Wujie 19.02 UltraReach Internet Corp     update

... of its communication with its infrastructure. Privacy Protect Internet privacy with anonymous surfing and browsing -- ... countries without internet censorship also use it to protect their internet privacy and security. With UltraSurf ... same as before, but all are under UltraSurf's protection now. UltraSurf is a small application which .... Free download of Wujie 19.02

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Hotspot Shield 8.4.10 AnchorFree     update

Hotspot Shield protects PC and Mac users from over 3.5 million ... and personal information online with HTTPS encryption. * Protect yourself from identity theft online. * Hide your ... all content privately without censorship; bypass firewalls. * Protect yourself from snoopers at Wi-Fi hotspots, hotels, airports, ... (Windows 7 and Snow Leopard) Hotspot Shield protects your entire web surfing session; securingyour connection at .... Free download of Hotspot Shield 8.4.10

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VPNKS VPN Kill Switch 1.7 Nick Swardh     update

... drops. When activated, all traffic is blocked to protect your privacy and no data will be sent over your unsecured internet connection. Why to use a VPN Kill Switch? If internet security and privacy is important to you and you want to make sure that no unwanted data is sent .... Free download of VPNKS VPN Kill Switch 1.7

Hotspot Shield for Mobile 6.9.1 AnchorFree     update

... million times: PROVIDES INTERNET SECURITY & PRIVACY: protect yourself in Wi-Fi hotspots (VPN encrypts all traffic); protect your identity and your IP address to stop ... on bandwidth and data plan (Elite only) * Protection from phishing, spam, and other rogue sites (Elite ... * Secure your browsing and all apps. * Protect yourself in Wi-Fi hotspots. * VPN encrypts all .... Free download of Hotspot Shield for Mobile 6.9.1

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KeepLock 1.2.2 SKYUNION HONGKONG     update

KeepLock is a free security app. You can lock important apps, system settings, and even your gallery. You can also prevent your children from making in-app purchases by accident, or deleting important information. If anyone were to try to unlock your phone, KeepLock will snap a shot of the intruder. Are .... Free download of KeepLock 1.2.2

K9 Web Protection 4.5.1001.0 Blue Coat Systems     update

Blue Coat® K9 Web Protection is a content filtering solution for your home ... Internet content that enters your home. K9 Web Protection implements the same enterprise-class Web filtering technology used ... block or allow specific categories. K9 Web Protection is different from other solutions for the home ... filtering database available. This accuracy is important in protecting your family, given the Internet's rapid changes and .... Free download of K9 Web Protection 4.5.1001.0

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Ultrasurf VPN for Android 1.1.5 UltraReach Internet Corp     update

... and freely. Our users also use Ultrasurf to protect their privacy and security by encryption and hiding their IPs. More and more users asked us to release a Android version, and we provide this beta version for you to test, Please test and send feedback to help us to improve. .... Free download of Ultrasurf VPN for Android 1.1.5

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UltraSurf 19.02 UltraReach Internet Corp     update

... people using it to bypass internet censorship and protect their online privacy. ULTRASURF'S REACH: » ... in non-censoring countries to encrypt their communications, and protect their IP address from the websites visited; it ... hotspots and public WiFi networks. Privacy Protect your privacy online with anonymous surfing and browsing. .... Free download of UltraSurf 19.02

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USB Manager 2.05 Makesoft     new

... it and then go to options to Password Protect the settings. This can in fact be very ... then you can disable storage devices and password protect it. Once done, all USB inserted in your ... of devices; Easy interface; Hiding in system; Password protect; Hot keys for quick using; Autorun with windows; .... Free download of USB Manager 2.05

PDF Password Lock Free 2.2 Pasprog     update

... of tools for working with such files. PDF protect with this utility can be installed both to open a document and to separate manipulations with it. To do this, the program provides for setting a user password and setting the owner password. The user's password is placed on the opening .... Free download of PDF Password Lock Free 2.2

Safer Work 1.2 KUBA - EDV     new

Safer Work activates computer protection through whitelisting. Safer Work enables Windows software restriction ... paid license. The unlicensed software activates the computer protection for all users. With the full version, you can also protect individual user profiles. In addition, restrictions may be ... Windows 10 Education usable. Safer Work enables computer protection through changes in the registry database. Therefore, Safer .... Free download of Safer Work 1.2

PDF Anti-Copy 2.0 PDF Anti-Copy    

... like Word, Excel and TXT. UNLIKE normal PDF protection utilities only adding restrictions to PDF files, PDF Anti-Copy reprocesses all the words and graphics on the sensitive PDF pages to secure PDF documents, without changing the original content format. The processed PDF files could be opened and viewed by PDF .... Free download of PDF Anti-Copy 2.0

Secure File 1.0 Christos Beretas    

Secure File is a tool that will protect you from surveillance. By using this tool you may send direct files globally. .... Free download of Secure File 1.0

Free Hide IP VPN 4.1.6 HideIPVPN Inc.    

