 1.25.0 PromoToMobile    

This is software for proximity advertising via Bluetooth connectivity (Bluetooth Marketing). Proximity Promoter 24x7 provides free transmission of any files (TXT, MP3, JPG, 3GP, MP4, vCal, .... Free download of Proximity Promoter 24x7 1.25.0

Bluetooth Promoter 24x7 1.22.0 PromoToMobile    

... is an application which allows users to make advertising via Bluetooth connectivity. Bluetooth Promoter 24x7 provides free transmission of any files (TXT, MP3, JPG, 3GP, MP4, vCal, vCard) to any Bluetooth devices (mobile phones, smartphones, hand-held devices, communicators, laptops, mini-laptop computers) within coverage over Bluetooth. You can use "Bluetooth .... Free download of Bluetooth Promoter 24x7 1.22.0

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