LNChat 2.8 B028000 David Aguirre Grazio     update

... and it works across Ethernet port using UDP protocol. As this module is built with peer to peer architecture, it requires no Server and IP configuration. Installing Local Network Chat is very easy, and system administrator .... Free download of LNChat 2.8 B028000

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Dynamic Web TWAIN 15.1 Dynamsoft     update

... upload and download images through FTP or HTTP protocol. Image can be displayed within Dynamic ... this service, our developers participate in your TWAIN module development as a active team member · Both ActiveX and Plug-In are supported. Compatible with Internet Explorer, Netscape, Firefox and many other browsers · .... Free download of Dynamic Web TWAIN 15.1

Xmanager Enterprise 6.0 B0143 NetSarang, Inc.     update

... product share a common SSH (Secure Shell) security module and interoperate with one another. This provides customers ... your communication with the server using the SSH protocol -Generating the user/public key with SSH Key Generation Wizard -Preventing unauthorized use of Xmanager with Access Control -Opening multiple Xmanager instances with different X .... Free download of Xmanager Enterprise 6.0 B0143

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NetMail light 3.41 Shamrock Software GmbH     update

... GPRS or UMTS: With its highly optimized compressed protocol, connection volume and time is minimized. Together ... out the free add-ons also, like an SMTP module for direct email reception. NetMail consists of ... mailboxes, using the To/Cc/Bcc header lines. The SMS module allows sending and receiving SMS messages. The transfer .... Free download of NetMail light 3.41

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OpenVPN x64 2.4.7 OpenVPN Technologies, Inc.     update

... or 3 secure network extension utilizing the SSL/TLS protocol, fortifies flexible client authentication methods predicated on certificates, ... or 3 secure network extension using the SSL/TLS protocol, supports flexible client authentication methods based on certificates, ... or fortifying alternative authentication methods via OpenVPN's plugin module interface. OpenVPN Technologies, Inc. is committed to .... Free download of OpenVPN x64 2.4.7

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OpenVPN for Linux 2.4.7 OpenVPN Technologies, Inc.     update

... or fortifying alternative authentication methods via OpenVPN's plugin module interface. OpenVPN's lightweight design sheds many of ... or 3 secure network extension using the SSL/TLS protocol, supports flexible client authentication methods based on certificates, smart cards, and/or 2-factor authentication, and allows user or group-specific access control policies using firewall rules .... Free download of OpenVPN for Linux 2.4.7

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MODBUS RTU plugin 4.0.55 B1102 AGG Software     update

MODBUS is a serial communications protocol for use with its programmable logic controllers (PLCs). ... has since become a de facto standard communication protocol, and it is now a commonly available means ... MODBUS master or in the "Spy" mode. This module has the following features: Can send valid data request .... Free download of MODBUS RTU plugin 4.0.55 B1102

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EventStudio System Designer 7.3.0 EventHelix.com Inc.     update

... Telecom Call Flow Design, Real-time Embedded System Design, Protocol Design, Object Oriented Design, Distributed System Design, Business ... level with varying level of detail. Generate a module level sequence diagram or a detailed object interaction diagram from the same model .... Free download of EventStudio System Designer 7.3.0

Advanced Serial Data Logger Enterprise 4.2.1 B131 AGG Software    

... -Hardware and software data flow control -RS-485 protocol support -Spy (sniffer) mode -Output received ... final data export. -Aggregator is an additional module that collecting data from several different parsed data records into one common data record. .... Free download of Advanced Serial Data Logger Enterprise 4.2.1 B131

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Modbus OPC server 2.3 Scientific Production Company «KRUG»    

... with an access to devices, supporting the MODBUS protocol. To have a trial run of the software ... 30-day fully functional trial period. Key functions Supported protocols: MODBUS RTU, MODBUS TCP, MODBUS ASCII Supported MODBUS ... (CSD, GPRS, etc.), using the Modem Communication Channel Module special software Opportunity to poll tag groups of .... Free download of Modbus OPC server 2.3

Jetico Personal Firewall Jetico Inc    

... and modification. Firewall filtering functions are implemented by modules. Jetico Personal Firewall contains no hidden or compiled-in ... IP rules support IP address ranges. Low level protocol rules support filtering by MAC address. Application rules ... network. Indirect access details are also available. New module for hash checking created. Application, Process attack and .... Free download of Jetico Personal Firewall

AggreGate Device Management Platform for Linux 5.21.00 Tibbo Technology    

... may work with AggreGate regardless of its communication protocol. You can bridge your existing devices into the ... using a programmable controller, by implementing AggreGate communication protocol in your own device, or by protocol conversion via software device drivers. For new designs, the programmable module can be built directly into the product. Devices .... Free download of AggreGate Device Management Platform for Linux 5.21.00

ADCH++ 2.11.2 Jacek Sieka    

... for the ADC network. It implements the ADC protocol. The core application is very simple, but extensible ... The core is also exposed as a Python module, thus it is possible to use it within a Python application. Features: Here is a brief feature list of what ADCH++ supports .... Free download of ADCH++ 2.11.2

X-Win32 2012 Build 107 StarNet Communications Corporation    

... unmatched speed thanks to our compression and unique protocol. Using WiFi or DSL connections, you can work ... X-Win32 comes with an integrated SSH connection module that allows you to connect securely to servers behind firewalls. In addition, our LIVE sessions also run over an encrypted SSH tunnel by default. .... Free download of X-Win32 2012 Build 107

SWIG 2.0.10 SWIG    

... programs can be turned into scripting language extension modules. These modules can then be combined together to create new ... interesting applications. Construction of scripting language extension modules. SWIG can be used to turn common C/C++ ... sure that no-one else has already created a module before doing this. SWIG is sometimes .... Free download of SWIG 2.0.10

Tundra 2.3.2 realXtend Development Team    

Tundra is a scriptable 3D internet application development platform. It is aimed primarily for application developers, as a platform for creating networked 3D worlds with customized content. Tundra uses the traditional client-server architecture for networking. After installing you will find the Tundra executable from the install directory, run Tundra --help .... Free download of Tundra 2.3.2

Chainsaw 6.7.4069.23799 Pmcc.    

... generate channel statistics using pisg. * IPv6 network protocol and multi server support. * Sample plugins that ... through the commands !calc and !calcC#. * A.I. module (if alice mode is activated) so the bot can pretend to be human when someone talks with him. .... Free download of Chainsaw 6.7.4069.23799

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OpenControl Modbus Serial OPC Server 3.5 Buraq Integrated Solutions    

Modbus Serial Protocol has been most popular and widely used industrial protocol, keeping in mind, OpenControl offers Modbus Serial OPC ... product contains two parts: a user interface configuration module and the actual OPC server, the runtime module. The configuration module allows you to create a database that holds ... the ranging, and the alarm settings. The runtime module uses a runtime database to access the actual .... Free download of OpenControl Modbus Serial OPC Server 3.5

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