... time, effort and money. Free Hide IP VPN protects every step of the way surfing internet and visiting pages. It grants you peace in mind that all data you send and receive is encrypted, out the reach of vicious hackers, identity thieves, nosy snoopers, spies and even your ISP - .... Free download of Free Hide IP VPN 4.1.6

PDF Security OwnerGuard 12.9.1 Armjisoft DRM Systems    

... the ultimate Security, Digital Rights Management (DRM), Copy Protection, Watermarking, Licensing and Distribution Management solution for Adobe ... Expiration Date or Working Duration for your drm protected pdf documents. With PDF Security OwnerGuard you can ... full features of Adobe Reader for your drm protected pdf documents. PDF Security OwnerGuard Controls and applies .... Free download of PDF Security OwnerGuard 12.9.1

Free Porn Blocker 1.0 Convert-Video.ru    

Free Porn Blocker - a reliable program to protect children from pornographic content on the Internet. Free ... scan internet traffic in order to detect and protect against pornography content. Once the Free Porn Blocker detects that the user intends to visit a porn site, the program immediately blocks the browser .... Free download of Free Porn Blocker 1.0

My Lockbox 3.8.1 FSPro Labs    

... hide and lock folders on your computer and protect them with password. The protected folder (lockbox) is hidden and locked from any ... locally or from the net. To open the protected folder you must input a valid password. If ... by email and will get access to the protected files. My Lockbox is a very easy in .... Free download of My Lockbox 3.8.1

Anvi Folder Locker 1.2 Anvisoft    

About Anvi Folder Locker: Anvi Folder Locker .... Free download of Anvi Folder Locker 1.2

MacPermitWizard 1.2.0 MacSecuritySolutions Inc    

... from peeking into your record. Moreover, you can protect sensitive system files from modification or destruction, control ... or folders are visible to users, but are protected from access by MacPermitWizard permissions. None can read, ... and files in a locked folder are also protected. MacPermitWizard does not modify or encrypt the protected .... Free download of MacPermitWizard 1.2.0

MacFileSafeguard 1.2.0 MacSecuritySolutions Inc    

... from peeking into your record. Moreover, you can protect sensitive system files from modification or destruction.A locked ... or folders are visible to users, but are protected from access by MacFileSafeguard permissions. None can read, ... and files in a locked folder are also protected. MacFileSafeguard does not modify or encrypt the protected .... Free download of MacFileSafeguard 1.2.0

RDP Shield 1.0.0 VPSBlocks Pty Ltd    

RDP Brute Force Protection for Windows servers and computers. If your server has remote desktop on a public IP, protect it from brute force attacks by installing the ... attacker. RDP Shield runs as a service and protects your server 24/7. With a large rise in ... built-in Windows product to offer this level of protection, RDP Shield is a necessity. Every Windows server .... Free download of RDP Shield 1.0.0

Lock My PC Free Edition 4.9.5 FSPro Labs    

Lock My PC Free Edition is a good and free alternative to standard Win+L Windows lock. The program lets you to lock your computer with a password while you leave it unattended. It blocks keyboard, mouse and screen. Lock My PC Free Edition comes with a full set of fine tune .... Free download of Lock My PC Free Edition 4.9.5

Qustodio Free Parental Control 2012 1.30 Qustodio    

Free parental control. Qustodio helps you protect your kids online. See how they use the Internet, set healthy access limits, and protect against dangerous or inappropriate content, cyberbullying, and online ... who they talk to online Block dangerous websites Protect kids from bullying and predators Manage your kids? Internet .... Free download of Qustodio Free Parental Control 2012 1.30

ABC Security Protector 5.5994 Ixis Ltd    

This nice free security utility enables you to protect your PC by disabling some features like: use of the MS-DOS command prompt in Windows and real mode DOS applications from within the Windows shell, and disable function keys on boot up like the F5, F6 and F8 keys. The program .... Free download of ABC Security Protector 5.5994

MegaProtector 2012 Iguana Software    

... of similar websites has created a need to protect our children without removing them from the internet. .... Free download of MegaProtector 2012

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