.Net Native Interface Library for Pascal CrystalNet Technologies LTD     new

The .Net Native Interface Library is a native programming interface which provides a way for programming languages such as Pascal to interact with applications ... produce software by combining source codes from any programming language with the .Net framework and other .Net ... Libraries is required when deployed. 3. Allows Pascal programming language to consume .Net libraries as if they .... Free download of .Net Native Interface Library for Pascal

RVMedia 7.0 TRichView.Com     update

... rotation of IP-cameras. TRVCamera provides a single simple programming interface for all supported IP-cameras. 2. TRVCamView is a visual component that displays video from TRVCamera or TRVCamReceiver. 3. TRVCamMultiView is visual component that displays multiple videos from different sources. 4. TRVCamControl is a visual component that controls IP-camera movement. 5. .... Free download of RVMedia 7.0

Visual Live Binding for Delphi 7.7 Mitov Software    

Now you can create complex database, application, business logic, and user interface in minutes without writing code, using practically any existing Delphi or C++ Builder component, and enjoy the full power of graphical application development with the OpenWire Graphical Editor. You can add OpenWire pins at design time to any public .... Free download of Visual Live Binding for Delphi 7.7

Runtime Fusion 2013.10 Greatis Software    

Runtime Fusion contains Greatis Software's flagship Delphi-related products: Form Designer and Object Inspector. These two products allow you to change anything in your application at runtime: Form Designer can move and/or resize any control on a form, and Object Inspector allows you to change any property of any component in your .... Free download of Runtime Fusion 2013.10

Ultimate Pack 2013.10 Greatis Software    

What is Ultimate Pack? Ultimate Pack is a software pack which contains all Greatis Software's products for Delphi and C++ Builder. Runtime Fusion (with Form Designer and Object Inspector within), Print Suite Pro, Commented Image, Image Editor, Delphi Toys, WinDowse and Delphi Bonus! All in one and all with full source .... Free download of Ultimate Pack 2013.10

Delphi XE3 Embarcadero Technologies, Inc.    

For ISVs and Enterprises the #1 application development challenge today is supporting the growing heterogeneous mix of Windows and Apple devices, UI approaches, OS versions, and emerging form factors. To turn this mounting challenge into a competitive advantage, developers need an edge, a way to virtually replicate their R&D staff several .... Free download of Delphi XE3

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Print Suite Pro 1.89 Greatis Software    

Greatis Print Suite is a set of components which provides advanced print and print preview features into Delphi and C++ Builder applications. The suite contains: TPrintJob main non-visual component of the suite which provides easy multipage printing TPreview control which provides easy print preview TPreviewWindow ready-to-use preview window TPreviewToolbar ready-to-use toolbar .... Free download of Print Suite Pro 1.89

Object Inspector 1.592 Greatis Software    

Object Inspector is a component suite containing inspectors that allow you to change anything in your application at runtime. Object Inspector suite includes: TPropertyInterface component for easy access to any property or event of any component at runtime (the best object interface to the RTTI - Borland's RunTime Type Information) TCommonInspector .... Free download of Object Inspector 1.592

Form Designer 3.89 Greatis Software    

Form Designer allows you to move and/or resize any control on your form. There is no need to prepare your form to use Form Designer. Just drop a TFormDesigner component onto any form, set its Active property to True and enjoy! After activating Form Designer, you can select, move and/or resize .... Free download of Form Designer 3.89

Delphi Examples Collection 3.0 VCL Examples    

... for most used methods and components in everyday programming. Save yourself hours of online research and going through tons of useless code. In one place, you will have a set of examples that will easily integrate into your existing projects. If you are a novice programmer, our collection will help .... Free download of Delphi Examples Collection 3.0

Image Editor 1.14 Greatis Software    

Image Editor is a suite of visual and non-visual components which allows to create any common and specialized image editors in Delphi and C++ Builder applications. Image Editor is a pure VCL/WinAPI solution, so no external DLLs are required. The main idea of Image Editor Suite is to split image displaying .... Free download of Image Editor 1.14

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