RDS Shield 1.0.6 Marty Soft Conception    

Prevent, Protect and Combat cyber attacks for Windows Remote Desktop ... SERVERS DRIVE ACCOUNTS & GROUPS ACCESS ENABLE CUSTOM PROTECTIONS Install in less than a minute. RDS-Shield is ... group, this account will be in Secured user session, when other will work in Kiosk Mode. Easily import Applocker's rules without opening GPO, .... Free download of RDS Shield 1.0.6

Amigabit Privacy Cleaner 1.1.0 Amigabit    

Amigabit Privacy Cleaner is designed to protect your privacy and personal information by cleaning all ... history, cookies, saved form information, save pass password, session. *Instant Messaging Software Google Talk, Windows Live Messenger, ... Download history, cookies, Internet cache, saved form information, session. *Opera URL, history, cookies, session. *Safari Internet Cache, history, cookies, saved form information. .... Free download of Amigabit Privacy Cleaner 1.1.0

PREDATOR Professional x64 Richard Goutorbe    

... when you are away, even if your Windows session is still opened. It uses a regular USB ... It's easier and faster than closing your Windows session, since you do not have to retype your ... keys · Send Email and SMS alerts · Protect Preferences · Enable splash screen · Enable Task .... Free download of PREDATOR Professional x64

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SiteKiosk 9.0.3238 PROVISIO GmbH LLC    

... allowing the user to access the Internet, but protecting the underlying operating system and files. It is ... following critical security features: * Monitors and protects the operating system against manipulation by computer vandalism ... drives, folders and files from unauthorized access * Protects the terminal against most viruses, trojans, and destructive .... Free download of SiteKiosk 9.0.3238

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GWT Virtual Application System Xi'an Realor Information Tech Co., Ltd.    

... scenarios. Log Event Management includes security, audit, alarm, session, application, online monitor, record screen, device redirection. Efficient ... authentication, control the specified computer to access, comprehensive protect server security. Comprehensive access security protection measures and operation event audit management. Single Sign .... Free download of GWT Virtual Application System

Net-Peeker Group Edition 3.50.1177 Ming Jin's Software    

... on any computer in the network. Display all sessions and listen to all ports for any active ... usage quota before block or limit speed Protect system against "Malwares" Protect system by monitoring system operations, deny operation by ... Log and analyze network traffic Log every session, including start/stop time, applications, remote addresses/ports, total transferred .... Free download of Net-Peeker Group Edition 3.50.1177

MJ Registry Watcher Mark Jacobs    

... be hooked. Exactly which keys and files are protected can be completely configured by the user, although ... so, if you have a vested interest in protecting your file association for the mailto protocol (your ... stores this association is hkey_lmussoftwareclassesmailtoshellopencommand, and you could protect other associations by changing "mailto" to the desired .... Free download of MJ Registry Watcher

Toolwiz Password Safe Toolwiz Soft    

... the more secure. In this way, it can protect your computer and other documents from being attacked. ... length. All passwords are unique among one program session (until you restart the program). Ability to exclude dubious symbols (!, 1, I, l, O, 0, o, ^, comma, dot). Including special symbols (~, .... Free download of Toolwiz Password Safe

Opera 12 12.16 Opera Software    

... closed or website pop-ups that Opera blocked. Protect a tab from closing By right-clicking a tab, ... open these same pages. You can have multiple sessions and load each one based on what you are doing at a certain time. Productivity Stay in control of downloads Download files .... Free download of Opera 12 12.16

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Family Protector 2013 10.7.4 Intego    

... away from inappropriate websites and dangerous people. Family Protector allows you to create the proper boundaries for ... to pornography? We don’t blame you. Intego Family Protector can block out entire categories of Internet sites ... running into a filter. Intego Family Protector can monitor Internet chat sessions to make sure .... Free download of Family Protector 2013 10.7.4

StatWin Professional 9.0 Employee Monitoring Software    

... of information including system start and shutdown time, session and logged user; processes and applications running in ... user account name, date, start and finish time, session period and other details. StatWin Professional also lets you monitor user activities and administer the system, even in the stealth mode, so users of .... Free download of StatWin Professional 9.0

Baby Computer Piano 2.83 CFSoft    

... Piano is a software designed not only to protect your computer but to also allow you to ... and a listen to a previously saved "music session". All in all, Baby Computer Piano is a fun, innovative and handy application that will allow you to ingeniously and effortlessly keep your infant .... Free download of Baby Computer Piano 2.83

My CyberCafe 9.3 TRUE Software    

... printers and optionally deducts print cost from the session. -Full POS system with customer loyalty, advanced statistics, ... your individual terminals, add time or money, end session or reboot your terminals from a central location. ... you all statistical information about the cash sales, session transactions, and logins report. You can either use .... Free download of My CyberCafe 9.3

imgv 3.1.5 Ryan Kulla    

Imgv is a unique and feature rich Image Viewer. It is released as free software with full source code. Imgv is portable and can run on Windows. Features include a GUI that doesn't get in the way of viewing your images, a file browser, slideshows, zooming, rotating, on-the-fly Exif viewing, .... Free download of imgv 3.1.5

YMore Beta YMore    

... Did you know that Yahoo Messenger doesn't protect your chat session ? This means that someone on your network or your ISP can easily eavesdrop on your conversations. YMore handles this issue by encrypting your .... Free download of YMore Beta

Video Padlock 1.20 Applian Technologies Inc.    

... and they become available only in Video Padlock, protected by a master password you enter once at the start of each session. Instant Playback Only Video Padlock has ... Video Padlock can also be used to protect audio or any other file type with this .... Free download of Video Padlock 1.20

XArp 2.2.2 chrismc    

... levels for everyday users and their need to protect their data. Packet inspection methods and configurable detection modules passively inspect the network traffic in search for indication of ARP attacks. Active methods send support packet inspection and actively verify the state of the network, giving all power needed to defend .... Free download of XArp 2.2.2

Opera 11 11.64 1403 Opera Software    

... closed or website pop-ups that Opera blocked. Protect a tab from closing By right-clicking a tab, ... open these same pages. You can have multiple sessions and load each one based on what you are doing at a certain time. Productivity Stay in control of downloads Download files .... Free download of Opera 11 11.64 1403

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ServerMask 5.0.2 Port80 Software, Inc.    

... file extensions. Modify Cookie Values The ASP session ID cookie, used by the Session object to maintain client state, is a dead ... arbitrary cookie names: · Automatically rewrite common identifying session cookies such as ASPSESSIONID, ASP.NET_SessionId, CFTOKEN, and CFID .... Free download of ServerMask 5.0.2

Password Booster Screen Lock Clubbhouse Inventions    

... device from the USB port, your computer login session is immediately locked. Only the device that was ... now removed from the USB port, your computer session is immediately locked. The LAST USB ... Lock does NOT log you into your computer session - it just locks your current session. You .... Free download of Password Booster Screen Lock

AMP WinOFF Portable 5.0.1 AMPSoft    

... down. · Option for set a password to protect the access to the configuration. · Complete command ... Option for run the program when starting Windows session, for daily programmed shut down. · Immediate shut down and computer lock from the traybar icon menu. · Option for show an alert window, .... Free download of AMP WinOFF Portable 5.0.1

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Windaq SD Rescue 1.0 UltimaSerial    

... contained a lot of important files from previous sessions, you may use this mode to fish out ... more? The reason is .wdc files from previous session(s) may not be erased during formatting, so they may be fished out in this mode. .... Free download of Windaq SD Rescue 1.0

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Wise Telnet & Serial Terminal 3.2.11 John Popplewell    

... WiseTerm suite of telnet/serial emulators. Features: programmable keyboard; protect/write-protect modes; 24/25/42/43 line by 80/132 column display including ... monitor mode; line drawing; remotely switchable emulation. Supports session logging. Includes a modem dialer and a simple phonebook. When using telnet, you can use your host file, or an edited version of your .... Free download of Wise Telnet & Serial Terminal 3.2.11

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